10 Best Ways to Learn Japanese Faster 2020

10 Best Ways to Learn Japanese Faster 2020


You eager to learn Japanese? These are the best ways to learn Japanese faster today. Our simplified guide contains everything you’d need as we’ve mapped out the best way to learn Japanese on your own.

In the 21st century globalized world, it has become more important for individuals to be diverse in languages especially ones like Japanese. Many fluent English speakers want to learn new languages each day and Japanese is one of the most sought languages to learn in the world today.

Being acquainted with such will require more effort and dedication for one to learn the language, because, not only does Japanese contain new phonetics, it also comprises of numerous intricate characters and letters and symbols when writing. This write-up will look into the best ways to learn Japanese.

10 Best Ways to Learn Japanese Faster 2020

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Some of the most effective ways to learn Japanese include;

1. Start With The Sounds

How to learn Japanese fast? Then start with the sound. Once you develop an interest in Japanese, the first thing is to be realistic and set an approaching plan towards it.

You will have to dig in and start making your mouths crumble. This way you should start learning how to pronounce, hear, and spell the sounds you of the target language (Japanese).

Spend more time on learning the alphabets, symbols, and character in the Japanese language, so that they are no longer abstract to your ear. Go online to listen to pronunciation guides, watch movies or series with Japanese subtitles, listen to Japanese poems, songs, and music to get acquainted with the sounds.

2. Learn The Alphabet

Hiragana and Katakana are two basic 30-letter Japanese alphabets. They provide two ways of writing the same sound. Hiragana is the general alphabet, and Katakana is used for foreign-derived words. Learn these two alphabets before you learn the Kanji characters.

3. Get a Workbook

Japanese Learning Workbooks can be a fast aider in learning Japanese. Try to write the kanji letters and understand their meaning. Give the workbook a dedicated amount of time and develop an ultimate interest in what you do. This is where you learn Japanese alphabet. Practice the workbook daily and use it even as your leisure exercise.

4. Use of Mnemonics

Sometimes, pure vocabulary repetition is not enough to fasten the learning of a new language. The mind needs a little diversified horizon to remember words that always skips from our brain; this is where the use of mnemonics comes in. it involves making a rhyme or short story with a targeted word so that it doesn’t skip the mind again.

In Japanese, mnemonics can be used to help you remember the phonetic alphabets by relating sounds to images. Although, this may sound like a lot of extra efforts, you will be amazed at how significant it can work and help you in the quest of learning Japanese.

5. Get a Notebook

It is very important and crucial to always remember to write down all you have learned in one place, either as a document, journal, or note. This helps you in saving vocabulary and monitor your steps towards the stage of learning you have acquired. Keeping a lesson note or document helps you to keep practical tracks of words you have learned.

Also, in the process of writing down whatever translation, note, or image helps you memorize these words. It can also serve as a fantastic reference for future studying or tutoring and can be used anytime you have free moments.

6. Join a Group

This is the best way to learn Japanese for free, simply join a Japanese group or Forum. Many cities have groups for renowned language speakers like Japanese.

Even if you are just starting out it can be very helpful when you join or listen to other groups of Japanese speakers. To become more proficient in Japanese, it is necessary to make friends with people who speak and understand the language. Going to the Japanese group once a week can add a bar to the dough.

The more you learn, the faster you will improve. Make new friends make it fun learning. Some of them might be willing to sing Japanese karaoke songs for you.

7. Take a Class

Perhaps in order to fasten learn and give more insightful details about Japanese, it is necessary to take a class. If you do not know any Japanese at all, a structured class can be the best guide.

Find teachers and tutors around your area willingly to help out. Sign up for online Japanese classes at various online platforms or better still register for Japanese classes at the local community college or university.

If taking a class is not among your option, you can buy a language learning program like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, these can tutor you from the basics

8. Create a Japanese Interaction Without Travelling

In order to learn Japanese grammar and other slangs, you need to create interaction with those who speak. Make efforts to start interacting in Japanese, speaking as much as possible Japanese is one of the best tricks for fast Japanese learning and this can be done by; speaking with a neighbor or friend in Japanese, writing letters to people in Japanese, visiting local Japanese stores to speak and interact with people, speaking with a fellow Japanese learner to see how fast or slow you have been in learning, contributing to a Japanese blog forum, singing along with Japanese music, talking to yourself in Japanese, repeating a character’s line in Japanese movies or drama. Another effective way to try

9. Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Mistake

Unlike other academic disciplines and subject, learning a new language is continuous, never-ending adventure that requires constant practice, do not live in the fear of making mistakes like in other academic settings.

In the language learning world, mistakes are seen as a sign of progress. Mistakes actually help you learn faster. Don’t be upset about native Japanese speakers for being too bold when you interact with them in, just go to them and make it real they will be willing to correct you and give you beneficial guidelines. Interact in Japanese as much as you can, you will be amazed how fast you will learn.

10. Do Not Be Discouraged

While it may not be possible to learn Japanese within a few spaces of time, it is necessary never to be discouraged. It is possible to learn the basics of speaking in a short period of time and move on to becoming fluent. Don’t be discouraged.

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You can and will learn Japanese much faster than you expect. There are even cases (as the internet will surely tell you) of people who learn it in less than three months!

In the end, you decide how quickly you become fluent in Japanese. With the right attitude, dedication, situation, and motivation, any language are within your reach.

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