7 Amazing Tips to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay Effectively

7 Amazing Tips to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay Effectively


When it comes to writing an introduction paragraph for an essay at college or university, it is more than just a first paragraph. It is something that has to grab the attention of the reader instantly and get them to read more of what has been written.

Writing a good introduction can be tricky and it is something that many writers no matter how experienced they are, struggle with at times. Since this is the first thing that readers see when reading content, the stakes are very high.

Overall a well-written introduction paragraph has to be able to grab the reader’s attention as well as convince them to read the rest. It has to introduce the topic that is about to be discussed and show the writer’s view on the given subject.

The good thing about an introduction paragraph is it can be written after the main body of a particular essay. Many writers use this approach because they want to get a clearer picture of the direction their essay is going before they write the introduction.

At the end of the day, when to begin writing an introduction to an essay is all down to preference. Typing “I need someone to write my essay for me” on your web browser will bring up so many essay writing services e.g. CustomWritings that can help with an introduction if one is struggling. Below are a few tips that one can follow if they want to get the attention of their readers

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

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1. Don’t go off-topic and be broad

when writing an introduction, most people are very confused about the length or how broad it should be. To avoid confusing readers, an introduction needs to tell readers what to expect from the content they are about to read.

The key is to avoid any sort of spoilers and let the readers find out everything they want to know by reading the rest of the content. The writer has to make sure that they speak about the topic their essay is about and not go off it. Talking about two different topics in an introduction can leave readers confused.

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2. Give readers the appropriate background of the content without getting into the main arguments

There is nothing wrong with providing readers some context to what the essay is about. The meat of the argument should be left for the main body of the essay. Giving them a bit of background will pique their curiosity.

3. Give the readers a thesis

In an essay, one will usually tease some of their arguments at the end of the introduction. This is done in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph and this is called a thesis. Putting the thesis in the wrong place like the middle of the introduction can make it appear out of place. This is the last thing any essay written wants.

4. Only use information that is useful in the introduction

When making an introduction stand out is the useful information that one puts in it. This information will have to be relevant to the topic. For example, if one is talking about international business, they have to provide useful information about that.

Talking about accounting in an international business essay will not make sense unless the writer links them together.

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5. An introduction should not have any cliches

It is important to begin an introduction with a very good definition. Getting the first few sentences right sets the tone for the essay. It lets the reader know that they are in for an exciting read. Starting with a boring definition lets the reader know that the rest of the content will be boring too however, what’s important is avoiding the use of cliches.

While there’s nothing wrong with them but using too many cliches especially ones that people have read or heard so many times before makes an essay come across as a comedy sketch and uninspiring.

6. Proofread the introduction

There’s nothing wrong with writing an introduction over and over again, however, what’s important is grammar. An introduction that is full of grammar mistakes raises a lot of red flags and it can leave readers questioning the writer’s level of English.

There are various free websites one can use to correct the grammar in their introduction or they can ask a family member or friend to read it. A fresh pair of eyes can highlight any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that were missed by the writer.

7. Write the introduction last

It is advisable to write the introduction of an essay once all the relevant information has been collected. This way one can tie in whatever they have written in the main body back to the introduction without having any issues. If a writer knows what they are working with, it makes writing the introduction so much easier.

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