How does a Learning management system work? (Recommended: Best LMS for YOU!)

How does a Learning management system work? (Recommended: Best LMS for YOU!)


Learning mediums have diversified in the current scenario compared to 10 years back. Books, educational institutions, newspapers and journals were the only options for learning something new.

Thanks to technology advancement, it literally showed us how much we could do at our place.

With the pandemic hitting us so hard, academicians worldwide leveraged the learning process to another level- Learning Management System (LMS).

Here’s a brief explanation on LMS, its features, and how it works for various niches that require learning.

What is a Learning Management System?

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A Learning Management System is an elearning software designed to create, publish and manage educational and training content.

It can be a standalone product or cloud-based software. The evolution of LMS has made creating content and learning easier for both course creators and learners.

Because of the immense advantages of LMS, many corporations and small businesses preferring it to educate their employees on specific concepts that align with their job description.

What does an LMS do?

Not to blame the lengthy PowerPoint presentations and boring conference, but they’ve exhausted the employees’ training experience.

The LMS aptly replaces such mundane training programs. The main aim of LMS is to create engaging and interactive content for the trainees.

To support it, LMS has features like

  1. Customization
  2. Social learning
  3. Gamification

Customization features make it easy for you to use a training module template and convert it into your needs.

Social learning facility in the LMS encourages learning as a community. Chat rooms, discussion forums help learners clear their doubts.

The Gamification feature is an interesting one to test the trainees’ knowledge in a fun and fascinating way.

Features of a Good LMS

Unlike other elearning tools, a Learning Management System has intuitive and customizable tools.

A Good LMS must possess following features

  1. Intuitive User Interface
  2. Built-in Authoring tools
  3. Adapt to various content formats
  4. Easy import and export feature
  5. Content libraries
  6. Customizable dashboards
  7. Gamification
  8. Certification management system
  9. Reporting tools
  10. Tight security system

Content creation must not be a hassle in an LMS, and it doesn’t require any qualification to do it. Plus, it must cut down the unnecessary recurring training cost in the company.

How can you use it in your firm?

“Alright, I understand how LMS works? How does that help my employees?”

LMS is created to help employees of all industries like manufacturing, engineering, IT, construction, retail and customer service.

It is so flexible to fit into your training requirements and adapt to the training style as well.

At the end of the training, the employees will have the practical knowledge on how to implement the learnt concepts.

For example, Customer sales training will have real-life scenarios and branching situations to test how the salesperson must respond to certain situations.

This way, the trainees have prior experience in handling tough leads and turn them into customers.

Best LMS for YOU!

Based on the general training requirements and intuitive features, we have researched and brought this top 4 LMS for you!

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1. Adobe Captivate Prime-It is the best suitable for training anyone: employees, franchisees, and customers. Adobe Captivate Prime helps in analysing the skill gaps and creating content accordingly. 

2. iSpring Learn-Whatever might be your business structure, iSpring Learn doesn’t compromise on the quality and offers its services at $2.82 per month. 

3. LearnWorlds-You needn’t create training modules from scratch if you’ve vast content libraries from LearnWorlds. It offers white labelled, holistic training solutions for you. 

4. TalentLMS- is a beginner-friendly LMS to create interactive video training for your employees. TalentLMS possesses high-security systems to safeguard your course.

The Bottomline

LMS is a boon to all learners and trainers. With its highly efficient system and features, you can create quality and engaging content easily.

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