Ubiquiti launches Amplifi Teleport to give users Home Wifi

Ubiquiti launches Amplifi Teleport to give users Home Wifi “teleportation” feature at no extra charge

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While using the internet for various purposes like social media networking, online transactions, mobile banking, streaming videos and playing online games, nothing gives a more satisfying experience as using a high speed Wi-fi for everything.

Presently, there’s an increasing need for high speed wifi for home and business users and a lot of companies have been into stiff competition or mesh wars to dominate the market with their router and mesh extender systems.

The recent launch of the Amplifi Teleport by Ubiquiti has been the most outstanding amongst them.

Ubiquiti, founded by CEO Robert Pera, former staff at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), has launched a home-oriented wireless mesh network router and access point combination as a consumer-level product, called AmpliFi.

The Amplifi Teleport is a consumer router and mesh extended system made traditionally to give users, which includes service providers and small to medium sized enterprises, home wifi teleportation features at no extra charge.

With an average circular interface and amazing features, that’s easy for the layperson to set up, the Amplifi teleport has taken the high speed wifi market to a whole different level

How It Works.

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First released in 2018, the Amplifier teleport comes with an encrypted VPN (Virtual private network) that allows users to connect back to any home service provider they use, regardless of where they are.

The encrypted VPN is designed to provide privacy when doing sensitive tasks like online transactions and mobile banking. It eliminates the issue of your wifi network web traffic being visible to other Wifi administrators or hackers who might want to tap into your web traffic.

Wherever you are in the world, with the Amplifier teleport, you can access your subscriptions and downloads from Youtube and Netflix. In public places too with public Wifi that have geo blocked contents, you can access anything.

Recently, Ubiquiti upgraded the Amplifier teleport to a free software app available on iOS and Android devices. The software app allows you to hook up your smartphone or laptop to your home amplifier router at home rather than having to carry the hardware about looking for free outlets to plug it into, which might not always be available.

Lastly, the proprietary and no-extra-charge feature beat every other home router from companies like Alphabet, Netgear and Amazon. For example, Euro, bought from amazon requires an extra subscription of $99 per year, and this might not be convenient for a lot of users.

Other home routers like Google Wi-Fi and Orbi doesn’t have a free software app available, and they might require a third-party download software which can be pretty hard to set up.

About Ubiquiti.

Ubiquiti Networks is an American technology company founded by Robert Pera in 2005. The company is based in New York and manufactures wireless data communication products or Computer networking devices for enterprise and wireless broadband providers. Their main focus is targeted at under-served and emerging markets so they sell wired and wireless networking products under various brand names.

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