3 Best Softwares In Digital Art You Should Familiar

3 Best Softwares In Digital Art You Should Familiar

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Nowadays, there is a huge increase in the use of digital art software. If you are an artist then it is important to know which digital art software is good for editing your artwork.


In this guide, we are providing four great digital art software that will help you to design your art in a professional style. Also, you get to know how to use such digital brushes, strokes, vectors, and many other tools available for creating a perfect art piece.


If you are a beginner then you might bother which digital art software for you, how do you handle such applications, what type of interface they offer you? All these questions are quite obvious and somehow important to get answered before buying any particular software.


Let us know the best digital art software on the basis of some important factors that every artist especially beginners should know.


3 Best Digital Art Software For Beginners

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The well-known digital art applications are listed below. It is users’ choice and highly recommended to beginners as well as professionals.

1. Clip Studio Paint

This is one of the best digital art software available in the art industry. For artists who are wondering for some ultimate software for their animations or comic design then CSP is highly recommended for the same. This program provides you very natural and traditional look to your art. The software has bundles of brushes of various sizes and a great vector tool by which is very easy to redesign your project.


Not only this, you are completely free to create your visualization on a screen with the help of this software. Their advanced AI technology attracts many artists and successfully satisfies them with these astonishing features.


The difference between Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop is only the number of brushes they provide. Both software is good but photoshop is mainly used to edit photos but clip studio paint allows you to create various art characters seamlessly.


Clip Studio Paint is very popular among professional artists as they come with various advanced tools for comic art, manga art, concepts and illusion art, and so on. Their flexible vector format brings a beautiful piece of art without losing its actual quality.


Since there are two versions available for this program. These are namely Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro. The   Pro version is for standard use whereas the Ex version is designed for advanced features and quite expensive than the pro version.


In the Clip Studio Paint Pro version, you are thoroughly allowed to use 24 frames for creating animations without switching to other windows. On the other side, Clip Studio Paint Ex is sufficient to create various kinds of comic and manga art for making books or magazines. CSP Pro starts at $49.99 and CSP Ex starts at $219.99 one-time payment. You can also many Clip Studio Paint Discount for having huge money-saving offers provided by the company itself.


This is our positive recommendation to use this software you want a sophisticated or easy-to-use digital painting software.

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2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the most famous application whenever we name the best digital art software. There are around 30 successful years of upgrading their amazing tools and their ultimate services that cant beat any other software.


Photoshop comes with a smooth user interface and bundles of ultimate features with great brushes or editing tools. You are free to create any comic character for books or magazines and also thumbnails for your art piece.


If you are a dedicated artist and want to pursue this as a career then photoshop is also the best option for you.


Another reason to choose photoshop is that the software comes with solid plugins, bundles of brushes, a wide range of painting tools, and filters.


To meet the industry standards, the company also provide a huge number of knowledge-based online tutorial for their users. If you are a beginner and want to polish your skills then photoshop is the best option for you.


The program provides you a free trial for seven days which is more than enough for a beginner. When you purchase the software you will see four plans are available on the official website. Prices may be expensive than clip studio paint, as Adobe photoshop per month cost is $79.99 for a premium plan, the standard plan comes under $9.99 and $29.99 per month with basic features.


3. Corel Painter

This is the third highly used digital art software developed since 1992 and continually upgrade with advanced options for editing. In the initial time when the software is released, there is not much efficient computer system but still, the program satisfy many users and with time or new optimization it becomes an advanced digital art software.


This application suits those artists who want messy and free brushes for having a traditional plus professional look. You are freely allowed to do painting and draw seamlessly by using Corel paint.


You can get various tools with this program such that 2.5Dbrushes, a palette knife, advanced watercolor, a simple knife, and many more advanced features with this new upgraded version.


Another feature that attracts many artists is their latest designed color wheel. Sometimes it becomes difficult for beginners to understand such functions. If you are willing to explore digital art in-depth then Corel painter is the best choice for you. Thus you can also get solid online tutorials that are very helpful.


Therefore, these are the top-rated digital art software that you can use for creating your digital art with a professional style. For making beautiful stuff we strongly recommend you to switch to clip studio paint. Rest the choice is yours, our motive is only to guide you which software is best as per our experience.


Therefore, try to know the best software for your digital art, and do let us know in the comment section if you have some other great digital art software.

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