5 things I realized when I tried to start a business as a student

5 things I realized when I tried to start a business as a student

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Being a student is learning and experimenting with new things every day. But if you are a student and plan to start a business there a few things that you should keep in mind.

When I tried to start a business as a student there were some realizations. These were both good and bad. I would suggest that if you plan to start a business, definitely read these things and plan your steps accordingly.

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So, moving on, here are my few realizations:

#1. The risk is really high

When you are a student and plan to start a business online, always remember that the risk is really high. You are supporting your education plus you have to support your business so the risk of everything goes high.

#2. You need real people around you

When your risk factor is high, you need people who will support you in the pros and cons. They should be really supportive of your decisions and be blunt about things going wrong. You can’t just pay someone for an essay like some students do in college. You should have true belief in them and vice versa.

#3. Believe in yourself

Your business ideas may receive enormous support or may receive completely devastating reviews. But you should believe in yourself and your ideologies. No matter what reviews you get, believe in what you do and be ready for any type of result. Be positive and keep doing hard work no matter what are the results.

#4. Be mentally prepared for the ups and down

You will physically toil yourself but do not be disappointed mentally. An online business gives you all types of results. Plus when you are handling studies and business, your mind can be extremely stressed. So be mentally prepared for the ups and downs that your business may receive.

#5. It can be challenging to carry on both simultaneously

Studying needs its own dedicated time and so does business. So you have to be ready to face the challenges of both the fields individually. You need to dedicate your time mutually to both and see that none gets affected in a negative way.

To conclude,

If you are planning to start your business while studying you should definitely go ahead and give it a try. Just don’t get disheartened or too proud of the results that you receive. Nonetheless, this experiment will surely make you a responsible person.

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