15 Best Total War Games Of All Time: 2020 Review

15 Best Total War Games Of All Time: 2020 Review

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Are you a game lover? If yes, see the best total war game for beginners and for experts here. Here, we have both the hardest total war game and the easiest ones. This is the list of the total war games ranked 2020 of all time. See the authentic best total war game poll here.

Games are for many folks, a beautiful tool of recreation, a hobby too for some. “Different strokes, for different folks”; people live with their game preferences. In that sense, it becomes rather difficult to come out with what one can be called the “best” when it comes to the selection of games. People’s preferences are both subjective and relative, and can most times be drawn from their feelings of the moment. And those feelings can as well be triggered by the movies, games or books at one’s disposal.

Some games have a direct impact on our feelings, just as they help to bolster our desires, far above the necessity for the conventional fixed battles or outstanding techniques. Such games make you recreate history or stories, and the characters therein. For instance, coming across a book that is themed on crusades, drives me into a craving for the Medieval 2 game, wherein a lot of recreation ideas find increasing spaces in my mind.

Also, I desire for Total War: Warhammer game, whenever I get to see the Battle of the Hornburg movie. Here too, I get the craving to interchange roles of the most loved characters therein. From the context of game-lovers from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, there is an unending list of war games to be called ‘best’.

More so, games appear to be different from the other from the high end of the listing, mostly on the basis the uniqueness of their settings; the quality, among other variables. For instance, the Napoleon and Empire games come with a familiar mix of victory, control, contention and disappointment. But then the characters seem to be from a parallel universe.

15 Best Total War Games Of All Time

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Below is a subjective list of the 15  best war games to play in the year 2020;

 1. Warhammer: Non-Historical Total War Game

Initially, I came across this game, nursing little or no expectations, mainly because I considered it bogus to have spell-casting as an integral element in strategy-based games. But then, my apprehension was later doused, owing to the realities of the game.

Of all War games in the world, Warhammer stands out as the best selling. The spell-casting vividly adds to the suspense of the game; the elucidations are topnotch and the instructions are apt. For lovers of non-Total War games, this is a wonderful game to be occupied with. There is a seamless chain of interactions, with no progressive interactions. Also, therein are lots of achievements and scuffles to keep you captivated.

2. Empire

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The various elements of the game ___ the weakness of the fixed firearm shoot,  drift from the points of rifts and the uniqueness of the maritime scuffles, all played out in putting together frameworks, which were initially strange to a game that borders on struggles.

The resolutions of the Wrinkles came to be, with the appearance of Napoleon.  For someone with a background in Medieval 2, the AI would be considered feeble, with an alarming scale and degree.

Of all scuffle-focused  Total War games, the heated disputes herein fall short of the desired substantial effects. But , the thundering gun sounds on the front line remain very thrilling. Also, there is a wonderful topic tune emanating from the elementary menu.

It promises to be a worthwhile experience playing this game, with the armors, not different from the ones used in The Witcher 3 game ___ for anyone that has played the later before.

3. Rome 2

Price: $14.99 Buy at Amazon

This game slightly fell short of expectations. There is a disproportionate array and is being played like a difficult twist to many masterpiece frameworks. Owing to that, it is a progressively firm game to delight. Within the game are splendid sectional arrangements; standing out as in the typical Total War game.

4. Shogun 2

Price: $20.99 Buy at Amazon

This is a brand new Total War game and the best I have come by ___ a conceptual assembly. Here, Travel triumph is replaced by a stiff battle to bring Japan together, yet nothing is really felt.

More so, the scarce centre makes the Shogun 2, a clear and plentiful experience, coupled with an impressive scuffle, in one of the very many instructive seasons in the setting.

5. Shogun

Price: $19.99 Buy at Amazon

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The imperfection of this game scarcely makes it low, aside from the fact that it comes with a feeling of a thing from a distant time. Peradventure one desires to play a Total war series game; there is a high tendency of wanting to play Shogun.  This game is worth churning out some bulks for.

6. Napoleon

Price: $17.01 Buy at Amazon

I had to play this game severally because it is undoubtedly one of the best games to be played. It fully incorporates Empire and progressively refines it, trimming and enhancing parts of its leisurely stroll.

The Napoleon game addresses the Creative Assembly, devising means of rightly introducing a game to flowing forth game.  Also, this is a show of the brightness of Bonaparte and the accompanying conquests, owing to their leading with a subjective and mankind make up.

7. Rome

Price: $14.99 Buy at Amazon

Rome loudly stands out in comparison with other war games. Personally, I was overwhelmed by the weight of the contention. For any individual that has ever given a second thought to history, the setting herein appears natural.

There is an outstanding sense of fulfillment in this game, with its superiority stemming from it opposing and withstanding history, due to the driving of the Roman war machine  across Europe, in a crosswise motion.

This Total war game that constrained me into becoming a vassal from Rome.  Frankly, you need to have experience of this unique War game.

8. Medieval 2

Price: $14.99 Buy at Amazon

This game is magically set, with the exemption of the predecessors. In it is contained a trailblazing setting for a perfect War game ___ an era of triumphs, battles and atrocities. Something can be made out from every part of it, owing to the abounding stability, giving enough room for invasion and advancement. I derive satisfaction in playing this game.

 9. Attila

Price: Confirm at Amazon

Attila gives Total War game a name and is not entirely built on battles. Attila is overtaken by damnation, starvation, legislative matters and advancement, all set in the intriguing historical times of Europe.

There is a masterly combination of confusing factions, relatable to guerilla fighting and climate.

10. Thrones of Britannia

Playing Thrones of Brittania comes with a memory.  There was an obvious bit of fire display for structures that comes with a feeling as fundamental as in Total War: Attila. The obliteration of the developed and underdeveloped areas made for that game are not to be looked for here;  adding to its essential correlation.

The prominent part of the game stems from it having an emphatic new land territory. With inception from 878 AD, there is an acceptance by the players of the job of Alfred the Great as well as his apathy for the battle of Edington against the Viking Invasion.

The Total War: Atilla game shares some significant features with Thrones of Britannia. Therefore if you are a lover of the former, then you would live to visit the later.

11. Battlefield

Price: $22.22 Buy at Amazon

In an obvious way, Battlefield 1 is distinct from the many other Battle war games. No doubt, playing this game will be a delight for you; as it carries a single round made of double sections. It embodies a battle that frankly delves into human war experience.

12. Defcon

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It feels extraordinarily great playing this game. Though the game was released about a decade ago, its message becomes very much relevant today, owing to the present prevailing human relations.

Defcon gives you an insight into the happenings of the world as well as the yardstick with which to pursue the delicate global request. The game is enlivened by the crazy governmental resolutions of the Cold War and is also beautified in the sense of its ability to contain mental pressures.

13. Gears of War 2

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This Gears of War 2 game is themed on a premise laced with verifiable relevance as regards the inception of War.

The distinct message drawn from this game is the certainty of war, with minimal extermination. Here, you disallow urbanized locations from standing out, closely fight multiple COG fighters and reposition the ravenous worm consuming the world.

14. This War of Mine

Price: $14.99 Buy at Amazon

Touching the scope of the relegated stylish art as well as the bright survival mechanics, it comes with an appreciable deal of beautiful ability. This War of Mine game brought prominence to those on the receiving end of the war. It also buttresses the memories garnered by those from the midsection of a war; memories not bargained for; in this, a masterly bit of work is brought to light.

Makers of this game were so indulgent with the reality of the Siege of Sarajevo, which happened in the course of the 1990 Bosnian War. Captivating and lovely, you will love to have a feel of this game.

15. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Price: $14.99 Buy at Amazon

Here, there is a concise closeness to the main viewpoint, with emphasis on a pocket-size cast of individuals, who got in the know of the rage of the war. The end rest is a theme sticking with humanity, uncovering sympathy as well as shared features, which is in contrast with the ending clash.

A trial of this game will certainly worth the while, especially for War game lovers.


I have an affinity for war games, even though they are mostly themed in black magic, which will keep you terrified, whether you are sleeping or not. My affinity for this type of game also stems from the fact that there is a presentation of tangible stories of translation from poverty to affluence; advancing in a terrain surrounded by foes.

With each step, comes a sizeable turn; either up or down. The suspense and challenges, notwithstanding.

More so, I humbly suggest that you make out time to play all the listed war games You will eventually not regret you ever did, especially if you are a war game lover.

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