How to change the address of a package USPS 2021

How to change the address of a package USPS 2021


How to change the address of a package USPS 2021 – The United States Postal Service(USPS) established in 1979 has come a long way over the years. Their delivery services have tremendously improved. As a result of this, a lot of persons are registered with the postal service.

Packages are delivered every day except for Sundays. In order to receive your package, there are guidelines to follow to ensure safe delivery. Guidelines such as proper placement, delivery point validation (DPV), postage payment, etcetera.

Different packages have different payment plans as well. Some packages could be termed restricted delivery, return receipt, signature confirmation or special handling.

When some guidelines are violated, or not put in place, like abruptly changing locations without informing the postal service, your package might return to the sender unmarked, or even be discarded..

Be it an individual, or family movement, or a change in business address, if you want to keep on receiving your packages without much stress, you need to apply for a change of address (COA) with the USPS on time.

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The USPS address can be changed in the following  ways:

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  1. Go to your local post office, request for a movers packet. Its a hard copy form called PS3575.

The change of address form will be sent to a machine that will forward your previous data to determine the address. The ones the machine cannot resolve are normally kept aside for human intervention. This is done by manually sorting out the zip code on the form. If it doesn’t work, all the mails are sent to Georgia, in the dead letter office, much like a house for unused and expired items.

  1. Type on your browser to change your address online. This is the easiest and fastest way of changing a delivery address. Fill the online form, by supplying the details needed, alongside the address you want your packages to be delivered to.
  2. Route package to a USPS access point location for convenient pickups. This is one of the simplest, and less tasking way of changing a package delivery address. There are access points locations spread across the countries. You can find out the one for your locality.

ess days. This would be followed by a  validation or confirmation letter within another five business days. After this, your change of address will become effective. So, give or take, the whole process takes a total of two weeks.

When your address have been changed by the postal service, you will have to inform your contacts, banks, and others about the update.

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A group that is involved in this process is called the Rapid Address Change. They process the whole address change information, and charge you a sum. This company caters to all in need of package delivery address change. And, it is good for busy persons. Note that, Rapid address change is not a government-owned organization.

You should understand here that, there are no measures in place to protect against unauthorized address change. Discretion is advised, as to who you grant access to your postal information.

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