15 Best RUM Brands To Drink

15 Best RUM Brands To Drink 2020 | What is the best rum?

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What is the best rum? In this article, we review the 15 best RUM brands and their prices. Here, we feature the world best spiced rum, best white rum, best rum for mojito, pina coladas and coke. Rum is a spirit beverage and spirits are alcohol drinks with not less than 20% alcohol content or even more.

Brief History of RUM drinks

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Originally, rums existed since the 7th century and funnily many acts have been created to regularize its authenticity and its processing, but since rums are basically made from sugar, it most likely to be largely produced in countries with highest sugar production, such as United States. Rum is of British etymology and is connected to British slang of “rum” which means “high quality”, however, the true origin of the word “rum”  still remained rand we got unclear.

What is rum made from?

Their alcohol content is derived through the fermentation process of different plants or grains such as grapes, wheat e.t.c, these fermented liquids are then distilled (that is, to remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation) to different degrees thus the end results in spirit. However, Rum itself is strictly distilled from fermented molasses (Thick dark syrup produced by boiling down juice from sugar cane; especially during sugar refining), this results in a clear liquid which is usually aged in wooden(mostly oak) barrels for years, this is usually done to bring out its distinct flavor and color.

Types of RUM

There are different kinds of rum and each of them varies in color, alcohol content and taste. They are the dark rum, the light rum and the flavored rum, though there are more these are usually the commonly known ones.

The Light Rum

The Light Rum is usually referred to as the ‘white’ or ‘silver’ rums and they usually come with a milder flavor which makes them fit to be mixed with other drinks and are usually included in most common cocktails. Quite a number of light rums come from Puerto Rico and they are mostly put in oak barrels for at least one year(lowest level white rum), or at least three years(second level, amber/gold colored) or for at least four years(known as Anejo), these ones come with more flavor and are light-bodied.

The Dark Rums Brands

The Dark Rums Brands are usually aged for longer periods of at least five years in charred barrels, with a slightly different production process made from caramelized sugar or molasses. They contain hints of spices and provide substance in rum drinks. They are usually produced in Jamaica, Haiti and Martinique.

The Flavored Rums

The Flavored Rums, which surely would be a lot of people’s favorite drink and more appropriate for young and new drinkers, as the name implies are usually flavored (after distillation and fermentation) with fruits juices or spices and generally contain less than 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), they can be sometimes used for cooking. There are other types of rums one of which is called the over-proof, these types of rum contain the highest ABV some as much as 75% to 80% ABV, and they should never be taken straight but mixed.

15 Best RUM Brands To Drink 2020

Now that you are aware of different types of rum, its origin and makeup process, I would like to introduce you to the best rum brands that you should consider having a taste of. Included here are both cheap rum brands and costly ones too.

1. Bacardi 

This is one of the biggest and most known rum internationally and has its origin in Cuba, as it is a family-owned business. The brand comes in varieties of color, taste, and quality. The price range for Bacardi is different. It is produced from fermented molasses, filtered through coal in order to achieve a smooth taste and dry flavor. With its crispy taste and aromas of vanilla, brown sugar and banana. Bacardi is a rum when taken, gives a sense of class and utmost quality.


2. Captain Morgan 

Captain Morgan spiced rum is a well-known brand if not one of the most popular. It began its operation in Canada in the year 1944 under the name Captain Morgan Rum Company originally owned by the sea-gram company. Captain Morgan is distilled from sugar cane, with yeast employed to aid with its fermentation. Made with yeast, molasses, water and mash, the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is distilled in a continuous still. This brand comes in different flavors, taste and color, I would suggest if you are curious enough, you can decide to go ahead to experiment with each of its flavors to discover your favorite.


3. Tanduay

This is a brand of rum that is produced originally in the Philippines by Tanduay distillers and it began its operations in 1854. This rum is distilled from fermented molasses, aged in used whisky bourbon barrels. It is largely distributed across Asia. It possesses notes of spicy, molasses, vanilla and bitter. This is simply one of the best spiced rum in the market today.


4. Old Monk 

This is an iconic Indian drink, originally founded in India in the year 1855, with a constant colour of dark maroon, its popularity depends solely on the word of mouth and yet it ranked 5th of top 100th  brands with a retail value of US$240million. It is a quality dark rum drink produced using traditional methods, it is aged in oak barrels for up to seven years, containing up to 42% ABV. It is of caramel, chocolate with a dash of vanilla taste, with a smooth creamy texture. This is one drink that isa must try, especially for  rum newbies.


5. Havanna Club


Havanna Club is also a popular rum brand founded in 1934 in Cuba, it is a family-owned business and was later then nationalized. Bacardi, which is another Cuba family owned business then began to produce its own Havanna rum, so now, there are two competing owners, known as the state-owned corporation and Bacardi. Havanna Club Anejo, a 3-year-old rum has a light vanilla scent, crispy and fresh with a taste of citrus, vanilla and a little spice and soft nutty finish. It is a well-known brand anywhere in the world.


6. Malibu

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This is a traditional Caribbean flavored rum made from fresh coconut extracts. It possesses an enjoyable dry coconut flavor which makes it very suitable for cocktails. Perhaps you have that date at the beach and you are in need of an alcohol drink with a playful and rich taste, Malibu is one to totally have.


7. Brugal

Brugal is the name and brand of a variety of rum drinks produced originally in Dominican Republic by the Brugal and Co and it began its operations in 1888. Brugal is one of those spiced rum brands on this list. Brugal comes in various brands. The Brugal Anejo Rum possesses a smoky oak and vanilla embedded scent with notes of spices nipping at its edges.


8. Diplomatico

Diplomatico is produced in Venezuela and is distilled using molasses and sugarcane honey, known as the syrup left over after the initial boiling of sugarcane. It has a record of being stored in oak barrels for up to twelve years, this gives it its spicy, heavy feel along side its fruity and buttery taste all at once, the fact that it has been distilled using molasses gives it a slight touch of sulfur and tobacco, though a sweet drink, it has a  slightly dry  nutty finish. It is a well known rum brand around the world.


9. Appleton Estate

The Appleton Estate rum is produced in the Appleton Estate, which is one of the oldest and most famous sugarcane estates in all of Jamaica. Its rich tasting rums is characterized by butterscotch flavors and it is very well-known for its long-aged editions.


10. El Dorado

El Dorado is a range of Demerara rums distilled in Guyana, it was established in 1992, the brand has won several awards and fans around the world for its rums ranging from 21year and the 15  year old proving especially popular. This prodigy comes in a 12 year old adorable  bottle filled with spicy, earthy, coconut and butter flavor irresistible goodness, Eldorado is a rum brand with hundreds of positive reviews on it, this is the one drink you would definitely not be disappointed to spend your money on this 2020.


11. Pusser’s

This is a rum brand produced by Pusser’s Rum Ltd and has been in existence since the 18th century and  is mostly made in Guyana. It possess a pungent molasses, toffee, honey and vanilla with oak, nutmeg and ginger. Pusser is the only rum blended in accordance to the Royal Navy Admiralty specifications, so guys, when next  you gulp down  a glass of pusser, consider yourself lucky to have rich history run through your veins. This is one of the best rums to drink straight.


12. Barcelo

Barcelo is one rum with a lot of positive reviews, originally distilled in Dominican,it’s been awarded a gold medal and also won a best in Category in 2008 international Cane Spirits Festival.  It poses a fruity and floral aroma to the nose, with a taste made of tropical fruits and a bit of cinnamon, this is the real deal here, just go drink and come back to speak of its amazing taste.


13. Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry is a blend of one of the best Carribean rums with nature’s original flavors and spices with a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. Rums like Sailor Jerry breathes magic when combined with  other drinks to make a cocktail, it is so good it has one so many awards like the Gold at Rum Masters in 2015. The rum was originally named after Norman Keith Collins, a well recognized American tatooi artist, known popularly as Sailor Jerry, the rum is produced  by Sailor Jerry Ltd and it is distilled in the U.S Virgin Islands.


14. Angostura Bitters

Looking for an alcoholic drink that gives you joy yet is very medicinal? Then, look no further than this amazing bitters. The Angostura Bitters is made of herbs and spices by the House of Angostura in Trinidad, it also contains extracts of grasses, roots, leaves and fruits which is then dissolved in alcohol, it  contains low ABV(Alcohol by Volume), this is due to its mixture with herbs and I would love to recommend this to people  who are very health conscious but yet still want to have fun as the Bitters not only  is enjoyable butit also helps to relief digestive problems.


15. Cacique

This is a Venezuelan rum brand that came into existence to the public in1959, the word Cacique  literally means ‘chief of the tribe’, so you basically are the chief wile you gulp this drink down your throat. It is the best selling rum in Venezuela. The Cacique products are originally owned by Diageo, which is the largest  multinational spirit, beer and spirits. Its most expensive brands are Cacique 500 and Cacique Antiguo, so should you want to show off your fat wallet, get your self a bottle of Cacique Antigo.

These are the popularly made rums, the rums stated above are the most widely consumed around the world due to their processing, quality and taste.  Make sure to explore more varieties of drinks in this 2020. As much as they all seem delicious to taste do not get so “rummed” up to the point of no return,in order words “Drink Responsibly”.

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