3 Types of Business Professionals You Should Hire This Year

3 Types of Business Professionals You Should Hire This Year


Entrepreneurs may be masters at running one-man operations, but larger businesses need a solid team to succeed. Teamwork is crucial to maximizing your company’s efficiency as well as reaching your greatest potential. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, hiring new people can open many doors for growth that you would have never noticed otherwise. As you consider your business’s needs and objectives for the coming year, here are three experts you may want to hire.

Fleet Manager

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Fleet managers maintain your entire business’s fleet of vehicles. In addition to optimizing routes, assigning drivers, and maintaining records, they also ensure your company saves as much money as possible on operational costs. Fleet managers take a weight off your shoulders by assuming responsibility for all fleet-related operations. They use productivity and performance metrics to ensure drivers are meeting their deliverables as quickly and safely as possible. They can also help you onboard new technologies for greater performance, such as electronic logging devices (ELDs). An online guide to ELDs can help you understand what they are, how they work and what benefit they can bring to your business.

Sales Manager

As you create and build your business, wondering where to start, sales should be a top priority. Sales drive your entire business forward, but there is a lot more to higher revenue than just finding more customers. With every rise in profit, your company’s operational costs grow as well. The sales manager is responsible for generating leads and systematically growing your business. They are not focused on one-off results. Their objective is to build a lasting consumer base while increasing the size of your target audience. Sales managers work closely with your marketing team to build effective campaigns that attract and convert. If you are a startup, you’ll want to invest in a sales expert to guide your company forward. Once you are growing steadily, it will be much easier to maintain profits and evolve as a brand.

Customer Satisfaction Expert

More than just a support agent, the customer satisfaction expert oversees your entire business’s customer response strategy. They may answer email inquiries, offer support via telephone, chat or email and onboard other customer service reps to provide ongoing guidance to your customers. The customer satisfaction expert also helps pinpoint your customers’ needs and develops pointed solutions that meet them at different points in their buyer’s journey. Investing in customer service is always a good idea. The right software makes it easier, but communication will always be a human driven force. This means you need someone who can easily capture the voice and essence of your company and relay it with high energy and empathy to any and all customers.

Build a Team Meant to Last

As you expand your company, make sure that you align new hires with future objectives. Avoid generalizations that may make a person’s role unclear or convolute their responsibilities. As a manager, it is your job to ensure everyone is properly fit for their job and that each position has a meaningful part in the overall operations. That being said, turn to your business model and growth strategy before you post any job listings. When you understand how a person is meant to help you climb to new heights, you will be able to choose candidates whose skills clearly align with your vision.

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