20 best book publishing software 2019 (Free & Paid)

20 best book publishing software 2020 (Free & Paid)

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In this post, we review the 20 best book publishing software. These software are suitable for for writing, editing, formatting and management. Here you will see the best free book writing software for beginners as well and premium ones.

What is a Book Writing Software?

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Book writing software are application which are programmed in such away not just to hasten up your writing but to eliminate errors and add magical touches to your work. This is very suitable for those who are into freelance writing.

There are different writing software books including EBooks for writers that want to create online presence. I urge you to read on calmly to be able to choose either the paid or free book publishing software that suits you.

20 best book publishing software 2020

1. Evernote:

Evernote os one of the best book formatting software. This is a mobile app, useful; in keeping record of one’s thought or imagination; it creates write up in chapters. Evernote is helpful in putting down new ideas as soon as it spring up. Have whole lots of features that make it interesting.

2. FocusWriter:

FocusWriter is one of the best book publishing software to use. Are you constantly distracted from finishing up your book? Why not opt for this software, it eliminate all distraction you might face. FocusWriters is free to download and use. Also, it is very effective and efficient with a very simple user interface.

3. Reedsy book editor:

Reedsy is one of the best book writing software. Are you a writer or publishing expert willing to find other writing gurus like you? This writing software has a way of bringing writers of like mind together.  It is indeed a reliable market place; hurry now and sign up for this software and your book will be ready in a short while.

You can either do all the write-up in the app or you might copy and paste already finished work inside the software.

One of the interesting features that comes with this software auto-generated copyright page yet it hitch is an incomplete customizable options.

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4. Vellum:

Are you on a look out for free downloadable EBook writing software? Here you go, Vellum allows a free download but you get to pay when you are ready to export your work. The platform of this software is Mac operating system.  Did I tell you it’s the finest platform to create EBooks that are Amazon friendly?

Want to have a beautifully crafted EBooks? Vellum is just the best since its simple to use, and has a whole lots of important features.

5. Creatavist:

If you a writer and wishes to publish directly to Amazon? Opt for Creatavist. More importantly it has an excellent feature for creating a scrapbooks and magazines.  It will surprise you to know that Creatavist allow you add audio to you work.  As the motto of the producers go; create once, publish everywhere; it has features that allow you to publish your work at different platform with a built in translation service. With Creatavist you can easily monetize your work.  It charges it users close to $ 200 each year.

6. pressBooks:

Want to be a self-publisher? Then go for pressBooks, comes with an interface similar to WordPress.  Allows you create a unique and beautifully made EBooks.

7. Scrivener:

This is an all-in-one formatting and word processor tool used by writers all over the world to create their ‘information products’ accessible to both Mac and PC users. It comes with easy-to-use-templates, format for Ebook, rearranging features, corkboard with index cards, split screen and access to research files. Quite affordable, isn’t?  The setback is that it takes fairly sometime to learn.

8. Zinepal:

Want amazing Ebook software? You get!  It could be the best for bloggers Zinepal automatically create EBooks for you, once you feed in your blog RSS from existing articles.

Usually, the books are Amazon compatible so it gets featured there. Has a plus of letting you use it for free for a certain amount of time.

9. Calibre:

Calibre is an EBook manager so to say; it controls both input and output format.  Calibre helps the user create EBooks and share with their readers. Best platform for Windows, MacOS, Linux, portable.  The most common output formats are PDF, epub and mobi. Wants to have a list or library of your EBook? Get Calibre.

Need for free EBook software? This is the best bet; it’s free and easily accessible.

10. Jutoh:

This is one of the best book publishing software. Jutoh has a way of making the users fall for it; comes with awesome features that make your work stress free. Creates files in mobi and epub formats. Works fine on Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi platform.

It’s wonderfully made EBook software worth trying out if you actually want to have a great EBook.

I guess you want to! Jutoh leaves you with a cool, clutter-less EBooks.

11. In design

Would you love to create website or presentation out of your EBooks? I guess this software will help you realize your dream. Go for it and you will not regret it. in design  is very easy to use, can master it very fast. The drawback of this software is the fact that one may not easily export a completed EBook.

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12. Ulysses

Are you an apple user in need of a book writing software? Worry not, because this writing app is just the best for you. Ulysses works only on Apple product. It automatically synchronizes tour work or you may decide to switch to local storage; so, you can see no need to worry about losing your write up.

Sold at $39.99/Year

Ulysses is a clean and user friendly interface with a beginner level option.

13. Microsoft word:

Are you working on short book? Microsoft office is one of the simplest texts editors you can opt for. This is one of the best book formatting software to use. Cool to use and easy to learn with numerous features to help you realize your goals. Although the creators of Microsoft word, did not create it for writing books. But it still does wonders for writers.

14. Google Docs:

This is a web-base software application which enables writers create documents and spreadsheets without much hassle. It’s free and easy to access. Google docs export document in .epub, .pdf, .docx formats.

15. Ywriter:

Are you a fiction writer? yWriter is one of the best book publishing software to give your books that magical feel. It splits your novel into chapters and scenes. Usually works best on PC although Android version has been currently created.

16. Outlining your novel workbook software:

This software helps you outline your novel excellently, it allows you to have a control over each character while sticking to the story line and equally helps you to rearrange and order your scene. It is mostly used for drafting of novels before the main work.

17. StoryShop:

Storyshop is cool online writing software designed specifically for writers. Has a way of allowing writers tract their character in each scene. Comes with nice writing templates but completed books can only be exported as .docx.

18. Grammarly:

Grammarly is not a book writing software so to speak, rather it is designed to help writer have an error free literally work. Acts as editing software; it does so by underlining wrong grammar along with its own suggested correction. Therefore, if you truly want to produce grammatically sound book go for Grammarly and you will thank me later.

19. Hemingway Editor:

Helps writers in that it improves the clearness of your novel or writing, it is free to use, allow users to copy and paste already written articles.  Highlight errors with color-code and grade the readability level of your work.

20. ProWritingAid:

Test out the spelling, sentence structure, readability, clichés and overused words; and simply suggest better changes which you could accept or turn down. So you can see; it brings what you like the most, right? It has a free version which edit up to 500 words.

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