How to become a Fortune cookie Writer

How to become a Fortune cookie Writer


A fortune cookie writer is the one that writes the fortunes inside cookies. These fortunes are short messages, usually made of twenty words or less. They are short and brief statements that make an impact on reading. Such a writer sells the fortunes to fortune cookie companies for a profit. These fortunes are printed on papers to sell fortune cookies.

You might be wondering what a fortune cookie is. A fortune cookie is a fresh and sweet cookie normally produced using flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil with a bit of paper inside. This piece of paper bears the fortune, which when the cookie is cracked, the paper displays the fortune. The fortune, which is the message inside, maybe in the form of an aphorism, a wise saying, love quotes, health tips, and well-being, or a vague prophecy. It can also convey a fact that may sound humorous to some individuals. The principle is that fortunes must be short messages that are worth reading when you buy a fortune cookie. This is why a fortune writer approach is different from a regular content writer.

A fortune cookie writer can either be a freelance writer or an employee of a fortune cookie company. The motive is to have a profit in return for a writing effort. The freelance writer may earn more than a writer that is employed by a company as they have more working hours and more buyers. They also have the time and environment to think and come up with better writing ideas. However, the writer with a better experience and more quality messages will have more income opportunities.

Fortune cookie writing is a legit job that pays nice income for the writers. Statistics show that millions of cookies are sold daily and each cookie must come with distinct messages. The fortune cookie companies need to update their database with fresh messages from time to time. Being a fortune writer for these companies creates a consistent job that brings steady income for you. You also have the opportunity to reach many people out there with your inspiring statements.

Now how can you become a fortune cookie writer, and not just a writer, but a writer that delivers fortunes that are worth billing, and a successful writer that companies will like to work with?

Generally, fortune writers must be creative and full of ideas. You can’t just write fortunes without creativity, no. You need to be creative in communicating and delivering your messages. Writing fortunes must deliver content that is more than ordinary words and letters. Crafting a single sentence that appeals to disparate demographics across the globe is a tough undertaking. A fortune writer must be able to extract meaningful ideas from common life occurrences that many seems to ignore. To deliver meaningful verbiage from the endless ideas derived from experiences, the writer must also be able to connect events. Creativity will make the messages fun to read for those who don’t believe what they read. At the same time, the messages are promoting the company’s market.

Fortunes must be delivered as short and imaginative statements. This is how you deliver your creative content for fortune cookies. For this reason, a fortune writer must be able to write concisely and convey a message in just a few short words. Remember, you are writing on a small piece of paper, so you need to transfer your creativity in very few words. Cookie buyers are not going for a newspaper, or a blog, they just want to buy a cookie. The fortune (message) is seen immediately the cookie is cracked open. Your cookies should give them what they can read repeatedly. Some may even want to write it down for a reference.

Fortune writers must also have a sense of humor when writing. As a fortune writer, you don’t need a too serious tone to write fortunes; you are not writing as a comedian as well. But in most cases, you need to write with a sense of humor for people to enjoy your fortunes. Everyone reading fortunes won’t take them seriously, but let them have something humorous to read. And for those who might be inspired, let them an applicable hint from the fortune.

A fortune writer needs good writing skills to write effectively. You need word choice that is precise and direct without any misinformation. You don’t have to necessarily have a degree in English study to have this attribute. A good understanding of the writing rules is enough, not just basic literacy skills. Fortune writing is more of an art than just a common engagement. This is why you need to attain some degrees of perfection before you can be considered a fortune writer. As a writer, you may write blogs and articles that have good credits, but writing fortunes needs a lot of time, effort, and study.

You need the training to become a good writer that can deliver impactful messages. The training may come from a more experienced fortune writer or through personal study which will require more effort. The writing skill is very important in every writing jobs you may want to engage yourself. An idea that cannot be conveyed clearly to others is useless. Even when such an idea is writing, it must contain the right information you intend to pass out.

Another point to become a successful fortune writer is writing original and genuine content as fortunes. You can read older fortunes and the works of other accredited fortune writers to have a glimpse of what is expected from you. But the fortunes must be original. If the company decides to repeat some fortunes over time, that is their administrative decision. The companies are paying for your work, and they are ready to scrutinize the content to prove the originality. A copied fortune does not only put your contract at risk of termination, but it also reduces your chance of getting worthy incomes for your writings. The more original your fortunes are, the more they are worth billing.

Lastly, a fortune writer must not be narrow-minded. You must have a clear perception of realities in various niches, careers, professions, and human relationships. This is necessary for your fortunes to have a good impact on readers. You must also know that the fortunes you are writing are part of the marketing strategies of the companies. Many of these companies prefer freelance writers for their experience with outsiders. They want writers with more of a journalistic approach that will reflect the status of their companies from society. Writers for this responsibility must write with a philosophical and motivational writing voice.

Fortune cookie writing is all about writing aphorisms that are resonant, thought-provoking, and simultaneously vague and specific enough to resonate with grandparents and grad school students alike. Imagine this infamous line written by Kay Marshall Strom, “You will be hungry again in an hour.” Yes, fortune cookie can be thought-provoking sometimes.

Fortune cookie companies hire freelancers or in-house writers to write the inspiring and witty fortunes that come on the small pieces of paper that you find when you crack open fortune cookies. This may be either a component-time or full-time function. The companies have a continuous demand for new fortunes to be printed, to stop reusing old ones. They use masses of fortunes that are alternated for the duration of the year to mix all kinds of messages from love and fortune to fitness and nicely-being. Fortune cookie writing will continue to be a demanding job, being a writer will give you an opportunity to earn a steady income.

Fortune cookie writing is one of those fun jobs you can ever imagine. Should you be willing to become one, the look for fortune cookie companies and place an application.

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