7 ways an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth

7 ways an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth


With the constantly growing trend of escape rooms game, it has become a sensational trend in today’s world. Nowadays, most countries have escape rooms where people of different ages and cultures are able to enjoy it and feel the thrill. It can also be described as an activity that can release stress and sharpen an individual’s mind with enhanced thought processing. 

Escape rooms have plenty of advantages, and let’s see how they can help in achieving advanced mental growth in children. 

1. Boosting The Problem-Solving Ability 

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Problem-solving abilities are an important factor for a child’s mental growth, and escape rooms definitely help in boosting this ability. The problem-solving abilities get a boost because the children have to work a lot on their thought process to solve those mysteries or puzzles through the help of the riddles. It also results in achieving a thought process that is out of the box. Also, it is an essential ability that can work as a great component in every stage of life. 


2. Enhancing The Creativity 

Every escape room game lets the player think about out-of-the-box ideas. It eventually relies upon the different perspectives of the players of a given situation to make their way out from the escape room. In these modern times, where children are most likely to remain attached to gadgets or mobile phones and lacking in physical activity, playing an escape room game can definitely boost their creativity. 


3. Team Work Mindset 

Escape room games can’t be played by a single player. If the team’s communication and together working ability remains flat, they can never win the game. The perfect blend of teamwork is the key to break out from an escape room, as the skills of every team member are equally important. The ability to work in a team also increases the chance of the children to perform better in school activities and later in the work culture when they turn into adults. So, playing escape room games hugely enhances the team working mindset in a person from an early age. 

The teamwork mindset and equally distributing of tasks can also lead to leadership qualities in an individual, and the world is always in need of good leaders to fulfill many visions or goals. 


4.  Eye For Detail And Precision

Another important element of playing the escape room game and getting success is looking out for small details and precision for finding the clues perfectly. While missing out on a simple clue can take the players many steps backward in the game. So, the children playing it will have to get a sharp eye to find tiny details and clues to unsolved the mystery. It will result in sharp thinking in many other real-life scenarios in which children can get stuck. 

In many cases, playing an escape room game has increased a child’s IQ level. 


5. Time Management Ability 

The world is running on a faster mode nowadays and constantly working on it to become faster. Time Management ability is one of the most necessary and crucial abilities to build up a happy and healthy life. This ability is essential in every aspect of life. The concept of an escape room works closely with the time management ability. In the escape room arena, the players need to solve the puzzle in a given amount of time to gain success. No matter how good they perform, but if they’re not able to finish the tasks and breakout from them in the given time, they lose the game. 

This helps in planning, organizing, and managing time by the children as per their needs which will help them in the long term and in every turn of their life. Playing games like escape room will help the children in the management of time, teaching them to not use a huge amount of time on a single riddle and instead use the time in an organized manner. 


6. Improvement of Mood 

Escape rooms are a great way to improve the moods of the children through the twists and turns they provide. It also keeps them happy. Happiness is the key to a healthy life, and nothing can be more important than keeping your child happy and healthy at the same time equally. A child’s engagement in an escape room game lets them enjoy and feel happiness from the core of their heart. It is an exciting way for children to spend their time hunting the clues and solving the puzzles. Hence, it helps in improving the mood of a child and makes him or her happy. 


7. Boosting Memory 

One of the key factors of the escape room game is that the players have to remember each and every clue which they have found in the whole time period. The only way to escape from the room is to connecting the clues and solving the mystery. So, memory always remains an important skill for escape room games. When children play a game like this, they have to push their limits and make their brains work hard to remember all the clues and connect the dots to solve the puzzle. So, playing an escape room game boosts the memory of a child. 



There are many advantages of escape room games, and it hugely contributes to a child’s growth and development. Knowing the traits and working smartly as early as possible keeps your child a step forward from others in these modern times. From team management skills to accepting hard challenges, escape rooms prepare the child to face many different situations which will definitely help in making their way out from a difficult situation in real life, eventually increasing and boosting the mental growth of a child by keeping the fun factor at a constant high level. 

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