20 Best Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, USA

20 Best Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, USA

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20 Best Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, USA. Rancho Cucamonga is very close to Los Angeles; it’s located about 357 miles away from Los Angeles.  This restaurant is a very hospitable and cozy place to be; with a varied range of restaurants and eateries to have that great meal. Read on to discover wonderful places to have your fill in Rancho.

20 Best Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, USA

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1. Classy Café

Located: Suite 9135, Archbald Avenue, Ranch Cucamonga, California, 91730 USA

This restaurant is known by many in Ranch Cucamonga staffed with friendly and caring servers. Their menu has interesting and delicious meals like sandwiches, wrap, salad and side ditches among others. If you think of having lunch in rancho cucamonga, then classy cafe should be that point.

2. Fonda Don Chon

Location: Ranch Cucamonga, California, 91730, USA.

A fabulous Mexican Eatery operated as a family business. Fonda Don Chon restaurants offer a unique flavors and meals prepared with diverse cooking methods. Usually, they have varieties of amazing meals to serve their customers in a comfortable and neat atmosphere. Their chicken, pork, beef, and seafood and other meals are prepared by professional cooks. Fonda Don Chon ranks among the best restaurants in rancho cucamonga.

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3. Ken’s Japanese Restaurant

location: 10006 Foothil boulevard, Ranch Cucamonga, Califronia, 91730, USA.

Are you a lover of Japanese diet and need a place to have a great meal? Search no more for Ken’s Japanese Restaurant makes the best Japanese meals.

Do you need that mouth-watery sushi? Search no more.

In addition, Ken’s eatery has options for vegans with a menu featuring vegetarian roll and Canadian roll and chicken teriyaki.

4. Luna Modern Mexican

 Location: 7881 Monet Ave, Ranch Cucamonga

This is one of the best restaurants around Rancho Cucamonga with a cool and cozy ambience with a well made drunken salmon, blackened salmon often served with rice and fried plantain.

 5. Mezza Terranean

Location : 9491 Foothill Blvd 7881Monet Ave, Ranch Cucamonga, CA, USA.

Mezza Terranean prepares a lot of Middle East foods; ranging from soup, salad, sandwiches, pickles, grape leaves and feta among others. The staffs at this restaurant are nice and welcoming.

6. Old Town Baking Company

Location: 8631 Base Line Road, 7881Monet Ave, Ranch Cucamonga CA, 91730, USA

Needs that topnotch bite, old time baking company are here for you. Old Town baking company offers freshly baked treats that with reel your mind. More importantly, they make specialty baked products like Gilroy garlic, sourdough, cheddar cheese and Miners’s sourdough. This is one of those nice restaurants in rancho cucamonga at the moment.

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7. Stephenie’s Sandwiche

Location: 1070 Jersey Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga CA

Has a wow interior looks which will dazzle your senses. Serve well made side dishes to customers such as; French fries, sweet potatoes, and beer battered orange ring.

8. The Supreme plate

Location: 9849 Foothill Boulevard, 7881 Rancho Cucamonga

Check out on this eatery to have that great meal your have been looking for. They make tasty and delicious Cajun and Creole dishes. Their menu contains lots more incredible diets that will linger on in your taste bud.

9. The Sycamore Inn

Location: 8318E Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CAUSA

Needs a cool and cozy place to have a time out? Then Sycamore inn is just the best; well furnished with a welcoming ambience that suits romantic dates. Extraordinary meals are made at this inn. Stop by to try it out this weekend. And you will not regret it. Examples: steaks, seafood, sake, miso caramelized Chilean sea bass along with lemon butter, tomato jam among others.

10. Vince’s spaghetti route

Location: 8241 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This restaurant has stood the test of time, serves unique foods with a special taste and flavor. It came into inception in 1945.  The interior is well decorated and gives warmth reception to its guests. Usually offering spaghetti plate along with meat sauce, tomato sauce and meatball sandwich.

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11. The King’s Fish House

Location:  12427 N Mainstreet Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739-8887

This is a nice and awesome place to be if you really want that best feeling, its well decorated interiors will make you want to stay more. Their meals are superb.  And their staff? Always wearing a smiling face and ready to help you out.  They make provision for reservations and takeout, offers lunch, dinner and late night, has a full bar with assorted drink. You wouldn’t want to miss their wonderfully made soft shell crab.

12. Paul Martin’s America grill

Location: 12594 N Mainstreet, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Are you gluten intolerant? Have you tasted a crab cake before?  Paul Martin’s grill is there for you, makes fresh and tasty crab cake and burger. It allows happy hour and the crowd there give it a special feel. Paul Martin’s grill has chilled drinks, appetizers and different main course to choose from. A cool ambience graced with respectful and hospitable waitresses. Keep a date with Paul Martin’s and you will be glad you did.

13. The State Restaurant

Location: 317 -2397 7900 Kew Ave

Want to enjoy a classical meals weaved into modern groove? Search no more, because the state restaurant makes the best dish you can think of. Stacked with a wonderful customer service. At the State Restaurant, every customer is valued. Want such a kingly service? Drop by the State to get served well.

14. Garnish Modern Mediterranean

Location: 466 – 1237 7890 Haven Avenue.

This restaurant is loved by most people because they have unique waitresses who are keen in giving their customer just the best. Do you love Kebab? You will sure enjoy it here. Pop by and place your order.

15. Thippawan Thai Restaurant

Location: 870 n- 9229 9950 E Foothill Blvd

Thippawan thai restaurant makes really good and delicious meals with a beautiful environment endowed with experienced staff. They do not just have a great customer service but prepares their dishes in a clean and sanitary environment.

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16. Big Wok Mongolian Grill

Location: 11334 4th Suite 103 Rancho Cucamonga, CA91730 – 9014

This is one of the best restaurants you will fall in love with after your first visit. Offers your favorites dishes and other buffet. Variety of choices to make from, example: veggies and meats. Also the ambience at this place is just very cool.

17. Yard house

Location: 12473 N Mainstreet Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91739-8887

A wonderful place to be if you need to be treated with respect and honor! A great meal, great drinks, great service and good price. Here you can buy a BLT burger and get one free. Check it out this weekend.

18. Cheese cake factory

Cheese cake factory offers numerous America great diets. Are you a vegan or gluten intolerant? This is a fantastic place to get the kind of food you want. Also they make other meals like cheese cake, pumpkin pecan, Oreo, tuna poke, skinny chicken pasta, and buffalo blasts often served hot and fresh. Not forgetting to mention a fair and affordable price at which you can buy their products.

19. Market Broiler – Ontario

Location: 4553 Mills Cir, CA 91764 – 5220;

Want to have a yummy and a delicious cake? Here you go. A wonderful restaurant it is; makes varieties of unique and scrumptious meals which will give a first class feeling. You may decide to opt for crab cakes, sour or dough bread. You will get to enjoy your meal under a warm and cozy surrounding.

20. Lazy Dog Restaurants

Do you want to relish on flatbread and salad or on fish tacos, beef dip sandwiches? Lazy Dog restaurants make really amazing dishes. You need not worry if you are a vegan or gluten tolerance because they provide options for you, with a full stacked bar and cozy environment.

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