Nintendo Switch dock not working; 5 steps to troubleshoot, 12 Steps to fix it

Nintendo Switch dock not working; 5 steps to troubleshoot, 12 Steps to fix it

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Is your Nintendo Switch dock not working? No green light? Not detecting switch?  Not charging or connecting to TV ac adapter? If yes, see the 6 steps Nintendo switch dock repair procedure. See how to troubleshoot Nintendo Switch dock and find possible solutions to fix it now.

What’s the Dock all about?

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The Nintendo Switch Dock enables users to charge their Nintendo Switch devices using electrical connectors located on the seating platform and also connect it to a television set using an HDMI cable to be used in TV mode.

The Dock also comes with a USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports to enable peripheral connections. Connecting your Nintendo Switch device to the Dock ups the visuals in terms of frame rate and resolution.

Just like the Nintendo Switch itself, the Dock isn’t immune to its fair share of faults and malfunctions, even going as far as refusing to connect appropriately.

I will be analyzing a couple of the possible reasons why the Dock may not be responsive or otherwise, and also be providing feasible solutions that could help rectify these problems.

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Nintendo Switch dock not working – Troubleshoot for possible Problems

  1. Wall outlet issues: Nintendo Switch dock not working – maybe its not plugging fine on the socket. Plugging your Dock through an adapter or similar extension device might be an issue. Switch dock green light not on – the Dock may require a decent amount of power surge to function at optimum capability. This could develop as a result of long term use in that manner.
  2. Plugging in cables in an improper order: This shouldn’t usually be a problem in most devices, but it has been found that plugging in the cables in a certain order could affect the performance of your Dock. This could be a manufacturer’s mistake or error that could be avoided by going through the user manual and following setup instructions properly.
  3. Use of inadequate power cable: Nintendo Switch dock not working – Maybe the power cable is it’s own or faulty. Considering the Dock provides charging assistance to your Nintendo Switch, it is only normal that it would require a power cable that is capable of providing sufficient power to the Dock itself while it charges the Switch in turn. A power cable with a low power output and voltage rating may give way too little energy or may not be able to power the Dock at all.
  4. Dock enters error mode: Typical of most devices that offer peripheral services, the Dock could get stuck in an error mode that hinders it from syncing or connecting successfully to your Nintendo Switch or your television. A hard reset might just be a simple solution in this case, but will be discussed further in the solutions section.
  5. A damaged Dock: Nintendo Switch dock not working – Maybe the dock is damaged. As much as we don’t want to hear it, truth is, Docks go faulty all the time, either after long periods of use or even within weeks of purchase. Most cases like this require a total replacement or checkup at a Nintendo repair shop or service center, but only after you have certified that your Dock is truly damaged.
  6. Faulty HDMI connection: Nintendo switch could not connect to tv ac adapter – Maybe as a result of incorrect HDMI connection could be the cause of an unresponsive Dock when plugged to the TV. Faulty HDMI cords will not let your Dock recognize your TV set or vice versa.

Now that we’ve looked at the various possible reasons why your Dock may be acting up, we’ll look at suitable solutions next. Please note that problems or solutions may or may not be conclusive, and you might need to go further by going to a service center if issues with your Dock persist after trying everything in this article.

12 steps Nintendo switch dock repair procedure

1. Plugging in the cables in the right order: After further troubleshooting, it was found that a tiny manufacturer’s bug may cause the Dock to become unresponsive if the cables are connected in the wrong order. This doesn’t exactly sound logical but it’s supposedly the case. The following steps should be followed in the exact order when connecting the cables:

2. All cables should be unplugged from the Dock from the onset.

3. The power cable should be connected first and foremost to the Dock. It should be confirmed that the Dock is powered on by checking the LED light.

4. The HDMI cable should be plugged into the TV set first and then plugged into the Dock device after the HDMI input has been selected from the TV.

5. The Nintendo Switch device should now be inserted into the Dock and connection success should be checked by looking out for the green light that shows that it has switched to TV mode.

6. Examining power cable: The Dock performs dual functions of charging your Nintendo Switch device and connecting it to the TV. Hence, it deserves a substantial amount of power supplied to it. It is like trying to charge your computer with a wrong power pack. You will continuously get a notification telling you that its wattage cannot be determined and therefore, the laptop may not charge. Make sure to use the original power cable that was provided with the Dock. You should also consider plugging the power cable directly to the wall power outlet instead of to a wall adapter (another seemingly illogical idea, but it is worth trying if you’re bent on finding a solution).

7. Conducting a hard reset: This method is quite common to electronic devices and gadgets, and you’ve probably already tried it before reading this. It is probably the first step to take in your troubleshooting process.

8. Unplug all cables and peripherals from the Dock.

9. Now press and hold down the power button for a couple of seconds and then wait a while. You can also repeat this process with your TV and Nintendo Switch device.

10. You should have waited for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting everything again (in the right order as stated earlier).

11. Checking to see if your Dock is damaged: In this case, you might experience Nintendo switch dock not detecting switch. In this scenario, there really isn’t an option of repair, and hence, the only solution is to get another Dock from another Nintendo Switch user and try connecting it to your TV and inserting your Switch to see if it works. If it does, then you no doubt have a faulty Dock, but if it doesn’t, then it could still be one of the issues mentioned above. In the case of a defective Dock, the Dock should be taken to a Nintendo service center if your warranty still covers it.

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12. Cross-checking your HDMI cord: If your Dock successfully charges your Switch but is unable to connect to your TV, then there may be a problem with your HDMI cables most likely. If it is faulty, it will be unable to sync data with your TV at all. You can check it by plugging the HDMI to another device like your computer to see if it works. If it does, then it exonerates your HDMI cable from the possible list of faults, but if it doesn’t, then you may likely have to replace the HDMI cable with a new one.

If the problem persists, you can contact their customer care or join the support forum for help or simply buy a replacement. See the different choices below.

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