10 POE Best Ways To Make Currency – Edited

10 POE Best Ways To Make Currency

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Let us show you the Best Ways To Make Currency. There are actually several ways to make money fast in Poe game, meanwhile, we will be sharing just 10 best ways to make currency in poe.

Path of Exile (POE) is a free video game definitely worth playing. It has a whole lot of content that is screaming Explore to you. You do not want to miss it, do you? However, currency is important while playing Path of Exile as it helps unlock certain levels and utilities in the game. Of course, we know that what is sweet doesn’t come easy, but the fact that it doesn’t come easy doesn’t make it unachievable.

10 POE Best Ways To Make Currency

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Below are the selected 10 POE Best Ways To Make Currency;

1. Play the Game

This is the easiest way to make currency. Just play and enjoy the game. If you’re playing a build you don’t even enjoy just because its speedy, you’ll burn out in no time. The main point is quite simple, play what builds you enjoy. Do all you need to do in the game. Kill the mobs cause when you do so, items will drop. There will almost always be currency in those drops. So, feel free, play the game, enjoy yourself, earn currency!

2. Prophecies

This method is mostly overlooked as it is deemed too easy to be able to earn currency from. Wherever you see any single silver coin, pick them and use them by trading to Navali. Seal and keep in random tabs the ones you deem as not worth selling and seal and sell the ones you wish to sell. Coins such as Twice Enchanted, Monstrous Treasure, etc. are valuable and sell effortlessly. It is advisable to read up on this properly as it is a sure way of earning currency.

3. Divination Cards

These work almost the same as prophecies but they are a whole lot easier to manage. All you need do is have a good loot filter to help in highlighting the most valuable ones. It is also advisable to have a divination cards stash tab to help manage your collection.

4. Strongboxes

The trick to earning currency from this is knowing which ones to craft. This is because crafting takes both time and currency which are both valuable. Don’t get bothered as I have a list of strongboxes definitely worth crafting. They are:

  • Diviner’s strongbox
  • Cartographer’s strongbox
  • Arcanist’s strongbox
  • Gemcutter strongbox

5. Maps

Farming maps and running them properly is another sure way of making currency. In order to have the right maps at the right time, it is important to a lot of maps crafted with mods at all times. I would advise you have a quad tab where you toss any map you are done with. Note that the longer you stay in your hideout, the less efficient you are so, just go in, be fast, and make the most profit you can out of it. You can now sell items here for currency. Remember that the higher you invest, the more profit you get. The goal is to increase Pack Size and Item Quantity on your maps to maximize loot drop potential. A basic strategy for doing that is:

  • White Maps — Tiers 1–5 — Upgrade to Magic using Transmutations and Augmentations, avoiding any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect.
  • Yellow Maps — Tiers 6–10 — Upgrade to Rare using Alchemy and Chaos, avoiding any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect. For added Quantity and Pack Size, Vaal them, hoping for 8 modifiers.
  • Red Maps — Tiers 11–16 — Map Master encounters are also great sources of extra mechanics for loot. Alva and the Incursion mechanics are a strong contender next to Nico and Delving for best currency farming.

6. Juiced Maps

After mapping, the next step is to juice it up! This will definitely require a lot of investment as you will need to make your map as strong as possible. It will require things such as chisels, sextants, scrabs, watchstones, etc. The stronger and more compounded your maps are, the more profit you are likely to get.

7. Rares and Jewels

While you can pick up rares and jewels in your maps, don’t be confused about what to do. A tip on how to go about this is especially for rares is to toss everything into random tabs. Keep building them up. When people are in need of them, they’d search it up and if you have what they need, it will surely pop up. They will then send a message and price negotiation can carry on from there. Just be sure to sell at a price you are comfortable with.

8. Buying and Selling of Orders

It is important that you do not sell in pieces but rather in bulk in order to get profit. For instance, it is not advisable to sell 1 div card for 1c but it is okay to sell 100c cards. The same thing happens in buying of orders. Buy while it is still low in price to sell when its value has increased. Do not set buy orders for just 20 but set for about 200 or more. Never sell off anything for a meager amount just because others are. Hold on to it until its value rises. Lest I forget, always have your stuff prices properly tagged. It helps in sales efficiency.

9. Flipping

Now, if you have the experience, this is one of the easiest ways to make currency on Path of Exile. All you need do is to actually know and study the items, the game, the stats and keep a lookout for those who sell off items not really knowing their worth and therefore at a lower price. Buy it immediately and sell it at its actual price thereby making profit.

10. Boss Farming/ Service

This is another good way to farm out currency. The main deal here is to know the best way to kill off those bosses as the monsters here are going to be harder. However, there are some specific build and gear requirements needed to ensure your victory over the bosses such as Saviour sword, watcher’s eye, etc. All you need do is gear up and earn currency!

I really do hope that this has helped you. Don’t forget…. Be sure to play the game and most importantly, enjoy it! That’s the key.


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