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Though there may be many numbers of interesting traits to go for on Rimworld game, there is also how to remove ones that might not interest you that much. This article will take a gander at how to remove Rimworld cheat trait, and also incorporate an overview of the award-winning popular game.

In Rimworld, pawns start with a few traits, and this will need the player to spend hours rerolling pawns until they get the perfect combination of traits and skills. This will always result in adding some new traits and deleting unwanted traits. With over a hundred traits to choose from in Rimworld, it can be hard to take a decision on which one is good for your colony, and which should be sent out packing.  In Rimword, there is some level of supremacy its traits as they may be dependent on your type of your playthrough, there are a number of traits that are indisputably great for any colony. This will feature the traits to give an eye on and those other ones that you should call it a day with them. This is complemented with how to delete traits so as to conform to the new.

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About RimWorld

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A lot of simulation game lovers will actually know what this game is all about, but for the oblivious ones, here is what it is. RimWorld is a popular simulation video game that bases on construction and management. The game is an Indie game and was developed by Montreal-based developer, Ludeon Studios. RimWorld game was not known initially with its present name, as it was formerly called Eclipse Colony, and it was originally released as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project in early access for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Though the game was there since 2013, it was afterward officially released on October 17, 2018.

The plot of RimWorld game is to maintain your character for a future goal. It starts off by revolving around three characters who are stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space (a “rim world”), which is where their space liner crashed. The critical determiner to the character’s contribution to affecting the colony is the randomly generated set of traits. This further incorporates the decisions they make, and how their existence affects the other characters. When you further in the game more, the addition of characters will result as they will join the colony. They can either choose to join, or they can be taken prisoner and during their seizure they can also be talked to joining the colony.

Be strategic and mindful of how you play, because RimWorld game would end the prisoners are all dead or when at least one escape from the planet.

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How RimWorld Game Goes

RimWorld’s gameplay is set on the objective of ensuring the survival of a colony of your people, fighting against various environmental and internal competitions. The game’s unpredictability, through randomly generated events, and its extensively designed and customizable world has been the source of much of the difficulty as well as the critical acclaim for the game. When playing Rimworld game, players would need to have some additional addons so as to pass seemly difficult sceneries. This is seen as the game progresses, the events will subsequently become progressively harder and the player can unlock more advanced technology only through research.

In all, RimWorld is a good simulation game that gives you good innovative skills to be creative. Create your characters and maintain your colony to enjoy the bout trivia. You have to know how Rimworld is now, let’s look at traits, one of the determining and distinguishing factor in playing the game. We will elaborate on how to remove traits from RimWorld game.

How to remove traits in RimWorld

With more than 60 traits to choose from in Rimworld simulation game, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best to stay put in your colony or which one to see off by deleting. We’ve got all these, but let us first know what RimWorld traits are and what they are up to.

RimWorld traits

Here is the few rundown of the best traits in Rimworld. The list only includes vanilla that are found in the game:

  • Industrious – which gives 35% work speed
  • Jogger – plus 0.4 c/s movement speed
  • Sanguine Permanent – +12 mood bonus
  • Iron-willed -18% mental break threshold
  • Fast Learner – this gives an addition of 75% global learning speed
  • Nudist – increases +20 mood bonus when nude but minuses 3 moods for wearing any clothing
  • Psychically Deaf – minus 100% psychic sensitivity
  • Trigger Happy – this trait gives minus 50% aiming time and also a 25% reduction in shooting accuracy
  • Brawler – +4 Melee and 4 reductionss in shooting
  • Careful Shooter – this trait gives +25% aiming time and shooting accuracy
  • Bloodlust – +3/+5/+7/+8 mood bonus for wearing clothing made out of human skin, and it also gives a +8 mood bonus for witnessing a stranger’s death and a whooping +13 mood bonus for killing strangers.
  • Psychically Dull – minus 50% psychic sensitivity Ascetic – in this trait, the mood is not affected by the food quality.

That’s it on traits, an outline of how to remove traits in RimWorld is the succeeding in the article.

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How to remove pyro traits

Pyromaniac trait is one of the traits in RimWorld game. In it, the NAME loves fire. They will occasionally start fires and will never extinguish them. Adding this trait to your character gives +5 mood bonus for having an incendiary weapon equipped.

Are you looking for a way to ditch out the pyro trait? You can do it through the save file. Just put it through by going into the saves via the options menu then click on your save. From there you can search for keywords such as other traits or hediffs. Enter your colonist and do some kind of settings by just removing the list item as well as these codes: [<li>] and [</li>] or else there will be an error message. Ensure to make a backup save so as to keep the original data or in the case where you are inexperienced in this.

Removing traits by save editing

You can as well remove traits from Rimworld by doing some kind of editing work on the game profile. This is your only option as the dev mode does not feature the ability to this kind of stuff. Just nail it down by locating (Locallow/Ludeon Studios/Rimworld/Saves), and get to the editor. There, you can edit the traits with a text editor you wish to use. This method works fairly well.

Wrap Up

From the few guide we outlined above, we believe you have now been acquainted with how to remove traits in RimWorld game trivia. We contemplate your answer will be positive, following how we took time to elaborate about Rimworld and how to obviate their traits.

Before we draw the curtain, RimWorld is a prominent Indie game that has won many accolades. In 2018 they were voted Steam’s Top User-Rated Game. The game was also nominated for “Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year” Award by D.I.C.E in 2019. This is the size of this writeup, as we look into our theme very excessively.

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