20 Best Jobs for Introverts 2020 | what are the best jobs for introverts?

20 Best Jobs for Introverts 2020 | what are the best jobs for introverts?


You might want to ask, what are the best jobs for introverts? Well, in this article, we will share the 20 best jobs for introverts. In psychology, introverts are persons who are predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings other than with external things. It is important to note that introverts can succeed in any role but they are drawn to certain positions over others. Many introverts find that they can function effectively if their job gives them quality independent work time.

Interestingly, introverts are capable of handling all tasks but they are satisfied when they work in careers where their strengths are utilized. The best jobs for introverts are jobs that offer quiet working space, prioritize independent work instead of team collaborations and jobs that require one on one interactions instead of public speaking.

Not everyone lives a life where they are always the center of attention. Introverts are creative, independent, great listeners and they are low-maintenance. They have the ability to focus on any task they are given. They are excellent workers and they can do exploits if they are given the right jobs.

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What are the best jobs for introverts?

Table of Contents

1. Accounting Manager

Accounting managers oversee the operations department of an organization. Their jobs include analyzing data, developing accounting policies, oversee accounting personnel and creating financial reports.

2. Landscape Designer

As a landscape designer; an introvert can use his creativity and knowledge of horticulture to develop landscapes such as water fountains, walkways and ponds. They can use their horticultural knowledge to aesthetically improve outdoor spaces.

3. Behavioral Therapist

An introvert can work with patients who have mental illness or disorders such as anxiety, addiction, depression, autism, ADHD and so on. Introverts can listen to the difficulties and challenges of their patients and aid in the modification of their behavior.

4. Content Manager

The content manager of an organization helps it in the creation of content and development of a strategy. They aid in organizing the editorial calendar and the management of content publishing.

5. Executive Chef

An executive chef helps to manage the kitchen of a restaurant. A chef is involved in the supervision of food preparation, directing kitchen personnel, creating kitchen budgets, training, reviewing food orders and making sure all food are of high quality.

6. Editor

Editors review prepared copies. They check for grammatical and spelling errors. They ensure that all is well with an article before it is published. They fact check and ensure all written content meet the brand style of a company. Introverts can edit content. They can move at their own pace, gather raw footage and add their creative touch.

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7. Market Research Analyst

The job of a market research analyst is to collect and analyze all information that is related to their target market. This is to determine the sales potentials of products and services.

8. Graphic designer

Graphic designers use software to create visuals that aid in the communication of ideas, improve the flow of information and add aesthetic appeal. To create what they want they make use of websites, applications, posters, publications, sales materials and so much more. Being a graphic designer is a good career path for an introvert. As a graphic designer; an introvert can deliver what the client is looking for.

9. IT Manager

Introverts can work as IT Managers. The job involves the management and operation of the information system of an organization. IT Managers handle software and hardware upgrades, they direct junior IT staff and they manage the technology budget of an organization.

10. Librarian

Librarians help to oversee the events and activities that occur in a library. They manage the budget of a library and they supervise junior library staff. They help visitors to find the books and information that they need. Librarians also catalog books and other materials.

11. Author

Introverts tend to live a solitary and quite life. They like being alone with their thoughts. The imagination of an author is a gateway to success and introverts can easily use this gateway.

12. Mechanic

Mechanics help to repair, inspect and maintain motor vehicles. They make use of tools and diverse technologies to carry out their job duties.

13. Paralegal

Paralegals are legal administrative assistants who assist attorneys, draft and file legal documents, handle client interviews and complete case research. They also attend and assist in trials, depositions, and hearings.

14. Research Scientist

As a research scientist, an introvert can perform and design laboratory tests and experiments. They are able to analyze data and gather results that will help them determine outcomes. Research scientists can work for the government, institutions or organizations.

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15. Social Media Manager

Social media managers help to plan and develop social marketing campaigns. They curate social media content and they monitor and analyze the performance of social activities. Social media managers respond to the questions and inquiries of followers and they ensure that all social content adhere to quality brand guidelines.

16. Software Engineer

As a software engineer; an introvert can use computer programming languages to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of software programs. They can build and test software programs.

17. Technical Writer

Technical writers create user-friendly manuals, articles, procedural guides, how-to-documents and other materials into content that is easy to read.

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18. Craft and Fine Artist

If an introvert has an artistic talent and a creative talent then they can become a craft and fine artist. They will be able to make pottery, textiles, glassware and many more. The industry is good for imaginative individuals who are independent and willing to learn.

19. Forensic Science Technician

Many introverts can become great detectives because they pay attention to details and they are open-minded. Forensic science technician collects and analyze the evidence that they receive.

20. Photographer

Introverts see the world from a different angle. They have a unique perspective that can aid in photography.


Introverts can function effectively in the roles above and many others. They can work as computer programmers in which they can write codes and turn programs into instructions that are readable instructions that can be understood by computers. They can also work as translators where they would be able to convert document from one language to another. Introverts are unique and they are greatly skilled at meeting deadlines.

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