7 Tips to Make Friends in Seattle Easily 2020

7 Tips to Make Friends in Seattle Easily 2022

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7 Tips to Make Friends in Seattle Easily 2020 – In this guide, I will show how to make friends in Seattle, USA. These are the most effective ways to make new friends if you are new in Seatle. Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

It has clean air, gorgeous mountains, lovely islands and exquisite water making Puget Sound. Seattle is currently a boom in the tech industry and its love for coffee (and beer and wine) all help make up the fabric of the city and are all parts of the reasons why people move to Seatle to work, live and play.

But unfortunately, people tend to mind their own business a lot. A lot of people say Seattle is an unfriendly city. Most adults in Seatle hardly can sacrifice their very limited free time to meet with you just to sit around gisting or drinking. This gets boring and pointless fast.

In Seatle, people don’t quite get much utility from hanging out with a number of people, especially strangers. Also, most adults in Seatle are already hooked in a relationship and they have all the technology and books to keep themselves busy at home. I would confidently say Seattle is freaking awesome for introverts.

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It’s really not an easy place to make friends but we have some effective tips for you.

1. Find your Fellow Hobbyist

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Finding and connecting with a fellow hobbyist proves to be very effective if you want to make friends in Seatle fast. The trick is to figure out what you like to do (Maybe running, singing, skating, etc.) and then surround yourself with people who also like to do that activity. And woohoo, it’s one of the best ways to get along with an already dwellers.

2. Get yourself Involve in Social Activities

Some hobbies are more social than others and have easy routes for those new to them. If you love dancing, then get yourself involves in dance auditions. It makes it easy since you have a clear reason to meet & interact with others without a lot of barriers in other social contexts.

3. Volunteering is great

One of the easiest ways to make friends in Seatle is through volunteering. Firstly, your volunteer efforts go toward a worthy cause, and secondly, you have the opportunity to talk with people in a low-key manner. This automatically sets the stage for getting to know someone more easily.

4. Join associations and Clubs

There are a lot of socio-cultural and professional associations in Seatle. If you want to make friends fast, consider joining one or a couple of them. For instance, if you are an engineer, there are a lot of professional engineering associations that have “young professionals” or “new engineer’s” style meetups.

5. Social networks can make it easy

There are so many social networks nowadays. There are some local meetup apps available on Android and IOS stores. You can simply join a couple of them and see how you can connect with friends near you. Meetup.com seems to have a lot of activity and have a decent way to meet people with similar interests.

6. Attend social events

Attending social events is a great way to meet new friends in Seatle. Search for events that interest you, joining a couple of events and clubs near you. This has proven to help a lot. You will definitely get some luck making friends when you go to bars, watching/playing hockey, playing MtG at local shops, video games … it just takes a little bit of effort and putting yourself out there at first.

7. Learn a Skill While Meeting People

Seatle has several classes/meetups for every interest. You can join a sports team, take a dance class, take a pottery class, take a drum class, take underwater basket weaving or join a pinball tournament. The list is endless. This way you will surround yourself with people who are baseline interested in at least one commonality, and you will have time to see them built into your schedule.

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