How to unfollow everyone on Roblox

How to unfollow everyone on Roblox

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A lot of Roblox users have continuously asked this question, and yet, there hasn’t been any official response from Roblox management.

To be very honest with you, there’s no rapid way you can unfollow everyone on Roblox. So there’s no point in giving you false hope.

Yes, I know it can be quite annoying to manually unfollow everyone. But until the Roblox corporations decide to create a feature that allows users to unfollow everyone at once, you just have to put up with the manual method of getting it done.

I stumbled upon a user on the internet who was complaining about the fact that he had to unfollow all his 6k followers manually. And I felt sorry for him, cus that’s a lot of people to unfollow manually.

It can be painfully slow for you to go through the process of manually unfollowing everyone by clicking on their user options menu, pressing the unfollow button, waiting for it to update, and repeating the same process for the next user.

People say that they have been able to unfollow people by making use of codes generated by people who can create those codes.

By modifying and using such code, users can instruct the program to unfollow numerous people. Therefore, this is the reason why you might need assistance from someone who can develop such code. If you are fortunate enough, you can discover some of these codes online.

Posting it on online threads and asking for help from someone is another way you can get these codes. However, most of the codes that were shared with other users already expired.

Others who have watched Youtube videos about how to unfollow everyone on Roblox have suggested downloading Roblox+.

Some users who happen to download the Roblox+ have equally complained that it didn’t make any difference (you can only easily unfriend people using the Roblox+ app but you cannot unfollow).

Based on the silence by the Roblox management, It’s safe to say that there will not be any feature coming soon that will enable users to unfollow everyone easily.

Roblox is a global social platform that was developed to allow players to be able to create and play different games. The main aim of the platform was to deliver users a strong platform that permits them to formulate all kinds of games. It was founded to assist players to get a platform where they can game and chat with other players.

Also, this is one of the reasons why it is entirely free to play. When it comes to Roblox, there is no limit to how many games or friends you can play.

How To Unfollow Everyone On Roblox

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Roblox just like every other social platform also has a feature that allows you to follow or unfollow other players or games. Users sometimes mistakenly follow a player that they did not intend to follow, and unfollowing them manually can be annoying.

With the help of a Roblox developer, you might be able to unfollow several people at a time but no feature allows you to unfollow everyone instantly.

How to Unfollow Someone in Roblox.

Just in case you are wondering how you can unfollow someone on Roblox, follow these steps:

Search and click on the user’s profile that you want to unfollow. You can get this done by either searching the profile or going to your following list.

Tap on the three-dot icon at top of the profile.

Simply click on the unfollow button.

If you don’t want to use the regular way to unfollow people, there are 3 more ways that you can adopt in mass unfollowing people.

Also, it will ensure that you keep the friends that you want.

The only disadvantage is that this method is time-consuming if you want to manually delete numerous friends at once.

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Multiple Tabs

A user recommended this method. You can employ the multi-tab processing of current browsers.

Read on to find out how you can utilize this method.

  • Login to Roblox account on your browser (Eg- Google Chrome).

Right-click on an individual’s profile, then tap on “Open in New Tab”. As a means of substitution, you can use Ctrl + click, or click the mouse wheel to attain the same effect and shorten the number of clicks.

Utilizing Step 2, open about a dozen tabs, each one for a friend you intend to remove.

-Go to each recently opened tab and press the forenamed Unfriend button.

-Immediately you are done with one collection of a dozen accounts, close those tabs and go back to the original list, then continue again from Step 2.

Using this method might be slightly faster than the regular one, but it still requires a lot of clicking around to get the job done.

Roblox Friend Removal Button Extension

Some people might not want to open a lot of tabs and clog their computer with processes, so they can turn to the Google Store for a solution.

These are the following steps:

-Open Google Chrome.

-Go to the Chrome Web Store.

Find the Roblox Friend Removal Button.

-Click Add to Chrome.

-A button will be added to your Roblox friend list, permitting you to Unfriend them from the menu. You don’t have to continue clicking around or opening tabs.

Users say this method is hassle-free and trusted.

Removing the Extension

When you eventually decide that you want to remove the extension from Chrome, this is how you can go about it:

-Find the Extension on your Extensions toolbar. This should be the right, on the top of your toolbar.

-Find the Extension you want to remove.

-right-click then press “Remove from Chrome”.

-Use an AutoClicker

-Download AutoClicker If you want to get the job done even faster. This useful, open-source tool will enable you to automate button clicks. This simply implies that you carry out other activities that you got while the AutoClicker completes the task for you. So you see, no more laborious clicking around!


You can combine the Roblox Friend Removal Button Extension and the AutoClicker to remove all accounts from your friend’s list in record time.

Using Console Programming

Some users have removed their entire friend list by utilizing a script. This new automated way can be used to achieve your goal.

Listed above are four simple ways to remove people from your Roblox friend list. These ways can help you to start afresh, and enjoy Roblox in a new way. And also assist you to begin to make new friends and add them to your contact list.

Just in case you still think that you can unfollow everyone on Roblox instantly, we have some sad news for you. It may be possible by using a self-written executable code, but it is quite hard to find or create one. However, if you want to learn more about how to unfollow everyone, then be sure to read the different methods written in this article.


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