20 restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, USA

20 restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, USA

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How do you want your fish to be prepared? Do you like it boiled, fried or grilled? Whichever way you want it. Here are the 20 best restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, USA. They are ready to deliver just the way you want it.

Before we explore the top restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, let me whet your appetite with the few of the seafood cuisine that will confront you as you enter any of the cafeterias I will mention. New Orleans pride in assorted sea creatures that reflects on their table, whether at home or their eateries.

Whether you choose to go solo or in the company of families and friends, your tongue would thank you for a good treat. New Orleans is endowed with assorted seafood because of its geographical position. It is located along the Gulf of Mexico giving it access to the choice of water mammal.

Do you like charbroiled or char-grilled oyster? Or the whole shrimp barbecue. Is your favorite fried crawfish roulette or crawfish etouffee with a plate of rice? Perhaps you enjoy a salad made from the combination of mustard coated shrimp, fried green tomatoes and lettuces. I can go on with that list, but that is for another day.

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20 restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, USA

Table of Contents

Now let’s examine each of my 20 restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans, USA.

1. Acme Oyster House

As the name is so is their menu. It is the crown that distinguished the king from the crowd. Today, Acme ranked 25 in the US as Oyster master and earns the number one position in the seafood menu in all the New Orleans. Have a taste of their Oyster and you will understand why they ranked that high.

2. Peche Restaurant

Followed closely in number 2 as a seafood specialist is this restaurant. Have a taste of their tuna dip and fried bread or coconut sauce and oyster or their oyster and shrimp pasta, and you will keep coming to this eatery. One of the people’s choice is their baked drum with shrimp noodles. In 2014, they won the James Beard award for the best restaurants.

3. Luke Restaurant

The restaurant is located on 333 Saint Charles Ave New Orleans LL 70130. It is a French restaurant. In addition to their excellent cuisine of any seafood is the warm attendance of their staff. They make you feel at home.

4. Clancy’s

Whether you like to take your meal with a soft or loud vibe, this is a place with options. Each meal of any seafood comes with a smile.

5. Pat O Briana’s

If you enjoy smoked prepared oyster, visit them. Their seafood gumbo will give you a combination of Gulf shrimp, oyster, pooches, andouille, and Basmati rice. Pat O Brien has been around in New Orleans since 1946. The eatery is among the top 100 restaurants in the US for Brunch. For your Sunday Brunch, you have to book ahead.

6. Borgne Restaurant 

The restaurant is the combined efforts of these two great chefs, John Besh, and Brain Landry. Their passion grew as they both fish on the Borgne River. Taste one of their delicacies among which is oyster spaghetti and shrimp toast rissoles. They open throughout the week but at a different time.

7. The commander’s place

One of the best restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans is the commander’s place. This is an ancient New Orleans restaurant. They have been around since 1893. That they have won six of James Beard Foundation awards. This attests to their continued excellent service. They’ve stayed so long to know the city too well to be able to secure almost ninety percent of their ingredients locally. Come in for a brunch of Tuttle soup. If you have a diehard Louisiana and Creole taste, Chef Tony is on hand to exceed your expectation at commanders. They follow a strict dress code. Generally, they accept corporate wears. That distinguished the boys from the men.

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8. Restaurants R’evolution

At this restaurant, convenience is their game-changer. Both the interior and exterior is a beauty to behold. That is their winning edge apart from their excellent cuisines.

9. Mr. B’s Bistro

It is located at 201 Royal Street, New Orleans, L.A 70130. Enjoy the best of Gumbo ya-ya and barbecue shrimp with assorted drinks.

10. Grand Isle restaurants

They open daily between 11:00-5: 00 pm. Meet Chef Ryan from South Carolina whose years of experience cut across New York and Charleston before coming to New Orleans. He serves the best of smoked oysters with garlic aioli. His smoked drum chowder with roasted corn is a delight.

11. Station 6 Bucktown

This restaurant is managed by two great cooks who are a couple, Alison Vega and Drew Knoll. At station 6 you see the expertise gather by Knoll in working previously with a fishing company. So it is not surprising to handle and prepare each type of fish or sea creature uniquely. The different fish painting on the wall of Bucktown canteen says it all about what you will meet on their menu. Let the duo serve you the best of yellowfin tuna and jicama or garlic shrimp or garlic char-grill oyster.

12. Felix’s oyster bars.

This is one of the few restaurants that open till late at night. For over seven decades, Felix bar has been serving mouth-watering dishes in the New Orleans community. Despite their quality food and the inviting serenity, their price is pocket-friendly. The canteen opens through the week, though at a different time of the day. You can’t compare the PO- boys and crab claws you find here with other restaurants. This also goes with their fries.

14. Effervescence Restaurant 

Seafood’s, contemporary cuisines and stuff for the vegetarians are what you get in this canteen. The natural ingredient is what they use for their dishes. At effervescence, they cater for the midnight callers. Reservation must be booked early enough.

15. Drago’s seafood

You love char-grilled oyster, then visit Drago’s place. Their jambalaya together with shrimp is a perfect combination. Drago’s  is placed on number 5 of the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans

16. Oceana Grill

They serve the best alligator tail, fried shrimp, oyster, gumbo. Late-night eater has a home at Oceana grill as they open until 1:00 am. They are the 7th best restaurants in New Orleans.

17. Snug Harbor Restaurant 

It is situated at 626 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans LA 79116. You want to get close to aquatic splendor while eating, the snug harbor is the place to be. The eating area of their canteen is built on water where you have a clear view of dolphins in the water. Visit them for the best of crab claws, shrimp, snapper, and other seafood cuisines.

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18. GW Fins

Come in for wild mushroom, risotto, and lobster dumpling. Never forget to check their king crab. You have no issue with your car because they have a spacious parking lot. Their menu changes daily according to the available seafood according to the fish season.

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19. The Franklin Restaurant 

Hang out with your friends as you enjoy the French-based menu from the master chef himself, Chef Dan Harris. The eatery opens through the week.

20. Jacques- Imo’s café

This place is owned and managed by Chef Paul, trained by Jacques Leonard. He is a talented chef who cut his cooking teeth from childhood with the knowledge of both French and Italian cuisines. The best of shrimps and alligator sausage are served best in this restaurant.


This is not an exhaustive list of restaurants in New Orleans. However, these 20 restaurants to eat the best seafood in New Orleans come handy the next time you are on a business trip or vacation to the city.

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