20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Milwaukee, USA

20 Restaurants to Eat the Best Pizza in Milwaukee, USA

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For the benefit of my readers who may not be familiar or wonder why this ado about pizza, I will speak about it briefly before proceeding to 20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Milwaukee.

Pizza originated from Naples, Italy. It is Italian food. It is a round, flat wheat dough baked under a high temperature mostly on wooden fire oven. Pizza comes with various toppings like cheese, tomatoes and other toppings depending on the chef and individual preference. The restaurants served it hot. But it can also be reheated at your convenience with a home oven. To be modest you use a fork and knife to eat pizza. Traditionally you can also use your hand to savor the pizza

Cost of pizza is between$ 7.25 to. $15 in U S. It cost more base on the type and the eatery. How much do you know about Milwaukee? Not much I assumed. There is no skin pain about that. Read on to know about this city and what makes them thick when it comes to pizza.

Milwaukee ranked 5th largest city in the US Midwest and the largest in the state of Wisconsin, US. According to Wikipedia, the name means good or pleasant land. No wonder they have a pleasant pizza in their city. This also makes the city largest in the cultural and economic nerve center of the metropolitan

Now let us go to the Milwaukee pizza. The city has carved a name for itself in the way the chefs prepare their pizza. Unlike the usual triangular shape most pizza is known for, Milwaukee pizza comes in a square shape. The pizza signature of Milwaukee is in their topping that comes with onion, sausage, and mushroom. Apart from the known Italian style pizza, every Chef comes around with a touch of his or her natives’ recipe. Since variety is the spice of life, no one is left behind in getting the best pizza of their choice. Here we will also show deliver to you the best pizza near Milwaukee airport.

20 Restaurants to Eat the Best Pizza in Milwaukee, USA

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Let us now go over my list of 20 restaurants to eat the best pizza in Milwaukee.

1. Pizza classic slice

Have a classic taste of New York-style pizza here. If you a vegetarian you are at home in this restaurant. Besides, the pizza you get here makes you ask if you’re paying correctly because of the bigness of the pizza.

2. Ian’s pizza

This is where quality meets quantity. On top of that is the variety of pizza you get for your eating pleasure. It is an understatement to say at Ian’s place you are eating at a family kitchen. I mean their hospitality is home away from home. I’ans Pizza equally offer the best pizza delivery in Milwaukee.

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3. Pizzeria Piccola

If you are not sure the content of your wallet can get you a meal of pizza visit Pizzeria Piccola eatery. This is where your pocket determines the type of pizza you get. At Piccola, everyone is a winner. For a good treat, don’t forget to check their garlic bread knots. Pizzeria Piccola make the best thin crust Pizza Milwaukee.

4. Pizzaman

They open through the week, but special packages for each of the days. Because of this offer their Monday special deep-dish pizza offer would last for a short time. The super bounty pizza offer is on Wednesdays. This is when you get additional pizza for one pizza you purchase. You understand what that translates to if you purchase more than one.

5. Transfer pizzeria cafe

This restaurant earns that name because is located on the same line with Milwaukee county bus transfer station. All their pizzas are gluten-free. Stopover to have a feel of their pizza with red and creamy garlic sauce. If you enjoy Jazz music, turn in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a refreshing time.

6. Ned’s pizza

Ned’s pizza has been around since 1969. Over the years they have served Milwaukee consistently thin crust pizza. Their specialty days are Mondays and Wednesdays. They open through the week but not at the same hour. Their home delivery package is superb.

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7. Cranky AI’s

On this eatery, you have sizzling pizza served only for four hours between 4:0pm and 8:00om from Wednesday to Saturday. Enjoy their oven-fresh pizza with meat, cheese, and red onions. They have enough space to accommodate you and your friends.

8. Dom and Phil De Marinis

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During summer you have a herculean task finding a place to enjoy your pizza here. But the good news is the spacious outdoor lawn open to the freshness of nature where you will enjoy your meal is available. What is your choice pizza topping? Select from the varieties available. That including garden pesto with veggies. Do you mind their steak compobasa combined with tenderloin steak, red onions, and mushroom?

9. Zaffiro’s pizza

This restaurant has come a long way from 1954. Today, they are still the master when it comes to pizza. No one serves pizza with a veggie like Zaffiro’s. The interior of this canteen is lavishly furnished. The prices of their pizza is a good deal

10. Lisa’s Pizzeria

This is the student’s pizza cafe. You can sit and eat in their beautiful canteen or take away your purchase. The combos pizza is their specialty. However, you can demand your pizza makeup depending on the toppings of your choice. Those who make an order for big pizza online have a discount coupon to their advantage. All their pizza comes with gluten-free crusts.

11. Riverfront Pizzeria

At the riverfront, you enjoy oven-fresh cheeseburger pizza with bacon a drink of your choice. There is no problem with a group booking. The spacious space and friendly staff are a good combination for your eating delight.

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12. Pizza Shuttle

Late-night guests are welcome as they open till 3:00 am. In Milwaukee, pizza Shuttle is the 9th best restaurant for pizza. They have a student’s special discount package.

13. Well brothers pizza

They have been around for over 8 decades doing the same thing they know spanning three generations. A thin- crust the way you love it is their specialty. The hospitality in this restaurant is classic. On the wells brothers, Saturday you have the opportunity of the pizza of the month deal.

14. Maria’s pizza

Taste a good pizza on your demand at Maria’s. For over 30 years, consistence at a pocket-friendly price is their watchword. They open 12 hours daily from 10:00 am- 10:00 pm. You get your oven-fresh pizza on demand.

15. Organ piper

They have served thin crust pizza over forty years in this city. Enjoy your meal with the music band on stage.

16. Wolf Peach Pizza

Chef Kartcherner of Wolf picher cut his cooking creativity from Africa, where he grew up. Having worked with the best chefs around creating an impressive recipe from the ground, you’re sure of having your custom made pizza deliver the way you want it. Getting Neapolitan pizza at the eatery is as easy as the breeze.

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17. Pizzeria Scotty

The pizza is made from fresh and the finest ingredients. Their pizza is gluten-free. You are served oven-fresh pizza with the toppings of your choice. It is the toppings that determine the price of the pizza. If you are a vegetarian you have enough toppings to select from.

18. Hup’s pizza

They have a five-star customer review. You can eat in or take away your pizza. If you are a fat-concern type, you can have it your way. No accommodation for reservation. You have packing lots around to make you comfortable. However, if you prefer moving on a two-wheeler, you have enough on hand.

19. Zaffiro’s Pizza & Bar

The restaurant has been operated by four generations since 1954 giving the city value for their money in every pizza. They grew from the review of the satisfied customer. I am sure you will be one of their customers when you taste their pizza. They emerge with the top choice award in 2016. You have the option of either gluten or gluten-free pizza.

20. Carini’s la Conca d’Oro

You can’ it better when you see a father and son synergizing to give you the best pizza. This what Peter Carini and his son do best. You have the best sumptuous Napoletana pizza with or without tomato sauce. In less than 2minutes, you have oven fresh evenly spread crust pizza a replica of Naples, Italy style. While you are eating, you are treated to lovely Simba music on the background.

Most of the mentioned 20 places to eat the best pizza in Milwaukee serve gluten-free pizza. However, their prices differ and their business time is not the same. But one assurance is you will always have a good day on your next visit to any of these eateries.

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