10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Parents (Android & iOS)

10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Parents (Android & iOS)

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Are you seeking for the best phone monitoring apps? If yes, then keep reading.

Smartphones are a necessity nowadays, not only for adults but also for kids. For kids they are a crucial source of entertainment, learning process and safety.

However, on the other hand, smartphone usage is not free from negative consequences which includes online threats, mobile obsession, inappropriate content and many more.

To combat such problems, parental control apps comes in rescue.

Every parent is concerned about their child’s online activities. And that is the reason they seek parental lock apps to monitor and track digital tasks of kids.

Set parental lock on child’s smartphone:

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Technology has a great impact on Gen Z and Gen i. Although, it provides a wider scope to children to socialize but it is also creating a menace by allowing other people to get involved in kid’s lives.

Teens seem more interested in spending time on virtual relationships rather than spending fruitful hours with family. Apart from this, smartphone addiction adversely affects child’s brain and physique. To handle the internet issues cautiously, parents need to establish screen time control and parental lock on apps which children uses on a daily basis.

Let us now take a glance at some of the best child tracking apps to mitigate issues related to digital realm of children.

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10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Parents

1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

This is one of the best phone monitoring apps. It is a software designed to pry and control child’s online activities. Parents can add infinite children to keep an eye on each of them simultaneously. It is user friendly and  decent Android app.

Parents can avail multiple benefits with the help of this software. Few of its highlights are:

App Install Blocker: You can enable this tool, if your child has a bad habit to install the latests apps from the market.

It restricts children from using unnecessary apps and filters objectionable content.

Time Schedule: It is one of the powerful features to control kid’s screen time.

Parents can schedule the time of using multiple apps, beyond which child cannot have access to those applications.

App Time Limit: Here, parents can create groups of applications and label it to set each app in a specified group. Fix the time limit of each group so your child can use it accordingly during the day.

Furthermore, Bit Guardian Parental Control also offers other useful tools to help kids in emergencies, block spam callers or track their whereabouts and much more.


2. FamilyTime Premium:

This software has a simple setup and easy installation process. Parents can use various features that includes:

  • App Blocker to block harmful applications
  • Pick Me option to pick a child from defined destination
  • Call and SMS logging
  • Child’s location tracking


3. Locategy:

This software works excellent on iOS. Parents can track their kids’ location, block apps and also schedule their app usage time.

Parents can neither block SMS or calls nor monitor child’s social media platforms. However, web filtering is possible but only on a specific browser.


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4. Net Nanny:

Location tracking, apps blocking and setting time limits of child’s cell phone activities is fairly possible with Net Nanny. Web filtering allows to block content like pornography, drugs, violence, and many more.

You cannot control the text, calls or other messenger apps with this application. However, you can still review and check the web history of your child to know the type of content they are accessing.


5. Norton Family Premier:

It is an application for monitoring and restricting kids online behaviour. Parents can manage child’s tasks easily with this app’s clean interface.

Norton provides web supervision feature to block the entire site or to keep a log of visited sites. when a child visits harmful program,this software is helpful to issue warnings on parent’s phone.

Screen time control and App Blockers are useful tools of this application.


6. Web Watcher:

This can be a useful software, if you want to keep tabs on teens text messages, deleted photos or texts, call log, web browsing and location,.

You can delve into kids’s social media websites like WhatsApp, Kik, Tinder, etc. Parents can set app usage limit and take screenshots from teens device.

You have to install this spyware application outside the official app store because it is having a stealth mode.


7. ESET Parental Control:

This time schedule app is built for Android users. It offers time limits on gaming apps, basic reporting and app blocking.

Additionally this program also let parents to block websites, track location,send parental messaging and check a detailed report of child’s online activities. Parental message feature has a unique functionality where kid ought to respond the message to continue using their smartphone.


8. Qustodio:

This phone monitoring app provides a dashboard that shows all recent activities of children to parents for any connected gizmos.

You can track text messages, filter tempting sites, fix time limit and block apps or games. Customisation options makes qustodio a good application for parents to manage child’s devices.


9. FamilyTime:

FamilyTime kid safety app permits parents to precisely customise content access, fix  time boundaries, detect kids whereabouts with geofencing alert when the phone enter/exists a defined area.

Parents can also apply app filters, monitor texts and calls, block and control harmful applications and check contact list of children.


10. Kaspersky Safe Kids:

You can flexibally restrict app usage of teens. Kaspersky offers robust geofencing, web filtering to limited browsers and extensive alert system.

Social media monitoring only covers Facebook and VK. You can monitor any number of gadgets but it lacks a smooth interface.

As a smart parent, it is your responsibility to keep children safe on digital realm using the most recommended child tracking app like Bit Guardian Parental Control.

The sooner, the better. Download the application for free today!

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