15 Restaurants to Eat the Best Seafood in Seattle, USA

15 Restaurants to Eat the Best Seafood in Seattle, USA

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In this post, we review the 15 restaurants to eat the best seafood in Seattle, USA. This is to help you make the right choice among thousand of restaurants here in Seatle.

The complication of your choice is due to the numerous canteen in Seattle that serves seafood in the best way. Because the competition is stiff, you may have a hard time making your choice.

There are so many restaurants to enjoy the best kinds of seafood in Seatle. This is not only because the city is within the coaster area, but because they have a natural endowment of seafood.

Seattle is synonymous with fishes and other aquatic creatures. For instance, if salmon is your favorites, you will get too many variants to choose from. The likes of Dungeness crab and razor clams are surplus.

15 Restaurants to Eat the Best Seafood in Seattle, USA

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Whether you want to stay and eat or take away any of the restaurants on this list is a good fit. Never mind the trouble, here is the list of 15 restaurants to eat the best seafood in Seattle, USA.

1. Juanita restaurant

If you prefer any of your seafood served with the traditional ingredients, this is the restaurant to visit. Why changing the winning team? This is why this eatery has kept its identity the same way for the past 20 years.

They are known for serving the best Italian cuisine with a touch of the Northwest. Flavor. All of these are what you get in an atmosphere that is inviting.

2. The Walrus and the carpenter

In all of Seattle no one handles seafood like the walrus and the carpenter. If you can’t do without oyster with the combination of shallot mignonette, fresh or dry, then you are home with this canteen.

For your weekend treat, get a glass of sparkling wine served with an octopus.

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3. Cafe Munir restaurant

Caf Munir is situated at 2408 NW 80th St, Seattle, WA 98117, USA. The restaurant is adjacent to Danish bakery in North Ballard. Their meal is affordable if you have a flair for the Lebanese food, this is where to go and find assorted Mediterranean seafood.

4. Fremont Bow restaurant

How do you explain getting quality at a reasonable price? This what you get at Fremont Bow. It is a Japanese restaurant where they serve taste prepared fish on a bow of rice in the Japanese way.

They call it “Donburi bow”. Do you love homemade soy sauce, then pay them a family visit.

5. Pike Place Market

If you want to eat a fish meal a pocket-friendly price, go to Pike place market. This is a famous fish market in Seattle. Whether you need fishes for your home preparation or you want to eat there, it is the place to go.

On hand is their ready-made crabs, shrimps and ever taste oysters. The good news is all this comes at an affordable price.

6. Manolin restaurant

Whether you sit inside or outside to enjoy your meal, Manoni is the place to be. Their grilled cod with the combination of cilantro cream is welcome meat any day.

This a place where you find the appropriate combination of fresh fish, vegetable, fruits, a whole grain.

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7. Market Grill restaurant

If you love a sandwich that comes from a combination of baguette, rosemary mayo, and onion, then go to Market Grill. They also have grilled halibut and tuna poke on their menu for your eating pleasure.

8. Hitchcock restaurant

The owner, Brendan McGill became a cook due to McGill has is outstanding in preparing their assorted seafood it on this recognition that the Seattle Times recognizes Hitchcock as one of the top 10 restaurants in Seattle.

Not only that, Food and Wine magazine awarded McGill the people’s best chef. He also got to the semifinal of. James Beard Award for the best chef northwest in 2014. Therefore, if you are looking for a restaurant to eat the best seafood in Seattle, USA, go to Hitchcock.

9. Elliott’s Oyster House

Since 1975 they have been the one-stop-shop for fresh fish and other kinds of seafood. This is one of the Seattle waterfront eateries. The canteen is synonymous with. Oysters. The varieties of oyster available made it

10. Adana restaurant

At Adana, you have the personal attention of chef Shoya Nakajima, giving you the best of Japanese and Asian food. If as a vegetarian on a visit to Seattle, then you are home at Adana where your reservation will be well taken care of.

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They operate five days a week. In any of their 5course meal, you are served with the best seafood if your choice with vegetables. They operate between Wednesdays and Sundays

11. Rockcreek seafood & spirit

In this canteen, they know the name of fishes, and they treat them well. To welcome you delivering a lasting memory of your visit is the painting of fish around you as you get seated to take your meal.

Their way of preparing shrimp and cheddar is incomparable to any other place in Seattle. If that is your favorite then look no further than this eatery.

12. Matt’s in the market

How much do you know about catfish? How many ways do you know you can prepare a catfish to have a sweet sensation? Perhaps you don’t know the occasion determines how you prepare your catfish. Stuff. Not to waste your time, just visit Matt’s in the market. If you want to spoil your spouse, give her their catfish sandwich.

13. Spinasse restaurant

Spinasse is rated among the top 10 restaurants in Seattle and retain a certificate of excellence between 2015-2019. Enjoy Italian food at its best in this restaurant. At the eatery, the customer is king. The only place I can guarantee you will get fried zucchini in all of Seattle is this restaurant Their special fish offer is a Pan-seared cod on top of red rice grit with a combination of spicy salsa Verde.

14. Nue restaurant

This is an award-winning restaurant. They won the 2017-2019 award for excellence At Nue, the large table setting give a friendly opportunity to meet new friends. What makes Nue stand out among the best restaurant in Seattle is their collection of food from around the world. Whether you are from Asia, Europe or Latin America, you have your choice. This also a vegetarian-friendly kitchen. Besides that, you could make an online order for their cuisine

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15. Tom Douglas restaurants

The owner of this restaurant Tom Douglas ranked among the top chef in Seattle. He has a few of his canteen scattered across the town. But one thing is known for its fish delicacies, prepared with customer satisfaction at heart. Though he has a limited variety of seafood on his menu, the few available are a delight that makes their customers keep coming. The best on Tom Douglas menu list are fish and chips, shrimps, salmon, and Dungeness crabs

With this list of 15 restaurants to eat the best seafood in Seattle, USA you will no trouble finding one that will meet your yearning for some sort of seafood. Most of these restaurants I mentioned give the service tailored to your demands. You already know with this list

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