How to get unbanned from Hypixel without appealing 2020

How to get unbanned from Hypixel without appealing 2021

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Are you looking for how to get unbanned from Hypixel watchdog? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to get unbanned from Hypixel without appealing.

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Hypixel watchdog: Why Hypixel Users Get Banned

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Hypixel has a Cheat Detection System called the “Hypixel watchdog”. The Hypixel Watchdog watch users to find out if they are cheating or not.  Whenever the Hypixel Watchdog detects a user cheating, it adds them to a queue known as a Banwave (Hypixel account security alert). Here, we will show you the step-by-step guide on how to get unbanned from Hypixel account security alert. There are other reasons to get banned too. See the full reasons below;

17 Reasons to get banned from Hypixel

  2. Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages
  3. Boosting your account to improve your stats
  4. Boosting detected on one or multiple SkyBlock profiles.
  5. Creating a build or drawing which is not appropriate on the server
  6. Creating or using an item that has an inappropriate name
  7. Using pets or cosmetics in an inappropriate way
  8. Using inappropriate skins or capes on the server
  9. Cross teaming, you were found to be working with another team or player
  10. You were found to be negatively affecting your fellow team members
  11. Misleading others to believe you are a youtuber or staff member
  12. Discussing or acting in a manner which encourages cheating or rule breaking
  13. Attempting to obtain information or something of value from players
  14. Acting in a manner that is extremely disrespectful to members within the community
  15. Talking or sharing inappropriate content with explicit themes on the server
  16. Attempting to gain access to other user’s accounts/information
  17. Attempting to sell Minecraft accounts

How to get unbanned from Hypixel 2020

One of the surest ways to get unbanned from Hypixel is to submit a ban appeal Hypixel via the forum. As stated on the Hypixel support page, Hypixel Help Desk does not process ban or mute appeals themselves unless specified in the ban or mute reason. Hence all appeals must be done on the Hypixel Forums.

If you believe you were banned in error, or that your punishment is too severe, you need to appeal on the Hypixel Forums, using the appeals form.

Click here to submit a ban appeal

If you believe you were falsely banned from the Hypixel Forums, you need to create a forum ban appeal. You can appeal your ban in the Ban Appeal section on the Hypixel forums.

Click here to create a forum ban appeal

How long does it take for a Hypixel ban appeal

Should take anywhere from 12 hours to a week depending on how busy they are. Please note that chances that your appeal get denied are high. Unless you provided really good evidence/proof that you didn’t hack or break the rules, your appeal will most likely get denied. I can tell that the Hypixel staff team has been overwhelmed recently, so just give it time.

How to get unbanned from Hypixel without appealing

You might be looking for how to get unbanned from Hypixel hack. Well, there are very few hacks to get this done without appealing. You can only get unbanned through an appeal. You’ll only be unbanned if you are falsely banned. However, Hypixel doesn’t want the server to be full of people who make it a habit of breaking the rules. ;)

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