20 Best Hospitals in NYC, USA

20 Best Hospitals in NYC, USA 2021

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Today I will be sharing 20 best hospitals in NYC. Apart from the statue of liberty which New York is known for, it is home to the best health care Facilities in the US.

According to the US News, there is an annual evaluation and ranking of hospitals across the US. Each hospital verified passes through several evaluations and procedures.

The award is based on each category of each health facility. Some of the parameters include. General overview, doctor’s record and performance, rating, and ranking by the patient, adult speciality ranking, procedures and condition, patient experience, satisfaction with the hospital’s performance and willingness to recommend. Other yardsticks include satisfaction with doctor’s communications, satisfied with nurses’ communications, satisfaction with the effort to prevent medication harm, satisfaction with the quality of discharge information. Satisfaction with involvement in recovery, satisfaction with staff responsiveness, satisfaction with hospital room cleanliness, satisfaction with noise volume.

From the listed parameters the satisfaction of all the stakeholders is of paramount importance. It means the health giver and health received must be satisfied. Besides that, the condition of the health facility is considered as a serious factor that means the difference between satisfaction or otherwise. It is gratifying to note that among the best hospitals in the US, three came from NYC alone.

20 Best Hospitals in NYC, USA 2021

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Let us now look at the stand of each of the 20 best hospitals in the New York-Ranked

1. Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester

The hospital belongs to the University of Rochester. The facility also has a school of medicine and Dentistry. This medical facility has an unusual record of 12 straight year consumer choice award as the best hospital in the area. Their area of specialty includes cancer, orthopedics, cardiac care, and pediatrics. In 2017 the institution received the highest accreditation for human research protection


2. NYU Winthrop Hospital

Among the first 10 best Hospitals in New York is NYU Winthrop Hospital. It is an affiliate of New York University. It also hosts a research institute and a medical school. The hospital is known to be the first in the New York region to perform the first invasive technology for the treatment of prostate, breast, brain, and lung cancer.


3. Mayo Clinic

This health facility won the 2018 – 2019 honor list among the best hospital in the US. That, therefore, made it one of the three best in NYC. Also in 2018, Diversity voted it as the top hospital in seven straight years. Mayo clinic boast of treating patients from over one hundred and fifty countries treating the most severe ailment of all times. This health facility covers clinical expertise, education, and research.


4. Mount Sinai Hospital

Founded over a century and half years ago, Mount Sinai Hospital is

known for its excellent health care. It ranked 9th among the specialist hospitals, according to US News and world report for 2019-2020. This winning edge of this Hospital is in the children’s care emerging as the top first specialist Hospital in that category. Some of the core competence includes: gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, rehabilitation, cardiology, and Cardiovascular surgery, cancer, and diabetes


5. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital

This hospital is the first among the top 3 best Hospitals in New York and rated 5th best in the US. The health facility is a combination of two medical centers of Colombia University medical center and Well Cornell medical center. By record, this medical facility is one of the biggest in the world. As of today, The New York-Presbyterian church is among the oldest hospital in the US. In ranking parameters, this hospital ranked ten over ten in gastrointestinal and gastroenterology surgery.


6. Buffalo general medical center

This Hospital is managed by Kaleida health. Over time it has expanded and in 1986 it increases its expansion with an addition of a sixteen story building. The new complex holds 14 operating rooms which include the emergency room, inpatient and outpatient rooms. Their area of specialty includes cardiac, orthopedic, stroke, geriatric, transplant and colorectal.


7. NYU Langone hospitals

This medical facility has chain hospitals across the US and the New York. It has an amazing research program that has produced over four thousand research papers with hundreds of trained medical personnel. It is an affiliate of New York University. This hospital is adjudged one of the best in New York having passed excellently in the five major specialty parameters of cardiovascular, cancer muscular-skeletal, neurology and neurosurgery, and children’s area.


8. St Francis Hospital

It is located on Flower Hill, New York. According to US new, this hospital is placed at number 3 in the adult specialty list and passed in 8 out of 10 parameters for selecting the top hospital. The hospital began in 1865 as a freeway of providing medical assistance to the less privilege irrespective of their religion or social status.


9. Lenox Hill Hospital

It is located on the upper East side of Manhattan, New York City. It is a member of the North well Health group. The facility includes a teaching hospital and a medical school. It is on record that Lenox Hill Hospital is one of the first hospitals in New York to install and operate the first X-ray machine in the US and the first to start physical therapy. They set some other records as the first to establish the cardiac care unit, coronary angioplasty, coronary artery bypass and others.

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10. St. Luke Hospital

It is an affiliate of Rochester regional health. Their areas of specialty are

Golisano restorative neurology and rehabilitation. It is a specialized center for managing stroke in all of New York. Another feature of this hospital among others in the New York is their knee and hip replacement center which also caters for spine injury.


11. Saratoga hospital

This hospital is over 120 years. They have over 450 medical professionals in the team. In all of New York, this hospital is rated the best in optical services. Another area of competitive advantage is the management of pain, diabetes, and rehabilitation.

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12. Orange regional medical center

The hospital was the result of the merger of Arden Hill Hospital and Horton Medical Center. They provided outpatient and inpatient services. The US News rate this facility in the following area of core competence that places them among the best hospital in New York; pulmonary and lung surgery, Urology, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm repair, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure. They have 3 over 5 in patient satisfaction.


13. St Joseph’s Health hospital

In 2018, this hospital emerges as the winner of the prestigious HANYS award for excellence in quality and patient safety. Besides, it has the American heart association and American stroke association certification in recognition of their excellence medic care. By these awards, it clearly shows them as an expert in stroke-related issues and management.


14. Rochester General Hospital

This health facility is among the Rochester regional health group. It has been around since 1847 and adjudged as one of the best hospitals in New York. The followings are their competitive advantage area: pulmonary and lung surgery, abdominal Aituc, Aneurysm repair, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


15. Albany Medical Center

This hospital is the combined effort of  Dr. Alden and Dr. James Armsby in 1839. If your area of health concern falls into any of these health challenges, then visit Albany hospital and you would be glad you did. They are urology, abdominal aortic, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


16. Long Island Jewish medical center

This hospital is a tertiary and a teaching hospital. The children specialist department of this hospital is about the best in all of New York. They are excellent in the following area: cancer, gastroenterology surgery, pulmonary and lung surgery, heart failure, and lung cancer surgery.


17. Kenmore Mercy Hospital

This hospital has a specific day of the week to attend to various medical issues. Each of the days equally has a specific time. They currently hold the record of hip and knee replacement certification of the joint commission in the entire New York.


18. Vassar Brother Medical Center

If you think of critically ill and premature infant care, then visit the Vassar medic center. This hospital host the first cardiac surgical center in the region of New York. It also holds the level three neonatal record for the infant.


19. Cleveland Clinic

In 2018-2019 Cleveland clinic emerges 2nd, in honor category among the best hospital in the US by US News and World report. This is in addition to coming in the 14th position in the adult health category. It also came 10th in pediatric specialties. Before then, the Cleveland clinic in 1995 clinched the number 1 position nationwide in the cardiology program. Besides that, this clinic was the first hospital in the united state of America to sign the UN global compact agreement and the second to do so in the world. In the employee satisfaction category, Cleveland came first in the Catholic health service award for 2018. This multiple award-winning hospital was the brainchild of Frank J. Weed in 1891. It has other branches outside New York and the United State.

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20. North Shore University Hospital

This facility came 9th by getting 7 over 10 in all parameters used in rating the best hospital in the US. Following this performance, it came in the 9th position among the top hospital in New York. Today, North Shore hospital is currently the largest health care facility in New York. It is a multipurpose hospital with specialties cut across the major various line of medics. The hospital was founded in 1949 by John Hay Whitney.

The list of the 20 best hospitals in New York will not only give you an alternative medical offer

if you visit or live in or around New York. That said, it allows you to know which of the hospital that can meet your health need base on their specialties.

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