#YangsClimatePlan; Yangs Climate Plan Infographics, Complete Timeline

#YangsClimatePlan; Yangs Climate Plan Infographics, Complete Timeline


Today 8.26.2019, the frontline 2020 US Presidential Candidate (D), Mr. Andrew Yang releases his  climate change plan tagged “we must fight like mad for a future we will be glad to pass to our children.”

According to him…

As President, I will:

  • Create the American Scorecard to better measure our environmental quality and sustainability, and treat it as a primary measurement of our economy and wellbeing.
  • Pass legislation requiring large corporations to document the externalized costs of their environmental impact.
  • Pass Climate Risk Disclosure bills to incentivize divestment in oil companies and other heavy polluting industries.

Do, definitely, he will be the online climate-friendly President ever.  And this got so many supporters talking. That’s why #YangsClimatePlan hashtag is trending with over 40K tweets in a few hours of release.

Here, we will show you the full #YangsClimatePlan; Yangs Climate Plan Infographics showing the timeline of how he’s going to make our climate great again!.

From his plans, it seems only Andrew Yang fully understand that economic insecurity is preventing our mobilization against the existential threat that is #ClimateChange.

#YangsClimatePlan Infographics

Table of Contents

Read Detail Yang Climate Change Plan here.

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