how to uninstall fivem with pictural illustrations

How to uninstall FiveM from your computer

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This is how to uninstall Fivem with pictural illustrations – made it easy for you. FiveM is a game modification software that allows gamers to create dedicated servers that would be used for network gaming. One can modify the game with script and plugin so that they can enjoy a wonderful game experience.

The GTA 5 game can be scripted in so many popular programming languages like C++ and JavaScript. With all the fantasies attached to using the FiveM, there are also some drawbacks. Sometimes, the GTA 5 might be running smoothly, at other times, it might fail to start. As a gamer, it is up to you to keep the FiveM in your PC. If you probably reading this, my guess is that you want to learn how to uninstall FiveM. Without any further ado, let’s delve in.

How to Uninstall FiveM with the aid of IObit Uninstaller

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One of the best ways to remove software you don’t want from+ your PC is to use third-party uninstallers. There is a lot of Uninstaller software that is out there in the market. In this article let us look at how to use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall FiveM from your PC with Pictorial steps.

i. In your Laptop, Open the Start menu and locate the IObit uninstaller program in the All Programs

ii. After the IObit Uninstaller software has opened in your PC, click on All programs button.

iii. Locate the FiveM in the list of applications and click the checkbox near it.

iv. Then, Click on the Uninstall button of the FiveM software.

v. In the next window that opens, you can choose to create a restoration point and then remove all the residual files. Then once again, click on the Uninstall button and wait for the process to finish

How to Remove FiveM from your PC manually

i. In your PC, open your Start Menu.

ii. Go on and open the Control Panel on the left.

iii. Locate the Programs and Features tabs and click it.

iv. Then finally, look for the FiveM software in the program list, then click t to uninstall it.

v. The next interface that you would see is a popup window. Here, click on the Yes button and patiently wait for the process to finish.

How to Uninstall Fivem Using the AdvancedUninstallerPro software.

Like stated earlier, the FiveM application is popular software that is used in creating dedicated servers for your GTA 5 game. It was built by the CitizenFX Collective. This procedure sometimes can be quite difficult and might require a little bit of skill. There are other approaches that don’t require many technicalities. We are talking about just pressing buttons in a stepwise until we have kicked out FiveM from our PC.

One super easy approach to follow to uninstall the FiveM software is to use a third-party uninstaller.  It is one of the best uninstallers out there. We are talking about AdvancedUninstallerPro software. Earlier on in this article, we reviewed using the IObit to Uninstall FiveM. Now, let’s delve into how to do the same with this similar uninstaller.

i. If there is no AdvancedUninstallerPro software in your Personal computer, then try to install it. I recommend your installing this software because the Advanced Uninstaller PRO is very good at what it does. It is a wonderful utility software that can help keep your Laptop clean.

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  • Surf the internet for the Advanced Uninstaller PRO software.
  • download the Advanced Uninstaller PRO program by clicking on the DOWNLOAD NOW button
  • set up Advanced Uninstaller PRO software.

ii. When you are done setting up, start your uninstaller program. It is important that you get acquainted with the interface of the uninstaller software and the tools it has. The Advanced Uninstaller PRO is very good software

iii. Now, go on to  press the General Tools button

iv. In the General tools category, click on the Uninstall programs button in order to activate the Uninstalling feature

v. Next up, you would see a list of programs that are currently existent on your laptop.

vi. Go through the list of programs and try to locate the FiveM application. Another approach is to click on the search feature and then type “FiveM”. This way, the FiveM would appear and you would be able to uninstall it.

vii. When you select the FiveM click on the Uninstall button. Next, an interface that serves the purpose of confirmation would show up on your screen. When you click on the Uninstall button, the Advanced Uninstaller PRO would automatically remove the FiveM application.

viii. After it has removed the FiveM application, the Advanced Uninstaller PRO will do an additional clean up should you opt for it. After the cleanup, click the “Next button” and kickstart the cleanup. Any item that pertains to the FiveM program would be detected and you would be able to delete them completely. You can rest assured that no windows registries, directories or files would be left behind after the cleanup process.

More about the FiveM software

  • The Windows version of the FiveM software was created by the CitizenFX Collective.
  • For more information about the FiveM program, and even tutorials on how to script your GTA 5 game with FiveM, you can use this link
  • When you install the FiveM in your personal computer, you can always locate it in the C:\UserNames\UserName\AppData\Local\FiveM folder
  • The complete size of the application’s main the executable file is called FiveM.exe and its size is 6.66 MB (6980784 bytes).


The article above is not a recommendation to remove FiveM from your Personal computer. We are not telling you to remove you FiveM from the CitizenFX Collective, we are just saying that If you have issues in your PC, you can remove it.

This article simply contains detailed information on how to remove FiveM in case that is what you want to do. I hope that this guide is sufficient to aid you in your bid to remove FiveM from your PC.

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