Learn How IOS Developers Can Help Your Company Get Familiar With The Latest Technologies

Learn How IOS Developers Can Help Your Company Get Familiar With The Latest Technologies


With the prevalence of iPhones and iPads, companies are attempting to cater to this untapped market and develop applications for the same. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for iOS developer for hire. On the other hand, some businesses still consider whether iOS developers are worth the investment.

This post helps to break down how an iOS developer can facilitate the technological growth of your organization.

Rising Preference for iOS Devices

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Apple devices occupy a steady 15% of the global smartphone market share in terms of sales, according to Statista. Given below are some reasons why consumers prefer iOS over Android phones:

  • Since iOS is a dedicated operating system, users enjoy the same UI/UX even when they switch devices.
  • Regular and timely software updates ensure that your device is packed with the latest and up-to-date features.
  • iOS offers seamless integration with other tools belonging to the Apple ecosystem.
  • Robust security, paired with regular updates, offer better user data protection.
  • Superior customer support that is consistent all over the world.

One can see from above, that iOS devices enjoy unwavering customer and brand loyalty. Therefore, branching into iOS development will allow your business to unlock new opportunities and avenues in business expansion.

Technical Skills That an iOS Developer Brings to Your Organization

Apple often comes up with new versions and frameworks for Swift and Xcode every year, so an iOS developer must stay up to date on the same. Further, they will also possess core competencies that they can expand upon by acquiring knowledge and skills.

The primary skills that every iOS developer must possess includes:


Xcode is one of the most popular integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS app development. Fortunately, this skill is easy to pick up, and one can get a hold of it after going through various online tutorials.

However, iOS developers must have the ability to make use of its more in-depth features such as advanced debugging, app performance measurement, etc. Plus, mastering all the Xcode keyboard shortcuts may take a good long while to learn!


Apple developed Swift as the programming language to develop native iOS apps. Therefore, while some companies may resort to Objective-C for iOS development, the future is Swift.

As with any programming language, developers may take years to master Swift. However, having a basic understanding of syntax, optionals, control flows, classes, inheritance, initialization, error handling, and Objective-C interoperability could put you in a tremendous future-proof spot.

Grand Central Dispatch

Regardless of the platform, apps carry out multiple processes that take place simultaneously. For instance, they read user touch inputs, display information, use network data, manage device settings, and so on.

Running all these operations at the same time could create a competition for resources and put the device under stress. To combat this effect, developers make use of Grand Central Dispatch or GCD for concurrency.

Core Data

Core Data is crucial for the framework development of iOS apps. It becomes even more critical, considering that Apple offers cutting-edge security features to its users.

Core data allows apps to store, retain, and retrieve data. Therefore, iOS developers must have a solid understanding of core data and its role in the app operation.


In the current scenario, it is impossible to think of an app that does not make use of the internet or any other networking technologies. Almost every app engages and talks with the web periodically to function.

Thus, iOS developers must have at least a basic understanding of how apps send or receive data over a network.

GitHub and Git

You may think you can hire ruby on rails developer for code management. However, iOS developers make use of Git and GitHub for version control during short-lived projects and while working with teams. Therefore, they must have a fair amount of understanding of Git and GitHub.

How iOS Developers Skills Can Boost Your Business Technologies?

Now that you understand the technical skills that an iOS developer will bring to the table, it is time to understand its impact on your business technologies.

Better User Experience

iOS users enjoy the best of everything – perfect hardware, smooth and glitch-free software, and excellent customer support. Amongst Android devices, there may be specific apps that may operate correctly, while others will malfunction.

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However, iOS devices offer seamless and fluid operation to all users. Thus, your business can make use of the excellent user experience to add value to your brand.

Easy Testing and Low Fragmentation

There are a plethora of Android devices with varying specifications that may make use of the same operating system. Therefore, while developing apps for such Android platforms, it cannot be easy to accommodate all devices. Further, the development time will increase due to the increase in testing.

On the other hand, iOS developers develop apps for a uniform set of devices. Considering that there are fewer varieties and versions of iOS and its devices, the testing time and the fragmentation involved will be less. Thus, iOS developers can introduce standardized processes to your business.

Solid Security

As stated previously, iOS apps have to adhere to the strictest standards of security for the app to make it to the App Store. Thus, companies can make claims that they are upholding the highest standards of data privacy and user security.

Since an iOS developer can deliver a product that is protected from external security threats, secure channels for in-app purchases, and end-to-end data encryption, your business will enjoy greater trust.

Final Thoughts

iOS developers possess immense experience in delivering applications that are secure and grant flawless user experience. These two features are one of the greatest qualities that attract businesses towards the iOS market.

Further, it allows you to break into mature markets of developed nations, where the users are more willing to spend on in-app purchases.

Furthermore, iOS developers are capable of developing and testing applications faster since the scope of their applications is restricted to iOS devices. In this manner, they can help build credibility and brand loyalty for your business and business products.

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