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10 Best Ways to Drink Green Tea for Effective Result

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Looking for the best ways to drink green tea? How to make green tea? Or, the best time to drink green tea for flat tummy? Well, all of that will be captured here as we deliver a superb guide on the best ways to drink green tea.

Perhaps you’ve heard about green tea usefulness and its medicinal value but dislike its bitter taste and you are wishing it could taste sweeter. When you finally get your body to like it, you will never get enough of it. It’s a guarantee!

Green tea is not just a hot green liquid. It’s a medicinal drink containing antioxidants, which prevent heart problems, help improve brain function, and reduces the chance of you developing certain types of cancers. It also contains other properties that help you lose body fat. If you are looking to shed weight, it will help you greatly. It also contains caffeine providing you with that refreshing feel every time you take it.

What’s more? It is important to properly serve green tea in order to reap all its benefits. Even If you’re not a regular tea drinker yet, green tea could be your tide changing experience especially when you know how to make it taste better for you. You’d be surprised how you got hooked.

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10 Best Ways to Drink Green Tea

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Here are ten ways to prepare your Green tea to give you that refreshing tea feeling. When it’s prepared right, you’ll get the taste right. Your tea doesn’t have to taste like dirty water anymore. But if you love the taste of green tea on its own, that’s still fine!

1. Add some ginger

Fresh ginger makes a perfect combination with green tea. It has a natural anti-inflammatory quality, and added with green tea will help reduce pains in your bones and joints helping you have a stress free rest after work. If you are suffering from bone-related problems like arthritis, you will certainly get relief with this mixture.

2. Add lemon and whiskey

Lemons are said to supposedly help green tea work better in the body. You can add a slice of lemons and let it float at the top of the cup. A lot of persons believe that lemon and whiskey, help cure colds. They may be right! You can add a little whiskey to your green tea. You will certainly feel better from a cup.

3. Go For the best Green tea

The higher the quality of your green tea, the better your experience. The difference is always clear. No one wants to drink crappy tea. It’s a waste of financial resources. But you’d certainly enjoy the benefit of buying the right tea to give you the kind of pleasure you always want to have. Go for the tea that has the kind of flavor you always love. There is numerous fruit-flavored green tea in the market. Go buy the best.

4. Make your own iced tea

You can go for chilled green teas and you can make yours at home. You can prepare a batch of green tea and allow it cool overnight so that you can take it in the morning if where you stay has no refrigerator. You can also add much green tea bags in less normal water, and then add ice to it or place it in a refrigerator to cool.

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5. Eat with Snacks

You can take green tea with mildly-flavored snacks whose taste will not compete with the tea’s flavor. Your light snack could include plain butter cookies, plain pound cake, small rice crackers or chin-chin. The sweet taste of the snack will help balance the bitter taste of the Green Tea.

6. Take your tea in the afternoon

Teas aren’t only meant for mornings, they are also meant to be taken between meals and in the afternoons too. Green Tea will make you feel calmer and more focused. You can enjoy it with your headset playing to your best vibes while you ease out the stress of work. It’s an experience

7. Take it out before all the flavor is out

Green tea does not take long to release its flavor in water. Be sure to take the tea out a little earlier before it releases its entire bitter flavor. You can check the time it takes to give you the right flavor by adjusting your timing, and checking how it tastes on your taste buds. What’s important is how you feel about the taste. The better you feel about the taste, the more you will always want to drink it.

8. Use a little natural sweetener

How to drink green tea with honey? Yea, this is most preferable as green tea is a little bitter. It would help to add a hint of sweetener to obtain a perfect balance. You can squeeze in a little honey or add your favorite juice to it so that it blends well. But don’t use sugar, it’s a no, no as it kills the green tea’s medicinal capacities.

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9. Add fresh Mint or Cinnamon

Adding other fresh herbs is great for your green tea where they are available. You can try fresh mint or cinnamon sticks. If you are preparing hot tea, add the cinnamon stick while boiling the water. For cold tea, however, add a pinch of mint leaves and stir them in your teapot. You will experience a whole new tea feeling that will keep you asking for more!

10. Share a teapot with friends

There is great fun having to share a pot of tea with friends and family. Green tea is generally caffeinated, and its taste improves when everyone is sharing from the same teapot. If you don’t try it, you can’t really tell how a shared cup could be the game-changer for your tea. Don’t drink your tea alone, enjoy a cup with others, you’d tell the difference.

Additionally, you can add a bag of fruit or herbal teas to your green tea. You, however, have to keep trying the mix to find the perfect tea combination that suits you. This is because not everyone may like a certain combination.

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