5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

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Several brands go through days contriving a Facebook marketing strategy just to see their post go live and at last show no traffic or engagement. You immediately question yourself that what turned out badly or if nobody truly loves your brand or not? Try not to go down that dim bunny opening because the organic reach of Facebook is still a challenge for even the greatest brands.

To increase engagement on Facebook, there are several organic and paid methods available. You can even get more Facebook likes by buying them.

In a survey, SocialFlow found brands saw a 42% decrease in their brand reach on Facebook inside the initial two-fourths of 2016. Moreover, information displayed by the second from last quarter of 2016, brands encountered a 52% decline (10% point drop) on Facebook Pages.

Let’s face it, Facebook’s organic reach is incredibly intense for those hoping to help their Page without promotions. However, there are several ways to work on your reach and build an appropriate Facebook audience.

We have listed 5 ways to improve your Facebook organic reach easily.

1. Use Facebook as a community hub

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Are you experiencing difficulty in building a community on your Facebook Business Page? Ask yourself this- for what reason should individuals even follow you on Facebook? In case there’s no prize for hitting that Like button, most people will not bother to do it.

Nonetheless, giving the audience a rhyme and motivation to click “Like” on your page improves your engagement. One way advertisers increase their Facebook audience is by making it a center for conversations. Regardless of whether it’s a week after week of talks, a spot for advanced industry social occasions, or simple Q&As, making your Facebook Page the chatting spot will help.

2. Channel traffic from other pages

Building an underlying audience is probably the hardest piece of expanding Facebook’s organic reach. Also, a direct method to expand traffic is to reliably remind the audience on different social media channels about your Facebook presence.

We’re not suggesting getting carried away with Instagram posts and Tweets linking to Facebook. Simultaneously, what’s the damage of telling individuals where to discover you on Facebook inside your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram bio?

If not there, what about your website? Is there a simple click to Like your Facebook Page on the landing page of your website? Try not to stress over designing your site, yet giving a very sizable amount of links to your Facebook page can do wonders. Moreover, post about your Facebook presence on the platform that has your largest fanbase.

3. Find and collaborate with influencers

To use the last tip more effectively, another channel you could use to get more traffic is social media influencers. These powerful people can drive real traffic to your Facebook account with the right strategy set up.

As per MuseFind, 92% of purchasers are bound to trust a social media influencer to be reckoned with over an advertisement or celebrity endorsement. While this isn’t the most “natural” approach to build traffic since influencers often charge a decent amount of money for their work, it’s still an efficient technique to funnel possible clients.

You probably won’t find influencers who can work for free, so try to improve the arrangement with advantages to help their recognition on your website or through link building. But don’t begin emailing and messaging numerous influencers to work with you for free as nobody ever opens that email.

4. Know your ideal time to post on Facebook

It’s difficult to differentiate between being attentive and spammy on Facebook. Most people on Facebook don’t like brands to be over-active on the platform as it looks spammy. Even a CoSchedule’s report consisting of 10 studies concluded that posting once per day is ideal. Since you realize your brand should sometimes post more than one time per day, what time would it be advisable for you to publish it? It’s shrewd to get familiar with your most ideal Facebook posting times and fortunately, you can easily find that in your Facebook Insights. This is a free tool that works with the Facebook brand page and gives you other important data too.

5. Schedule consistent content

Subsequent to figuring out how much and when to post to Facebook, it’s an ideal opportunity to ensure your content is consistent and reliable. While it probably won’t appear to be a basic angle to your Facebook organic reach, regular content is everything.

Consider how social media really helps your customers- it’s a line of interaction where you need to build a relationship with them. If you just connect or post a couple of times each month, or attempt different content types, you’re not making a clear way of communication.

 You form trust with the audience as you post in relative subjects. For instance, Groupon is famous for its different deals, which would make it awkward to post a news-related article. Instead, it shares Mother’s Day deals and other effective content types that wouldn’t really astound readers.

Notwithstanding, different brands that depend on effective occasions, may have to refresh content to coordinate with breaking news or industry updates. Your primary objective should be to give content that your target audience desires.


Expanding Facebook’s organic reach is tied in with being tenacious and dependable with your content. These are tried-and-proven tips that can help you increase your Facebook organic reach. 

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