How to Become Certified SAFe ® Program Consultant

How to Become Certified SAFe ® Program Consultant


You will lead the Lead Agile Transformation. When you become a SAFe Certified Consultant, and you have enough knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework. This what makes you lead the teams, and consult the projects by implementing Scaled Agile Framework knowledge.


You will learn to design the teams in Agile Framework who can lead the work, and produce the better yield. You will consult them with your SPC® Certification.


About SPC Certification


SPC® Certification is a leading skill which focuses on the consultancy of the projects, and demonstration of project with a great verve in work, and lead the team into the right direction to meet the needs.


A great thought always builds the trust, and trust leads to a brand. This is the reason that an SPC professional gets an annual salary of $125,000. This is on the top list when it comes to salary.


Seventy out of one hundred companies hire SPCs to get their work done, and build their brand. The growth of this field is more in software development companies.


Course Enrollment


You could just enroll yourself in this course, and get your certification. You need to learn from a leading platform before you go for your certification exam. Knowledgehut’s course for SPC Certification is the best one, with more than enough knowledge.


This is the reason, there is a 100% success of this course, and this platform has prepared more than 350,000 professionals in this field.



There are prerequisites to get into this course. All stakeholders who are in lean-Agile transformation could get enrolled for this course.


Who Should Enroll

  • Portfolio managers
  • Technology and business executives
  • Managers
  • Internal change agents
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Professional service consultants
  • Directors
  • Enterprise and solution architects
  • Agile working groups


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Advantages from Course Provider


You depend on your course providers, and the techniques they teach you. In this way, KnowledgeHut is one of the best platform that meets all the needs of students in this work, and leads the students from every possible way.


Here are some advantages:


Comprehensive Curriculum


One of the reasons behind the success of this course is comprehensive curriculum designed by the industry experts, and they keep the questions in the tests that are likely to appear in the exam. This factor leads to 100% success of this course.


Continual Learning Support


There is a continuous learning support for the students through Webinars, e-books, articles, questions and much more. There are special conferences for the students in which they interact with other people from this community, and this increases their confidence for the mock interview.


Led by Experts


You will learn under the supervision of experts of SPC®. This platform has made sure that you get exactly what you need to ace the exam. And taking this into account, there is a complete team of experts who will lead you in this work, and they will review your work.


Moreover, they are experienced, so they could lead you in a right direction, and teach you indispensable things needed for certification exam.


Learn Through Practical Work


There is a practical work, and real-world case studies that you will be learning. Through this, you will learn better. There are 3 types of tasks that you will do.


Recall Quizzes

There will be recall quizzes, and these quizzes have the questions that are likely to appear on the certification exam.


Mock Tests

Mock tests help you to obtain good confidence that will help you in mock interviews.



You will be given the assignments, and that work will be reviewed by mentors, and they will guide you accordingly.





32 Hours of Live Sessions


There will be live sessions of 32 hours for you in which you could discuss your concerns, and get your answer. Mentors will answer you in the live session, and talking to them increases your confidence that helps you in mock interviews.


Course Fee


You just need to pay once at the time of enrollment, into the course. Besides, there will be no extra fee for any service or exam.


Exam Support

Exam support from platform is very comprehensive. You are always welcome for any kind of help. They will always lead you.


Join Communities


You will join SA communities where you interact with new people and they also help you in

understanding things. There are new updates in the course, and you will get them in this community

groups. These communities are also a great of help for the students.




SPC® certification is a very high paying skill in which you get engaged to companies and lead their projects with a great consultancy. This all requires a complete course in which you will learn from the start to end. KnowledgeHut’s course is a comprehensive way of achieving this certificate.


This certificate can be achieved after you have gone through the course offered by KnowledgeHut. This course teaches you from a fundamental to an advanced level. So, taking part in KnowledgeHut’s exclusive course could lead you to be a SAFe® program consultant.

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