10 Ways To Hire exceptional Employees For Supply Chain Jobs

10 Ways To Hire exceptional Employees For Supply Chain Jobs


The recruitment process facilitates businesses to acquire candidates with the requisite skills to transform their operations. Businesses recruit when they have a shortage of specific skill sets, employees retire, and frequent job switching among their talents. Employing experienced staff means less training needed for the organization. However, experienced professionals closely examine the company and its leadership before accepting an offer. The move leaves the recruiter with few options for selecting candidates from many interested persons with less experience. At Agri Talent, we specialize in sourcing talents for the most successful agribusinesses. We employ ten strategies to hire exceptional talents for supply chain vacancies in Australia’s agricultural sector, including:


1. Tapping into Supply Chain Organizations

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Supply chain organizations offer a talent pool where we source various candidates based on the job descriptions and years of experience. Having a close working relationship with APICS and CSCMP makes it easier for Agri Talent to provide supply chain candidates for local and international companies. Agri Talent also supports supply chain employees by paying annual APIC and CSCMP membership fees and ensuring they attend conferences to enhance their networking with other professionals.


2. Employee Referral

An employee referral program provides Agri Talent with various talents. Our HR works collaboratively with the supply chain recruiter to receive referrals from other employees who have previously secured their contracts with our company. Besides, engaging in partnership with HR across major logistic companies allows the company to acquire contacts of promising candidates who may have undertaken an apprenticeship with these companies.


3. Mining the Internal Database

Keeping and updating a database for employees who apply for various jobs provides crucial data for filling future positions. When we advertise a vacancy, we receive a large volume of applicant resumes. After successfully filling a position, we create an employee database. When a subsequent vacancy arises, we engage in data mining to select candidates whose profiles match the current job description. The move allows the company to maintain a large pool of talent, from which we can fill some positions.


4. Using Paid Recruiting Tools

The company uses paid recruiting tools such as LinkedIn, which provides an opportunity to connect with thousands of supply chain candidates. The platform allows our supply chain recruiter to filter candidates based on the job description and directly email them the open position. The move allow Agri Talent to source the best candidates.


5. Posting on Specialized Job Boards

Posting job advertisements on specialized job boards attract applications with adequate skills and interest in the company area of focus. Posting in generalized job boards may not attract suitable candidates. However, it serves to create awareness of the company’s existence, making more qualified candidates keep in touch for new opportunities in the future.


6. Partnership with Supply Chain Universities

Partnership with local institutions offering supply chain courses enables the company to keep in touch with lecturers who provide referrals for intelligent students for entry-level positions. The relationship also serves to create awareness.


7. Providing Internship

Agri Talent provides internships to supply chain students, allowing the company to develop a database of talents that the company can recommend for future employment positions when vacancies arise in other organizations.


8. Social Media Marketing

Agri Talent exploits platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to market its services. The social media department writes articles regarding our operations and provides the company website link. The move has directed more clients to review the available positions and provide their resumes for future considerations.


9. Participating in Career Fair

Agri Talent sends employees from the supply chain and sales department to career fairs in colleges and universities. The staff interacts with students, which creates awareness and increases candidates seeking employment with our agency.


10. Internal Training Program

The supply chain industry is fast-changing, and employees may not have the requisite skills to match most job advertisements. By offering internal training on the gaps identified among the candidates, Agri Talent facilitates the acquisition of talents with exceptional skills that match all your business needs.


Sometimes acquiring suitable candidates for specific jobs present challenges to most organizations. Advertising a position in the general public attracts candidates who may not have the requisite skill and experience for the vacancies. The use of the above strategies has allowed Agri Talent to recruit candidates with exceptional skills continuously. If you have supply chain jobs that you wish to fill, seek our services to acquire the best talent.

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