How much time have I spent on league

How much time have I spent on league?

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How much time have i spent on league? Or how many hours have i played league? Do you really want to know this? If yes, your liberation time is now.

So many LoL gamer ask this question to track league of legends time spent. Discovering your total time spent to play league of Legend is simple and this could help you to make a better decision in life.

LoL is an excellent game. But so many gamers, especially young people, are obsessed in this game and often spend a lifetime playing. Before they realize, they’ve wasted a lot of time that would have been useful for meaningful ventures.

You might be shocked to know that one LoL gamers, EU NEs ewa10 spent a whooping 540 days of  their live playing the game.

Most LoL enthisiast want to be among the best top laners or become a League pro. Simplt speaking, if you every finished the League of Legen or Teamfight Tactics, then you have probably spent many hours that you could have invested in other things other than frustriating self-fulfilling venture.

But how do you check how much time you;ve spent on LoL?

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How much time have I spent on league?

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Are you looking for how much time have i wasted on lol ? If yes See the simple guide below;

Step 1: Visit Wasted On LoL: This website will give you a glimpse of how long you have played League of Legend game right from the first time you signed up for your account.

Step 2: Type in your summoner name: The website will display the duration you have spent on LoL. You will also see your ranking position compared to other players around your area (region). This website is good, especially for kids, because it also show you alternative things you could have done with your time instead of wasting it on LoL.

Apart from wating time on League of Legend, you can also discover “how much have I spent on League of Legend” too.

Hope this helps.

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