Top 10 High Paying Jobs In The Oil And Gas Industry

Top 10 High Paying Jobs In The Oil And Gas Industry


If you read this page, you are interested in making good money in the oil and gas industry.

Good choice, but remember that oil and gas companies are ready to pay a lot only in case you are ready for hard work.

It’s no secret that big companies spend huge amounts of money to attract talented, creative, and hardworking professionals. So, the competition is pretty high.

However, if you are passionate, ready to learn and develop your professional skills, you’ve got a good chance to earn a fortune in the industry.

The fact that the oil and gas sector is going to grow is proven by numerous studies and statistics. According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019, global energy consumption is constantly growing, and in 2018 it increased by 2.9%. So, the demand for all fuels is getting higher.

Eventually, more and more gains are expected in the oil and gas sector jobs in the future.

But what are the most high-paying jobs in the oil and gas industry to choose?
We’ve got an up-to-date list of top 10 for you:

Top 10 High Paying Jobs In The Oil And Gas Industry

Table of Contents


1. Project Manager


Salary: $155,000-$160,000

Responsibilities: control on the budget, safety, and specifications of the projects; organization of effective work of the whole team.


2. Exploration Supervisor

Salary: $145,000-$150,000

Responsibilities: organization and control on the timely drilling operations.



3. Construction Manager

Salary: about $145,000

Responsibilities: delivery of construction according to the schedule and HSE requirements; management and monitoring of construction projects jointly with project managers and leading teams.


4. Reservoir Engineer

Salary: $135,000-$138,000

Responsibilities: find new oil underground reservoirs, assess their size, and predict the output.


5. Drilling Engineer

Salary: $127,000-$130,000

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Responsibilities: manage the financial and technical operations, assessment and maintenance of the wells, safety of the processes.


6. Mechanical Engineer
Salary: $125,000-$129,000

Responsibilities: develop, install, and maintain all the oil rig equipment, bearing the safety, effectiveness, quality, durability, and reliability in mind.


7. Geophysicist

Salary: $125,000-$129,000

Responsibilities: provide the research and study of the layers under the Earth’s surface.


8. Project Engineer

Salary: $125,000-$127,000

Responsibilities: check up the completion of the projects, if they are finished timely, within the planned budget, and quality requirements; control the progress and changes in the projects and report them to stakeholders.


9. Health, Safety and Environment Manager (HSE)

Salary: $125,000-$127,000

Responsibilities: develop safety programs regularly, control the implementations of health, safety, and environment policy, assess the risks and create a precautionary strategy.


10. Production Engineer

Salary: $125,000-$126,000

Responsibilities: select and design the good equipment; monitor the well in terms of its efficiency and commercial viability.


Ready to work hard, don’t afraid of the challenges, and want to get a high salary for your effort?

The oil and gas industry is a perfect option.

Statistics say that employment in the oil and gas industry reached its highest level in 2018 and it keeps growing these days.

Don’t miss your opportunity!


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