How To Delete Sent Messages On Reddit

How To Delete Sent Messages On Reddit

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Hello guys, and welcome once again to our blog. In today’s post, we are going to be walking you through how to delete messages on Reddit. This post is also going to cover things like deleting your Reddit comments, deleting specific messages in Reddit, and also mass deleting or cleaning up your Reddit chat messages. So sit back as we walk you through, and by the end of this, you must have already found the solution to your problem and also gained some more knowledge about Reddit. And quick notice some of these are done on the Reddit app and some on the web version, but I’ll give you indications when it’s the web or the app version, now let’s get to it.


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Firstly we are going to be talking about how to delete Reddit messages on a desktop. Different people might have different reasons for needing or wanting to delete their Reddit massages, either because their inbox is clogging up or they just want to free it up or it might be for a different reason, well nevertheless for all you desktop users this is the one for you. But before we get down to it make sure you have updated your browser to the latest version, this is because some features of Reddit which include deleting messages might not work in the older version of the browser, therefore updating the browser is required. After that has been done, go over to the Reddit page and log into your Reddit account, with the information which you used to set up the account, either using your Google account, Apple account or by simply putting in your username and password. Next up is opening your Reddit message inbox, which is the chat icon on the menu bar, which reads chat when your mouse is on it. After clicking it, locate the particular message which you would like to delete, next click on the delete which is located next to the message you selected, a popup will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete this message (of course your sure if not you won’t be here) and that it can’t be undone, proceed by clicking the delete button and it is done.

This feature will only work for your private messages which you must have received from another user. And that’s done, but also know that you can’t delete messages which you must have sent to others, as it stays in their inbox forever unless they delete your own messages, I’ll shed more light on this later on but for now, let’s keep going.


Previously we were not able to delete messages directly from the mobile app but now it’s possible, so am going to show you how to delete the messages directly from the app, as well as from the web but still using a mobile phone to do so.

Firstly for the app version open the Reddit app on your phone, whether Android or IOS, then proceed to log in with the information you provided earlier, whether its a username and password or Google account, or even Apple account for IOS users. After which you have to navigate to your chat box (which is the chat icon), which is positioned right next to the post button (used to post stuff like; text, images, videos, or links). After which you navigate to the particular message you would like to delete, proceed to long press on the message afterwards two options will show up, “Delete” and “Copy”, choose delete. A pop up will appear, choose delete from the pop-up to delete your message. Now for the web version, it’s a bit different but not that different. Head over to your browser (one that has the desktop site button), more preferably chrome. Then visit the Reddit page and input your login details or credentials which you must have provided during sign-up, after which you would need to desktop the site. To do this simply click on the three dots at the top right corner (for chrome) and click on the desktop site. Which has an empty checkbox next to it and is below the add to home screen button. After the desktop site is done, simply navigate to your inbox where your messages are stored, here you will see all your messages. Now look for the message you would want to delete by scrolling down, once you have found the message you want to delete, simply press the delete button which is located below the message you want to delete, and us near other buttons. In pressing it, you would be prompted on whether you really want to delete it, accept it and the messages will be deleted. So I’ve come to it, if you are looking to delete sent messages on Reddit, as of the time of writing this post it is not really possible, thus us because when you send a message to another Reddit user it will reach their inbox and they have the freedom to read the messages or even delete them if they please, thus simply means you cannot delete messages you sent to them from their inbox, you only have the ability to delete messages you receive. So if you would like a message deleted just try asking them to delete it, after all, Reddit isn’t Facebook when you delete a message, it deletes from the person’s inbox too. Who knows maybe in the future Reddit might decide to implement such features, but as of now, you cannot.


Now as of the time of writing this, there is no option to delete all your Reddit messages at once, now this isn’t really nice cause I have known it would have really come in handy, instead of having to delete each message one after the other. But there is a way, I did some digging and I found Redact, it’s an application (although am not 100% supporting you to try this as I haven’t used it before), which you can download from the website, it is available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and the rest. Now after downloading and setting up your account, search for Reddit in the search box, after clicking on it you will be greeted with a login screen, proceed to log in and authorize Redact, then proceed to the chat messages tab, as it’s the chat messages we want to delete, from there you can select one by one or select all of them and also choose the media you want to delete. If you are not sure about which messages you are about to delete, you can also preview them before proceeding to delete them, as you cannot retrieve them after they have been depleted. You can also delete other stuff like comments too just by switching to the comments tab. You can search for tutorials on Redact for more insight.

With that, we have finally come to the end of this post, I hope I have been able to guide you through how to delete your messages and even comments (using Redact) on Reddit. Don’t forget to read other articles and posts on a different topic, thank you for your time.


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