10 best command and conquer games to play - Xbox and Android

10 best command and conquer games to play – Xbox and Android

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10 best command and conquer games to play

Of all RTS genre, fans are most thrilled by command and conquer series. It is the biggest series ever. Command and conquer series has different title to select from with varied storylines, some of which will dazzle your imagination.

10 best command and conquer games to play

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1. The red alert

The Red Alert is one of the best command and conquer games. This game is based on the attack of united state by the Soviet Union. Also it features time travel and survival action. The red alert was developed by Wedwood Studios, INC and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc in 1996. It was made with 2D graphics.

This game is in total catch-22 as whom to safe whether the allies or the Soviets for destiny of the globe lies in the action Einstein will take.

It comprises of a base with defenses and resource harvesting among others.

Einstein created a time-machine with the sole purpose of eliminating Adolf Hitler; this begs the following question, what if Hitler was never born? He taught to himself.

Later he was able to eliminate Hitler however did that really bring peace to the planet?

The answer is no.

Einstein action inadvertently birthed yet another big trouble.

Nevertheless the Stalin’s allies position themselves in a bit to overthrow Europe.  And must be stopped if not they will cause an undermining damage to their victims and the planet at large.

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2. Red alert 2

This is the follow-up of the red alert 1, produced in 2000, after the death of Stalin and the invasion of America by the Soviet as well as the Second World War.

To get the better of this game, you must play with total control and be at alert.

It has different modes to choose from; single player and multiple players. And of course, you are expected to cover the enemy’s bases. This game is really enjoyable and makes one think really deep.

3. Yuri revenge

This is one of the best command and conquer games. Yuri revenge game is similar to red alert 2, the only different is that it has a special characteristics associated with it; stars an actor called Udo Kieras the leader of the Soviet Psychic Corps.

Yuri targets to destroy the earth by employing mind game hence, to win in this game you actually need to train your soldiers.

Yuri revenge game is magnificently and well designed.

Try it out and you will be glued to your seat for hours, in ecstasy.

4. Tiberium Wars

It’s a continuation of Tiberium Sun; the storyline follows the fight between the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod.

It features Scrin an outer space faction, when playing this game you will be challenged to defeat this alien faction in which set in the gigantic global attack.

It is very exciting game because you can play alien force of Scrin with a well defined typical feeling.

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5. Red alert 3

In this series, the Soviet at this time head back to attack Einstein this is to render him helpless to the allies. This thus gave rise to the empire of rising sun.  Consequently, it gives the player access to play the game as allies, Soviet, or the Empire of the Sun; a very a smart being.

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A wisely and wonderfully designed game it is, allows you to play as a transforming robots, ninjas and samurai armor.

Another interesting feature of Red alert 3 is that it enables you to play with a friend either artificially or in reality.

Try out this game and you will be fully elated by the pleasure you will get.

6. Tiberian sun

In this game Kane the wicked head of Nod who finally returned unexpectedly in spite of the fact that he was thought to have passed away.  Kane return breeds yet another trouble.

Tiberian Sun came to light 3 decades after the release of the first game. It is very interesting, engaging and interactive.

It features a day-to-night cycle, different alternative paths to switch from.

Need to take an optional mission?

Tiberian Sun is a cool option for it’s an amazing game to play, while not try it out this weekend.

7. Kane’s wrath

This depict the rising to power by Kane in the mid-21st Century,

This is an awesome game to check out; it has different modes from where you could choose from. Besides Kane’s wrath has an excluded challenge; in the global conquest mode the player is required to be in control of his soldier and warriors. Here, each side exerts supremacy over the other.

I love this game and I guess you will sure love it.

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8. The Generals

The general puts the players in to a near-future war

Coming in to the marketplace in 2003; comprising of three different factions; the Global Liberation Army, The People Republic of China and the USA.

The global liberation Army main target is to pull down the two world reigning powers; the USA and people republic of China. Each with a unique chof them has their respective characteristics:

USA prides in their technological know –how, China boasts on the power of tank and strong arm force. The GLA has it unique way and tricks of attacking the first two factions.

9. Zero hour

Another awesome game of its kind in the command and conquer series, it is a sequel to the generals. This game will take you to the very depth of your soul. Some extra features were added to make up for what was lacking in the general.  Hence live video was included to make the game more understandable and enjoyable.

It also comes in with extra modes the Generals’ challenge, this enables you play as one of the nine strategic generals, attacking others in the combat. Try it Out!

10. Command and conquer

An idea of Westwood Studios while at WDUNE 11, it defines the command and conquer game defined the genre for other series of the games that followed.

This game in truth has stood the test of time; dating back in 1995 and still very interesting and functional up till now.

An amazing and adventurous game; hope you have played this game if you have not, I guess it worth checking out.

It portrays the world war between the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod along with Kane leading the troop.

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