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The Sims Resource | TSR | sims 4 custom content 2020/2021.

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The Sims Resource (TSR) contain Sims custom content (CC). Here you have access to all the custom contents for all Sims games if you want to alter or expand the games.

The Sims resource is more than just a website. It’s a whole world on its own. Here you can download a wide variety of contents ranging from furniture sets, hairstyles for both young and old, clothing items, yebrows, eyelashes and more. All these come with an anime format to enable you to get a 3D view of your custom content sims 4.

All simsresource packs can be downloaded free of charge and installed into other people’s games and used in gameplay.

What is “The Sims”?

Table of Contents

You gotta hear about Sims if you are a gamer. As of 2019, the site counts 4 million members and about 1 million mods. With nearly 200 million copies sold worldwide, The Sims is currently the best-selling video games series of all time. It’s a series of life simulation games. The Sims is a real-life, not just a game. You need to try this if you have not played it before.

The games in The Sims series are predominantly sandbox games, in that they lack any defined goals or objectives. However, some of the later expansion pack and console versions has introduced defined gameplay style.

How to Play the Sims Game

The Sims has everything real as in real life. The player creates virtual people called ‘Sims”, put them in a house, direct their moods and satisfy their desires.

Like in real life, The Sim players can construct homes for the Sims (people) or place their Sims in pre-constructed homes. You can do anything with these guys (Sims) in the house just as in real life. Each successive new expansion pack and game in the series determined what the player could do with their Sims.

The Sims Resource History

Initially, the Sims game was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The Sims Resource was founded by a group of gamers in 1999. They created The Sims Resource CC to help augment limitations established by the official Sims creators.

The webite was founded by Steve Bonham, Johan Isacsson, Thomas Isacsson, Mikeal Sundberg, , and Jan Isacsson

Features of TSR CC

TSR has 866k+

  • house,
  • custom floors,
  • walls,
  • objects,
  • clothing,
  • hair,
  • make-up and more

These are available for free download. In the latest version, you can access huge sims 4 mods to download. You can use all the sims 4 free downloads for The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4.

Thesimsresource website has daily updates of new mods. There are a core group of featured artists, who create some of the most popular and best-looking items on the site.

Sims 4 free download 2021

Here we will show you how to do Sims 4 Custom Content Download 2019. We will also show you where to do sims 4 download free.

Step 1: Visit the official Sims recourse website >>here<< to download sims 4 stuff packs. All downloads are available for free, and registration is not required. Currently, there are over 107,836 creations available for download.

Step 2: Choose your theme,

Step 3: Choose your subcategory (if applicable to you)

Step 4: Selected preferred filters to refine your search.

Step 5: Select your desired theme, read about it, if its the one you are looking for, then you can download.

1. The Sims resource hair

The sims resource hair is where you can download wide varieties of the sims hair styles. Here you have unlimited access to sims 4 cc hair female, sims 4 hair pack, sims 4 cc hair male, sims 4 hair with roots, 3d hair sims 4, toddler hair, child hair, afro hairstyles, dreads, black girl hair, curly hair,braids and many more.

As we speak, we have over sims resource hair 4,053 creations available for free download. Do you need sims resource hair? If yes, download here.

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2. The sims resource eyebrows

This has a collection of eyebrow styles and makup designs. Here we have over 107,836 creations of the sims eyelashes currently. Do you need sims to resource eyebrows? If yes, download here.

3. The sims resource apartment


This category contains the sims resource bedroom, beds, bathroom, and more.

The sims resource account and Membership

Even though almost all of the contents are available for free download, you can also register for the sims resource account premium membership on the site. Initially, the website offered a subscription-based option allowing paid members to have access to premium contents, but this was eventually changed in October 2013. Now, all users are allowed to download every single material on the site, including those previously offered exclusively for subscribers. However, premium users can still benefit from other things such as ad-free browsing and faster and more convenient download options.

The Sims resource ad skipper

The sims resource adblock or ad skipper is an extension that allows non-premium members to skip seeing ads on the Sims website. It’s a script or an extension you can add on your browser to disable Sims resource ads. The Chrome extension helps you Skip past the 10-second timer on I know ads are annoying. But if you actually like the websites that offer this content… you really should allow ads through. Hosting a website is not cheap, and they don’t ask for paid subscriptions. It is the least you can do to contribute what you can to keep the sites functioning.

Help and Forum

The Sims Resource has a very active forum. You can join here, using your EA gaming account. The forum has a wide variety of different topics covering “how-to guides,” “mesh creation guide”, and general gameplay tips and tricks that everyone can use. Their forum is adequately moderated, no chatting is allowed above the PG-13 level.

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