What Makes the Top Nursing Agencies in the UK Stand Out from the Competition?

What Makes the Top Nursing Agencies in the UK Stand Out from the Competition?


Gone are the days when experienced nurses express concerns that they could not find permanent jobs that commensurate their education and skills. With the birth of nursing agencies, nurses have found the solution to this concern. In the ten years from 2008 to 2018, 21.1% of new nurses have entered the NMC register. Of these, the number of full-time workers has increased by 13.9%. These statistics paint an optimistic outlook for nurses looking at permanent work.

But how do find the best? How do you pick the top agencies from the pack? Let’s discuss what makes the top agencies stand out among the crowd. This will help you identify your prospective employer.

1. Top Agencies Offer Challenging Yet Meaningful Opportunities

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As a new or experienced RN, you wake up each morning, ready to face the challenges that the job is going to throw at you. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in a job that is routine with no challenges and learning.

Luckily, top nursing agencies will offer you enough variety of work that give you your dose of challenge and reach beyond your potential. You can take on assignments that are new and different from your regular job. Top agencies also provide opportunities to work in varied work settings. This means new challenges with each time.

2. Top Agencies Pay the Best

The top nursing agencies want to attract the best talents. This means that, but they are also the best paying companies in the industry. Not only that, they also give you several options for payment cycles and payment methods.

For example, you could have the option to be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Payment methods could vary from direct cash to online transfers and more. The agency will have a quick turnaround for approving your timesheets and clearing payments.

3. Top Agencies Value Skills and Education

An agency gets to the top because of the quality of service it provides to its clients. This is made possible only with the best quality, highly professional nurses. That you! So, the agency will value your skills and education and provide work opportunities accordingly.

By working with top nursing agencies, you get the opportunity to hone your skills and learn new ones by working in multiple work settings. Such adaptability is highly valued by employers.

4. Top Agencies Invest In Training and Development of Their RNs

No profession is static. It requires you to continue to learn and develop your skillset to meet the dynamic work requirements. The same is for nursing. But, specialized education can also get expensive. What sets top agencies apart from the competition is that they invest in the training of their nurses.

They will offer to pay part of your education expenses subject to a few conditions. Depending on how long you have worked for the agency, they may also pay for the entire course. So, it never hurts to try and get recruited with the top agencies.

5. Top Agencies Invest In the Health and Well-Being of Their RNs

We all know about the challenges that nursing has. It can take its toll on your physical health and mental well-being. You are bound to experience high amounts of stress when shifts are crowded. During night shift, the patient flow may be less, but the work hours can affect your sleep cycles.

The best agencies will make sure that they coach you about how to counter these concerns. They will guide you on managing your physical health and psychological well-being. They will have counselors on call day and night to allow you to discuss your concerns. After all, health is wealth.

6. Top Agencies Provide Career Growth Opportunities

As you grow older, you expect that your career also advances. You have invested in yourself by continuing to add to your skills and education. Top agencies will recognize this and will offer opportunities that meet your skillset.

Career advancement can be vertical or horizontal. That is, you may climb the ladder in the same specialty and move from nursing associate to nurse lead, and modern matron. Horizontal growth can be moving from one specialty to another. With the right agency, your career growth prospects are unlimited.

7. Top Agencies Offer Flexibility

You took the agency route because of the flexibility it offers. You can plan shifts around your personal life. Any top nursing agency will provide the flexibility to choose working hours and days. Most agencies have apps that display the shifts available.

This is especially attractive for young mothers or nurses pursuing further education. Not only shift times, but you can also pick the days you want to work. Sometimes, nurses prefer working over the weekends and/or holidays as the pay is higher. Such flexibility is one of the many advantages of agency work, and top agencies will make it more appealing for you.

So, while agency work is thriving, it becomes difficult to pick the right agency for you. Working with agencies that offer the above mentioned benefits will ensure that your career is on the growth trajectory.

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