20 places to enjoy the best pizza in San Diego

20 places to enjoy the best pizza in San Diego

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Though the issue of pizza came late into San Diego the proverbial bible states that the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first can only be the story of San Diego and pizza.

Today, San Diego rank among the maker of pizza in the US. Whether you love your pizza in the traditional way or the creative and inventive style, what you ask is what you’ll get. Your tongue and tummy will thank you as you visit any of these 20 places to enjoy the best pizza in San Diego

20 places to enjoy the best pizza in San Diego

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1. Buona Forchetta

This place is owned and managed by the world’s best trained Chef Matteo Cattaneo and his wife Alexa Kollmeier. The olive oil used in their canteen is from their family farm in Italy.

You get the best Neopolitan pizza here not only because of their Certification but of a combination of mastery at putting together the finest ingredients and passion to impress upon their customers the last impression of taste, comfort, and friendliness.

2. Lefty’s.

Their signature is the Chicago-style pizza. They have vegetarian pizza makeup. Brendan and his wife Lauren from Chicago manage this eatery. It was their experience in Chicago that they brought to bear in their canteen. They love their customers as they love their business.

3. Pizzeria Luigi

You need a place to enjoy your New York-style with any drink of your choice, then visit Pizzeria Luigi. The price of their pizza and the excellent services are a combination that will keep any customer from coming again. Do not worry if you are a vegetarian as they have your choice.

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4. Mike’s.

Enjoy your meal of the best pizza in a friendly inviting environment. They serve gluten-free crust pizza base on personal choice. Their pepperoni crust topping makes their pizza a delight.

However, you have other options of toppings of your choice. You can choose to eat in or take away your purchase. They have delivery services also.

5. Zia Gourmet Pizza

Are you tired of traditional-style pizza then try Zia Gourmet pizza? This is where the expertise and creativity meet in pizza making. Try their French-style pizza signature with the combination of garlic, lemon, walnuts, and others for a change. At Zia’s, you have varieties of sauces to choose from and the toppings of your choice. Their area of specialty is the option for the vegetarian and lover of vegan flavor.

6. Woodstock’s pizza pacific

Of the 20 places to eat the best pizza in San Diego, this restaurant offers the best option that caters for the divergent customer. You have the option of both gluten and gluten-free crust. Here, both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian enjoy their pizza the way they want it.

7. Rosaria pizza.

They can be found at 3741 Mission Boulevard, San Diego. This is where technology in producing their pizza has given them the edge. They open through the week but at a different time of the day. Mexican-style pizza is a good treat whenever you visit San Diego. I should not forget to mention the friendly atmosphere that leaves a lasting experience for the visitors.

8. Red house pizza.

Select from their range of pizza: classic pizza, vegetarian pizza, and the specialty pizza. Their home delivery is timely. One distinct feature of this eatery is the homemade San Diego pizza. Also try their Vermont pizza that comes with olive oil, honey bacon, maple syrup, and Tabasco sauce.

9. Caffe Calabria.

You get the best of your pizza here between Wednesdays and Sundays. Their signature apart from the other variants of pizza is their Neapolitan pizza made from wood-oven

10. Blind lady Pizza

The interior decoration is a sight to behold. Taste the unique chorizo pizza with a touch of homemade soyaruzo and you will come here again next time you visit San Diego. Amazingly the vegetarians also have their version of the chorizo pizza. At the blind lady, you enjoy a unique glass-made pizza that maintains its texture and preserve the ingredients.

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11. Davanti Enoteca.

They currently have two branches in San Diego. You can have your regular Napolean or Margherita with any toppings of your choice. However, their specialty is their focaccia d recco which can only be found here apart from Italy. You enjoy this pizza best with cow cheese and honey.

12. The Besta-wan Pizza House.

For over five-decade they have maintained steady and satisfied customers. This they do with their California style pizza of beef, mushroom, pepper, and onions. Kids call their pizza king size.

13. Isola pizza bar.

This eatery is managed by Chef Massimo Tenino from Italy. No one gives you a better Neapolitan pizza than Isola pizza. In their happy hour specialty, you have prices that give you the option that tally with your pocket.

14. The privateer coal fire pizza.

If you prefer a thin crust pizza made with traditional ingredients with a touch of veggies, go to privateer pizza. They also parade one of the best Neapolitan pizza in San Diego.

15. Cucina Urbana.

This place is jointly owned and managed by Mike and Teresa who are experts in Italian cuisine. They served their pizza with a touch of class. This they do both bringing traditional and freshest ingredients into creativity in giving the pizza of your choice. Chef John Lee with an excellent track record will take your pizza-eating experience to another level. Visit their cozy environment with a greet of smiles from their staff. Your visit will surely be a memorable one.

16. Ambrogio 15.

It is a classic pizza restaurant with varieties of toppings for your pizza. Some of them are buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, pepperoni, and olive. Taste one of their specialty which is Margherita or Hannibal Lectorpizza and you will have a reason to come again.

17. Oggi’s.

If you want a place where every member of the family will have a sense of belonging while eating your food, then this is a place to visit. They have enough games for the kids and other sport for the adult. The pizza here cost more but never mind because the size and contents of your pizza justify the deal. They serve American-style pizza with a thick crust. If you love a barbecue or pull pork topping Oggi’s serves it better.

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18. Regents Pizzeria.

If you are not sure the type of pizza style you want, you will have a hard time choosing between New York and Chicago-style pizza at Regents. Whichever you chose you can’t have it better elsewhere than Regents Pizzeria

19. Filippi’s Pizza.

Grotto. This restaurant which is now a chain business started in 1947 and owned by Vincent Philipps. They serve America-style pizza. Most of their branches are always crowded with a happy customer.

20. Killer Pizza from Mars.

The crust quantity in their pizza is between the New York and Sicilian type. Pick from any of their specialties of the space cowboy, pizza of the Godz, Martinez love meat and others. All their pizza comes with toppings of your choice. This also determines the price you pay.

I have done the hard part of the job to get you the best places to enjoy your pizza. I know you don’t have the luxury of time, so I leave you to explore any of the listed 20 places to enjoy the best pizza in San Diego

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