5 Ways to make money in Anno 1800 | Anno 1800 How to Make Money Guide

5 Ways to make money in Anno 1800 | Anno 1800 How to Make Money Guide

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Anno 1800 how to make money – In this article, I will show you how to make money in Anno 1800. These tips work well even if you are a new player or a mid-game expert. Here, you will learn the secrete ideas to stay profitable while growing in Anno 1800 empire.

When trying to build a city in Anno 1800, you may encounter a defeat screen due to bankruptcy. Anno 1800 is a city-building real-time strategy video game, developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft, and launched on April 16, 2019 in North America

To make money, you need to understand all the mechanics involving cash and cash flow in Anno 1800. You can have to learn how to make money in Anno 1800 as well as how money is lost. With this information, you can keep your bank account positive and your city will be thriving.

Here you will learn the following;

  1. Population needs and happiness
  2. Income trading from your warehouse
  3. Selling your surplus goods for extra cash and
  4. how to use propaganda (fake news) to boost your economy
  5. Creating and selling ships for a massive profit
  6. buying and selling shares from other players and
  7. totally buying out an island from other players to wipe them out

Understanding the Money Metrics in Anno 1800

Table of Contents

Here are the things you need to know to get started to make money with Anno 1800.

Head over to the top left corner of your screen menu and you will find most of the critical information you’re going to need.

Starting from left to right you have the dollar sign and the numbers next to it which is your total balance of cash available to you to spend at that very moment. The next item to that are three bars that look like a cell phone signal. It’s either a negative or positive number and this informs you whether you are making money or losing money. If it’s negative and showing red,  that means you are currently losing money and if it’s positive you, are making money.

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Understanding your total population

To the right, there are three little stick figures with a number next to that and that is your total population. This is very critical to money because the more population hat you have, the more money you can make.

So let’s go ahead and break these down into more detail so if we actually hover over these icons in the top left we get even more detailed information which is critical to understanding how money works in Anno 1800.

For instance, when we hover over the balance icon, you will get a breakdown of everything that is generating income or cash as well as everything we are actually spending our cash on. The end result is whether it’s a positive or negative number and yes you want it to be positive and you want that number to be as big as possible because. That means you’re making money really

How to make money in Anno 1800

In this article, I will show you the 5 Ways to make money in Anno 1800. Here, I will explain to you exactly what generates money and how that works as well as what costs you money that you may not be expecting or aware of and how we could take advantage of both those things in order to maximize our profits.

1. Get Tax Incom from Your Population

Money-making opportunities are very limited when you first start out at Anno 1800. Just like in the physical world, the best strategy to get your city going is by having a population and then getting the tax income from them.

The best tip to grow your population is build more houses, so you can unlock the rest of these needs. Fill up the houses and then inhabitants will start generating income. If you do this well, at a large enough scale then your balance will turn positive because you are increasing our profits.

To make more money in Anno 1800, simply build factories in order to produce the needs that your population needs. For me, this is the biggest tip that I can give you to keep your cash balance positive. As a word of caution, only build things when you need them and
don’t pre build because that can really turn your cash flow negative and then then you’re gonna head towards bankruptcy.

If you meet all the requirements to keep the farmers in each farmhouse happy then they will pay more taxes and so that will actually double your income.

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2. Make Money in Anno 1800 through Trading

The next possible way for you to make money after you get started is probably going to happen through trade. This can generate a pretty good amount of cash for you as well. Understanding how trade works in this game and how it generates income is also very important and can be a very good.

Source of income for you especially in the early to mid-game to generate money in trade it can be done in a few ways

The first way is by just setting goods in your warehouse that you have a surplus of to sell and shifts that you have trade rights with or I should say other AI or players that you have trade rights with will come by and buy those Goods when they need them and this is probably the easiest and most simple way to make money in Anno 1800.

If you have lumber and coal in your warehouse, you can set to sell now by clicking your good in the warehouse and set it to sell and you can set the amount that you want to keep and then they will sell. Once you set the sell order, any player that you have trade rights with will send a ship over and will buy the goods from you. That is how you make income so it. Even though this doesn’t happen automatically, this is
probably the cheapest way to do it.

3. Make money in Anno 1800 by Selling Ships

One of my favorite ways to make a lot of money in Anno 1800 is by selling ships and it’s pretty easy to do so once your city set up to actually manufacture ships. Once a ship is created, you can send them to a harbor of a friendly player and once they’re sitting in their harbor if you click on the ship and go to the top right there’s a dollar sign you click that and then that is how you can sell the ship. You can sell frigates for fifty thousand in cash so that is a huge boost to your economy if you’re able to produce ships and sell them to the AI.

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4. Make money in Anno 1800  through shares or dividends

Another really good source of income is through shares or dividends. This is is a pretty cool  feature in Anno 1800. When starting out, everybody has five shares and the value of that is based on the economy of that particular Island not the entire Empire. Every island has its own shares and each one will give you a dividend and so this can add up now they can be pretty expensive but getting plus 800 or plus 600 or if you have a whole bunch like plus 3,000 to your economy is a huge boost.

So this is something that once you’re generating a little bit of cash you definitely want to look into but keep in mind it does make the players angry so if you’re trying to stay peaceful with someone you do want to be wary of buying their shares but it’s a good way to make money. Once you buy all five of a share or all five shares of one island then you have the ability to buy out the entire island and it’s super expensive depending on the progression of the player but if you do this it will wipe them off and this is a way to beat enemies without going to war with them. So you can actually win the game through the economy which makes this guy even more useful now there are tons of other ways you can make money in Anno 1800.

5. How to make money in Anno 1800 through Propaganda (Fake News)

This strategy may not be something that I would rely on but it’s important to know because it can be a good source of income in Anno 1800. This can help you to boost your economy especially in wartime and that is through propaganda. So you probably noticed whenever the guy comes up with the newspaper you can edit the news articles consumerism is an attribute that you can change the article to and this will give you increases in income as you progress. Through the tears and gain more influence the percentage that you can edit the article to is higher so you have 5% at the beginning but in the mid-game you have plus 15% so as you can see here when I do a 15% article. I’m getting a plus 4500 consumption tax because of these articles so I’m getting a huge boost to my economy I mean plus 4500 just from my propaganda all in all if you just follow these tips only build factories that you need to keep your populations happiness and meet their needs then you’re maximizing your efficiency and your profits and you shouldn’t have any problem staying above water and that concludes the money guide for Anno 1800.

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