Part-Time Maid: What You Need To Know Before Hiring

Part-Time Maid: What You Need To Know Before Hiring


To employ a part-time maid or full-time maid in Singapore has become more of a need than a necessity. Without a maid, the long working days can become too overwhelming. For a parent who’s working almost every day, completing all the house chores can be difficult. In some cases, the house chores get piled up until the weekend comes where most of us have our day-offs. While this is mostly the case of those who only need help cleaning, hiring part time maid is their way to go. Here’s a more detailed guide about hiring part-time maids in Singapore.


It isn’t difficult in Singapore to find a part-time maid. As long as you know the guidelines issued by the Singapore Government, you can start hiring a part-time cleaner on your own. Some part-time employees, accredited, are available for recruitment and selection, which you can check at maid agencies. These part-time workers’ agencies will help you to find the right part-time employee for your job. Before you head straight to any agency near you, here are some notes to remember to help you understand a bit more about part-time maids and what they do.

What Can I Benefit from Hiring a Part-Time Maid?

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First, we should understand that a part-time maid comes with its advantages and disadvantages. But, as many would say, hiring a part-time maid is more of a good deal because of its affordable and convenient service. Although their service is only limited, it’s good enough to clear off your list of things to do at home. Besides, we must not forget that household assistance is not needed 24 hours. In fact, we can do the tasks personally without asking the assistant multiple times.


Another advantage that part-time maids have is they only work half a day, meaning you still have time at home to protect your privacy. It may be very awkward for certain family members to still be around others outside the immediate family circle. Although maids definitely help the family a great time, it is still important to have quality time with your partner and children. Some family members prefer a full-time worker in-house, but this only proves to work for those homes where the father and mother and other family members are too busy to do house chores.


Lastly, a part-time maid is proven to be more of an advantage because it reminds us that we’re still the one to oversee and clean our own house. It’s a reminder, not that we want to get away completely from our responsibilities at home, it’s just that we are looking for some home support.

What Are The Tasks of a Part-Time Maid?

Typically many people do not know exactly what to expect of their part-time maids until they get the right part-time maid from a certain maid agency. Well, since they’re only part-time maids, don’t ever expect them to sit and care for children. A babysitter or a daycare centre is your only choice if you don’t plan to hire a full-time maid.


A part-time maid is not professionally qualified to treat children, so it’s best to leave the nannies with that task. On the other hand, a part-time cleaner is educated in housework. Below are some of the task they can do:

  • Sweep and mop the floor: Floorwork is one of the main tasks of a part-time maid. They’ll sweep and mop the floor in whatever room you want to be cleaned.

  • Clean the kitchen: The kitchen can get messy at times, and we usually don’t have time to clean. Well, it is important to keep your kitchen clean as this is where you prepare all your food. A part-time maid can wipe the sink and other furniture to remove every bit of dust.

  • Laundry or washing of clothes: Part-time maids will wash and dry your clothes if you ask them to do so. 

  • Ironing of clothes: Once your clothes are dry after being cleaned, they can iron them.

  • Clean the bathroom: With bathroom cleaning, you’ll need to provide your maid with the right cleaning materials. You can either ask them to do a general cleaning of your bathroom or just a quick one depending on the time they have.

How Much do Part-Time Maids Charge?

Many wise mothers are now going to hire maids to get free of household work for long hours. Today, however, full-time helpers are difficult to find because most of these workers are employed already. Ergo, a part-time maid, is easier to find and is more affordable. In terms of pay, it is not too costly to hire a part-time maid than a full-time one. A few part-time cleaners are providing four-hour cleaning services for less than $50. Some would rather pay $150 to $200 a day (two times a month) rather than paying $500 to $600 a month just to keep their house clean.

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