Triplebyte Review, How it Work, Features, Benefits -

Triplebyte Review, How it Work, Features, Benefits –


Are you looking for Triplebyte review? If yes, you are in the right place. Here, you will find out what Triplebyte is all out for, their business strategies, benefits for engineers and employers.

Triplebyte Review

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Triplebyte is simply a hiring firm. Their website, is a job search tool for software engineers. Their mission is to allow highly skilled software engineers to be seen by companies who really need them.

They believe that the current hiring process is not good enough because the whiteboard coding challenge questions are not good predictors of experience or success.

Because of this, they have created a new software engineering hiring experience. This process that will give strong candidates the room to shine and been discovered by tech firms.

Triplebyte is designed to be free of bias and focused only on strengths, not weaknesses. According to the founders, their company hiring process focus more on abilities rather than on the prestige of their resume credentials

How Triplebyte Work?

On their website, they have “multiple choice quiz” where you can attempt. The quiz covers topics like basic programming, web development, basic algorithms, and system design. The primary purpose of the quiz is to find your strengths.

You have up to 3 attempts to pass this quiz. Once you passed the quiz, you will be asked to sign up using your email.

After which you proceed to “Triplebyte interview”. The interview is usually conducted via Google Hangout. The interview is generally in four stateges;

stage 1: you may be asked to build a project,

stage 2: could be a whole bunch of questions about pretty much everything, you are expected to provide short answers.

stage 3: you could be asked a more technical (high-level) questions on mobile and web development.

stage 4: You may have the opportunity to ask some questions. And that’s the end.

Next Step!

If you passed the interview, Triplebyte would send you an acceptance letter via the email you used during registration (sign-up). They will also send you a separate message with the detailed feedback from the interview. There, you can see where you did well and where you did not.

After somedays (2-3 days), Triplebyte will;

  1. Show your profile to companies that are likely good fit for you.
  2. onpannieswho are interested in you can then the “onsite” interview with you directly.
  3. You can then review the their request and accept the ones you are interested in.

Once you have accepted the company…

The company will give you a non-technical phone call, where the companies pitch themselves to you.

Triplebyte Benefits

With Triplebyte, the whole hiring process of software engineers are simplified. The companies that work with them all agree to skip the technical screening and take you right to the final “onsite” interview, thus saving you time and possibly money.

Triplebyte is also very useful for companies. As an employer, there’s an advantage, because you only have to pay per hire. Instead, You hire great engineers without wasting time, efforts, and money for an interview.

Triplebyte Official Website: Home Page

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