20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Columbus, USA

20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Columbus, USA

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Are you in Columibus, currently searching for “best pizza in Columbus near me“? If yes, you are in the right place. Here, we have reviewed the top 20 best restaurants you can eat the best pizza right now.

Pizza is a meal which originates from Naples in Italy. It is flat shaped dough topped with sauces and varieties of vegetables, oven-baked to make it edible, savory and delicious. The ingredients can be any of these; red pepper, tomatoes, cheese, olive oil,  spices and others.

Most people see pizza as junk foods but I want to let you know that pizza has so many awesome health benefits. The monounsaturated fatty acid in olive oil reduces bad cholesterol, prevents inflammations hence,  good for the heart, the lycopene in tomatoes prevent certain cancer while other vegetable topping provides vitamins to the body.

This is Easy Info Blog, let’s get straight to the best pizza in Columbus.

20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Columbus, USA

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1. Oh pizza and brew

Oh pizza and brew

Location: at 88 East broad streets, Columbus, OH.

Are you looking for a place to have classic taste of pizza? Drop by and you will not regret it.  They make great and delicious pizza with hospitable team of servers.

Oh pizza and brew provides delivery at a minimum $10.00 for around 45 to 60 minutes.  They offer happy hour, take-out, free WIFI and allow you to make payment via credit cards, apple pay.

They have one of the best pizza in Columbus, USA. Best nights are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

2. Paulie Gee’s short North Pizza

Paulie Gee’s short North Pizza

Location:  it is 1195 N high Columbus, OH 43201.

This restaurant is the right place to be if you are a vegan for they offer awesome vegetarian options.

Paulie Gee’s don’t just bake different varieties of pizza but does it exceptionally at affordable price ($11 to $30) for about 6 to 8 pizza.

This is one of the best pizza in Columbus, USA. Features takeout, free WIFI, it’s a place to have good time with your kids; their bar is filled with different assortment of beers; and incredible waiter services.

Paulie Gee’s makes really really delicious pizza you wouldn’t want to miss out.

3. Sarefino’s pizzeria and Italian deli Pizza

Sarefino’s pizzeria and Italian deli Pizza

Location:  59 Spruce St Columbus, OH 43215

This is the best Pizza restaurant for lunch. It is highly recommended if you want a little breeze in your every bite. I am seriously, not kidding. You will love their simplicity and the feel, for it stick to what it said it is; cool decoration with cool food.

Good for kids, group, no alcohol, have outdoor seating, accept payment via credit cards with delivery services though no reservation.

4. Forno Kitchen and Bar Pizza

Forno Kitchen and Bar Pizza

Location: 721 N High St Columbus, OH 43215.

Forno Kitchen makes varieties of pizza with special pizza for vegan option; is the best place to have a cool dinner. It’s cool, stylish and classical ambience will help soothe your nerve after a stressful day. The best time nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

However, it is not really a place to take your kids to and not good for dancing.

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This restaurant offers happy hour special, take-out, TV shows, free WIFI, with wonderful servers and they accept payment through credit cards. Forno do not allow smoking, out-door seating, no delivery no seat-out.

5. Meister’s bar Pizza

Meister’s bar Pizza

Location: 1168 Chambers Rd, Columbus OH 43212.

Hoping to have a yummy and a tasty and savory pizza for your delight, Check out Meister’s Bar. Its pizza is crunchy on the crust and chewy inside with a full bar.

This café has a hospitable and welcoming team of servers, it’s a cool and cozy atmosphere makes it a best place to be. They have one of the best pizza in Columbus, USA.

Payment can be made through credit cards and apple cards, provides takeout but no delivery, no WIFI, allow smoking, definitely not a place for children.

6. Café Napolitana Pizza

Café Napolitana Pizza

Location: at 40 N high St, Columbus, OH 4.9 km from Ohio Stadium. 

Are you in haste, and wants a place to serve you within the shortest possible time, check out on a Café Napolinata, for they render a fast paced service, with polite and articulate waiters.

Café Napolitana serves the customers with delicious pizza with well coated crust; it is an excellent place to visit for a mouth watering pizza you always salivate for.

Usually featuring take-out, seat out, wheel chair accessible, bars full of alcohols and makes reservation.

Are you very busy at work, order Café Napolitana pizza from the comfort of your office and it will be delivered right there in front of you.

7. Yellow brick pizza

Yellow brick pizza

Location: 892 Oak St (S18th St) Columbus, OH43205 U

Yellow brick restaurant makes amazing and fantastic pizza with wide range of specialty pizzas. Their pizza is so irresistible and the taste lingers on for a longer time. Serves wine, beer, and cocktail.

Allow credit cards, no outdoor seating, makes no reservation and no delivery option but offer lunch, brunch dinner and happy hour.

8. Mellow mushroom Pizza

Mellow mushroom Pizza

Location: 2170 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH.  43240 US

Are you gluten intolerance, mellow mushroom is eatery for you; makes gluten free pizza.  Although, somewhat expensive, they provide fantastic and savory pizza.

Check out their jerk chicken pizza, and delicious vegan pizza and you will thank me later.

Usually, they close until 11:00 am, allows credit card for payment, there is access to timely WIFI, provides outdoor seating and sale alcohol.

9. Hounddog’s three degree pizza

Hounddog’s three degree pizza

Location:  2657 N High St (at W Dodridge St), Columbus, OH Pizza place- old North Columbus USA.

Hounddog makes an awesome pizza such as cheese pizza with a smoky crust; this restaurant prepares different taste of pizza such as garlic and spicy taste.

No outdoor seating, no take out and no delivery option, no reservation but allow credit cards.

10. Harvest pizzeria

Harvest pizzeria Pizza

Location: 495 S. St. Columbus OH 43296

This restaurant has a very cool and pleasant ambience, makes well baked pizza with light crust. Harvest pizzeria bakes different pizzas like margherita, almond pesto, mushroom, pepperoni pizza and lots more. Pop-by to have a feel of Harvest pizzeria pizza. You will sure enjoy this food especially if you do not like tough crust pizza.

11. Pizza the house

Pizza the house

Location: 747 E Lincoln Ave, Columbus OH 43229

Offer freshly made pizza and lots of specialty pizza such as Hawiian pizza, Bbq, Calzone and veggies. Pizza the house uses custom made cheese for their pizza with a great team of server.

12. BJ’s restaurant Brew house Pizza

BJ’s restaurant Brew house Pizza

Location: 1414 Polaris Pack way Columbus, OH 43240

Looking for a place in Columbus to have a great pizza and drink, this restaurant have diverse varieties of tasty pizza such as ppereoni, gourmet five meat, chicken bacon Ranch  vegetarian. They offered beer brewed by them; the ambience is welcoming and good for activities like parties and dates.  Takeout are available, deliveries starts from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.

13. Pies and pints Pizza

Pies and pints Pizza

Location: Columbus OH43219

Bake yummy and delicious pizza with fresh ingredients for your relish; making you want to come back for more. This is a calm spot to have good time; TV, good music, wonderful services are available.

14. Grand Dad Pizza

Grand Dad Pizza

Location: 1254 W 3rd Avenue, grand view Columbus OH 43212

Grand dad pizzas are made with special and fresh ingredients like; sauces, dough, cheese, lean meat topping and so on.  They bake fantastic pizza which would make you want some more. Offer daily lunch specials with discounts and allow online orders.

15. Borgata Pizza Café

Borgata Pizza Café

Location: 5701 Parkville St Columbus, OH43229.

Borgata Café makes a great and quality pizza and other homemade Italian foods that you should stop by and have a bite.

No outdoor seating, no delivery, no reservation, are available for dinner and lunch with a comfortable ambience. Sale alcohol, accept credit card, apple pay, takeout, free WIFI are available.

They have different varieties of pizza such as pesto chicken; Mediterranean roasted veggie, margherita and well cooked pizza.

The servers are great always keeping an eye on you to attend to your needs before asking.

Looking for a late night bite after drinking?  Go to Borgata Café and you will not regret it.

16. Dewey’s pizza

Dewey’s pizza

Location:  1327 W 5th Ave, Columbus OH 43212 – 2902 1.7 miles from Ohio Stadium.

Dewey restaurant provides delicious and yummy pizza with a great service prepares specialty diet for vegetarian and offers gluten free options.  They are available from 11am to 10pm.

Accept cash and credit card, allow kids, provides take-out only, wine, WIFI, with great satisfaction for customer.

17. Rubino’s pizza

Rubino’s pizza

Location:  East Main St, Columbus, Bexley OH43209 – 2480

I recommend here for you, if you need a well baked pepperoni pizza with a crunchy thin crust.

Rubino Restaurant offers the best vegetarian pizza.  Their meal menu are sausage bacon, pepperoni, green pepper, cheese, Anchovy, Italian salad, spaghetti among others.

18. Plank’s café and Pizzeria

Plank’s café and Pizzeria

Location: 743 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43206 4.4 miles from Ohio Stadium.

This is an award winning pizza café which makes fresh oven-baked pizza made with cheese, vegetables of your choice, shredded chicken, Garlic. They cook one of the best pizza in Columbus, USA.

A nice place for lunch, breakfast and dinner with that great beer, provides seat out, television, table services. You can order pizza from anywhere you are, their delivery services is like no other.

19. Tyler’s Pizzeria and Bake

Tyler’s Pizzeria and Bake

Location: 7516 E main St. Reynoldsburg, OH43068

They make yummy and tasty pizza and bread with wonderful team of servers.

20. Tommy’s Pizza

Tommy’s Pizza

Location: 1350 W lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43221

Tommy’s pizza was named the best pizza in Columbus in 2005 by AOL City guide. Their pizza includes pepperoni, mushroom and other ones which are crunchy and crispy with a freshly prepared dough and sauce. Also, Tommy’s restaurant offers other meal like salad, appetizers, and sandwiches.

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