How to Play Fable 2 on PC

10 Ways to Play Fable 2 on PC | How to Play Fable 2 on PC

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Desperate to play Fables II on your PC? Don’t have an Xbox 360 so you can’t play Fable II, but you want to? Don’t know what the game Fable is? Now, let us show you How to Play Fable 2 on PC.

Well Fable II is an action role-playing video game that you can play from anywhere around the world. The game is released only on Xbox 360. And if you’re a fan of the Lionhead Studios you’d know that they’ve managed to come up with amazing games on the Xbox 360, the company is best known for games like Black and White and its Fable series.

Considering that the game Fable II was developed in late 2008, by now there are issues that many people would still say should be resolved or serviced. The main platform of this game is as you know on Xbox 360 but there are ways to get this game playing on your personal computer.

Fable III of the Fable series was at one time in 2011 released on PC and was launched on the Steam and Games platform for Windows Live but was later called off Steam in 2015; Although many game geeks still testify to downloading the game on steam as of the time this article was written. Major Fable fans have been asking questions and submitting a request to get the developers to put up the Fable series on the PC, hopefully, we can see a future where the Fable series is released on PC.

There are still ways in which you can play Fable II on your PC, and on these articles we’ll be sharing with you ways in which you can play Fable II on your PC.

1. Xbox Play

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Xbox Play was recently added to Windows 10 on its latest anniversary version. If you don’t have the Xbox Play app on your PC do not fret just yet, there’s an easy fix for that. This fix doesn’t work on Windows 7 or 8, neither does it work with Windows XP. To use this fix you have to be using a Windows 10 PC and if you’re not using a Windows 10 PC then all you have to do is upgrade your Windows from whatever Windows it was before to Windows 10. But not just any version of Windows 10.

To apply this fix and get Xbox Play on your system you have to update your Windows to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, then you can use Xbox Play. Although you can’t use this fix if your system doesn’t support Microsoft Windows but there are other fixes for you. After the steps above, log into your Xbox account on the Xbox Play app and you can access all your games from your Xbox 360 on your PC. There you can play Fable II without any console or emulator.

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2. Xenia Emulator

Similar to the Xbox Play, this can only work if you have a digital copy of Fable II on your Xbox 360. It can work on all Windows and all personal computers. You can also get a hard copy of the game and to do this you have to download the game of a size of over 7.2GB from OneFile or Google, any approach you pick is fine. Once this is done, you have to download the latest build of Xenia Emulator (X360 Emulator) from the official site.

Create a new folder and extract the zip file you downloaded into it. You need to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your PC and if you don’t have the controller then all you have to do is install X360CE on your PC and then you can use any controller with the aid of this software which tricks your computer into thinking that the controller connected to your PC is indeed a 360 controller. Now after all these steps are completed, go ahead and launch your XENIA application, from there run Fable II through the file menu on your XENIA Emulator. Although, I must add that if you want to use this fix your computer must have at least 128GB free storage space and a reliable 8GB RAM processing system. Point is, you’ll be needing a fairly powerful modern PC for this fix.

3. ReworkedGames Installer

This is a direct and straightforward fix to play FABLE II on your PC, although I wouldn’t recommend this as I would the XBOX emulator or XBOX PLAY.  To download the game using the installer, you need specific requirements on your PC. A 64-bit operating system is needed for the game to work, a RAM of 3GB at best, and a GeForce GTX video card.

To complete installation, you need at least 14GB of free storage space on your hard drive and a Core i2 CPU at best. Go on over to and search for the Fable II game and then download the zipped file of about 32MB from the site. After the download is finished, unzip the file to your desktop then run the PC installer.exe file. You will then proceed to download the full game with the installer online and once this is done it installs the game. You can now play FABLE II on your PC.

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4. X360 Version

Another fix, though unreliable but easy is the X360 version of Fable II on your PC. All you need is the X360 controller for this fix. Download the X360 version of the game and install it on your PC and then play with your X360 controller.

5. Using GameBridge

This makes your PC act as a television, you simply connect cables to your Xbox 360 and then play as if you were playing the game on your PC. Install the software GameBridge and connect your camcorder to your Xbox and then you can play the game on PC.

6. Fable II PC Crack

Some sites offer the cracked version of the Xbox game Fable II so you can install and play directly on your PC. All you have to do is search the internet for the cracked version of the game on PC.

7. RG Games Repack Torrent

This fix is not accurately trusted but it can help you play Fable II on your PC. Install the Rip games latest version and extract the files into your Fable II game folder on your PC and replace every file that needs to be replaced then you can launch the game.

8. Torrent Download

Torrent sites and applications are designed with a lot of impressive features and these features provide assistance when it comes to major barriers in getting games that are not meant to be on PC. You can go ahead to Google and search Fable II torrent download and check out the available torrent sites that include Fable II in their packages for PC. You can get the tweaked version of the game on torrent sites and it’s easy to install and launch the game afterward.

9. Settle For Alternatives

Alternatives like Fables of the Kingdom 2 or Fable lost chapters can play on your PC without any tweaks better than Fable II can. They have different storylines but they are very similar to Fable II and they are all in the same series.

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10. Fable III

Last option, if any of the previous fixes did not work for your PC then you might as well settle for Fable III which you can play using Steam on your PC. You can purchase the game on Amazon and then go to your steam app, look for the option that says add game, click it then add your recently purchased Fables III from Amazon and activate your product there using the code given to you by Amazon. Finally, Steam downloads the full game and then you can play it.

And those are all the ways in which you can play Fable II on your PC. We hope this article helped you find the right way to play Fable II on your PC.

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