20 best companies to work in Miami, Florida

20 best companies to work in Miami, Florida 2020


Are you looking for cool miami companies for job? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, you will see the the 20 best companies to work for in Miami. These are top employers in miami with the highest salary and job satisfaction.

We all need amazing place to work not just for the money but also for job fulfillment.

Work simply means what people do to make earns meet. Different individuals have different reasons for working. Now, let me ask you, what is your reason for searching for a job?

To frequently change your wardrobe or to eat the most expensive meal, solve one problem or the other?

Whatever your reason for working is, I got your back. Yea I do.

Here in Miami awesome opportunities exist in different areas, thereby providing your career needs. Guess you have a career path in mind where you secretly wish to work.  I have listed 20 best companies you could earn a living from. Hope you get to find some of your dream industries below.

Do not forget job satisfaction and fulfillment should be paramount in any job you are opting for.

20 best companies to work in Miami

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1. Action 52:

Action 52 is one of the best companies to work in Miami. This company specializes on unlicensed multicast video games and its compilation. The videos of which are developed by Active Enterprises for the Nintendo Entertainment system.

A really cool place to work, are you an unemployed with chic for video games programming? This could offer a very nice slot for you.

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2. Lennar Corporation: 

This is a popular and one of the biggest construction companies in Miami. Its purchase of CalAtrantic maps increased its capital. Lennar is the owner of Rialto  Capital Management which is the sponsor of six equity fund that invest in real estate and equally an originator of commercial mortgage loans. The shareholders of Lennar Corporations are Vanguard group, Wellington Management Group and ETFs, iShare, US Home Construction.

A good employer of labor, with numerous employees, they have the welfare of their workers in mind.

You may consider applying to work here.


3. Batanga media:

Batanga is one of the best companies to work in Miami. A digital media serving in US market; have different digital properties such as Batanga.com, Batanga radio, iMujer.com, BolsadeMulher.com. This is really cool place to work in. Offer great incentive with a nice pay and respect for employee.


4. Guide:

This is another tech-based company which offers awesome opportunities for prospective employees.  They develop a newsreader app that translate blogs and online news into videos and streaming audios.

Want an exciting place to work in Miami? Guide is a sure place.


5. Equitrac: 

Is a software company which provides document cost management such as allocating and auditing for printers and copiers. More so, it manages output, this company has over 70 %  market share in law firm. Provides wide range of services to different parastatal.

Want to know what it feels to work in a corporate firm? Here you go.


6. B/E Aerospace: 

Are you an engineer in search of a place to start up as a beginner? Try out this company. B/E Aerospace is a good company which care so much for its workers; with a great management team and friendly work environment.

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Needs a job security? A/E Aerospace gives the best job security you can imagine.


7. Tourism: 

Miami has numerous interesting features that attract tourist from around the world.

These tourist centers could be any of the following; Bayside marketplace, Miami Beach, Vizcaya museum and Coral Grables.

Of course people work in these tourist centers and you could be one of them.


8. Financial Institutions:

Miami is a home for different banks both international and local. These banks continually absorb new workers into their work force.

Therefore, if you are a graduate of finance or other related course, no need to be scared of what to do with your degree. For there are ‘1001’ banks out there to apply in.


9. International Trade:

Miami is seen as a cargo gate way for Americas due to its closeness to Latin America. Miami’s port is the largest in Florida and 9th largest in America.

Hence, numerous openings exist for employees! Just follow various application procedures to apply in any trade sections of your choice either export or import.


10. Agriculture:

Do you have a flair for farming? Why not start farming. Miami is a major cultivator of fruits and vegetables for America. It also farms 1/4 of America ornamental plants.

Diving into agriculture is quite lucrative in Miami.

Yes! It pays well.

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11. Hotels:

Owing to the countless number of tourist centers and other industries in Miami, a good number of hotels have been put in place to accommodate visitors and travelers.

Working in a hospitality industry offers fascinating and memorable experience since you get to meet personality of diverse caliber.


12. Cement Industries:  

A rewarding and exquisite place to work. The pay here is usually great. And the experience? Well, you will enjoy the feel.

The Cement industries in Miami includes Cemex Miami cement plant, Titan Florida cement in Miami and so many others.


13. Textile:

Are you a fashionista and would want to venture into such career path? You are not alone; Miami have lot of textile industries example South Wool Company, RS Apparel Inc, Aircobraz Inc Miami among others. You see, you could get hired in any of these industries to do what you love doing.


14. Ice-cream makers:

Another wonderful place to work is ice cream industries. Offers shift, you can as well choose the time that best suit you. No need of fearing whether you are under paid or not because they typically pay as you work that is hourly. Few lists of such industries are Cream parlor, Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream, Dasher and crank and MadLab Creamery.


15. Food Milling Industries:

Human cannot live without food, this is a fact.

Consequently, most of these foods need to undergo certain level of processing before consumption.

Yes! And these milling industries employ workers from almost all field. Most popular staple foods milled here are wheat, rice and rye.

You could as well be one of the people employed here.

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16. Bakery Industries

Bakery industries offer unimaginable job opportunities to unemployed. Pay employees as they work and allows for shift hours.

Examples of bakery industries in Miami are Bunnie cakes, Karla bakery, Versatiles Cuban bakery all in Miami and lot more.


17. Restaurants

The restaurants in Miami are countless, you just need to sit down and make researches on the one that will be okay for you. It’s cool to pick based in proximity to your home.


18. Transport Companies

A huge employment spot exist here. The transport company referred to include marine, airline, and road transport. This section of economy generates cool capital for Miami. Apply to any the sectors if you want a transportation based job.


19. Pharmaceutical Companies

The health of everyone is paramount to any kind of wealth one might posses. Pharmaceutical companies in Miami are numberless and as such provides job opportunities to various applicants.


20. Cosmetics Industries

We all want to look really beautiful. Isn’t it?

The cosmetic industries in Miami cater for almost all the cream and other beautifying products used in Miami. The examples of such industries are Chelly Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc, Elixheal Skincare, and Eternal Cosmetic LLC.

Choose any one of your choice and apply to work with them when their recruitment is ongoing.

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