How Experts Carry Out Collapsed Drain Repair

How Experts Carry Out Collapsed Drain Repair


Various factors can cause drain damage. In most cases, the issues are as a result of a clogged drain, which is not a big issue since it can be solved using simple unclogging drain repair techniques. In the case of drain blockage, the damage is not significant, and the small cracks and loose joints can be fixed effortlessly.

But sometimes the blockage of the drain can lead to more serious problems. Other factors that can cause collapse of the drain include movements in the ground, human works on the surface and root pressure. All these can cause extensive damage to the drain pipes, and that means it will need a lot of drain repair work to restore the pipework. Fortunately, some experts can help you solve those issues.

1. A Collapsed Drain Repair.

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When you want to repair a collapsed drain, you should start by identifying the cause of the collapse. This process can be done through the use of a CCTV drain survey. This gives you the insights of the real cause of the damage, access to the area where the damage has occurred, and the connecting pipework. It also shows how deep the pipe is located. With this information, you can choose the right drain pipe repair approach to utilise.

Where possible, it is important to catty out a ‘no-dig’ drain repair Toronto, for instance, structural patch drain lining. This approach is the most economical since it doesn’t result in significant interruption of your home or business. However, sometimes you would be forced to dig up the ground to replace the collapsed pipework. This is something that you need professional training to handle or hire experts since it can disrupt the structural integrity of your home.

2. How Do You Know Your Drains Are Collapsed?

You should opt for drain repair Toronto immediately you notice your drain work is collapsed to reduce the cost of repairs that might increase many folds if you don’t repair your drain as soon as possible. In addition to the increased cost of drain repair, the collapse of your drain can lead to damage to your home. But how do you know you need to repair your drains? When you see the following signs;

a. Foul Odours.

If your drain has collapsed, it will definitely spill some sewerage which its smell is hard to confuse with any other smell. So, this is an obvious sign that your drain is collapsed. Smelling an odour smell in your home or around the drains shows that there is damage along your pipework. It could also mean that the pipework is blocked. But if you get the clogged removed and still the smell doesn’t go, you could be dealing with a collapsed drain.

b. Frequent Blockages.

If you keep unclogging your drains or calling your plumber to install sewage backups, then you could be dealing with a damaged drain. Call an expert for a thorough investigation of the entire pipework and see whether there is a blocked or damaged pipe.

c. Mould Or Damp

If you have blocked or collapsed drain, there will be an interruption in the flow of water in your home. Due to this interruption, there will be damp patches on the wall, and over time, mould will start to grow. If you see mould call for drain repair since mould can cause serious health issues to your family.

d. Slow Drains.

Without a doubt, slow drains would mean there is a blockage in your drains. However, if you clean the drains and still the speed of drains doesn’t change, know that you could be dealing with a serious problem such as drain collapse. You can identify the problem the issue by use of a CCTV survey to locate where the drain has blocked.

3. The Cost Of Drain Repair Toronto

The cost of drain repair depends on its nature. So, it is essential to call a professional to inspect your drains and give a quote depending on the amount of work to be done. It is good to choose the most cost-effective option that will solve all the issues in your pipework.

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