How to Find Passport Book Number US, Brazil, India, Mexico, Canada, UK

How to Find Passport Book Number US, Brazil, India, Mexico, Canada, UK

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In this post, I will show you the most straightforward way to find passport book number on your international passport.

Have you ever needed your passport number in a hurry?  Have you ever imagined needing your international passport number to fill it in a form but your passport is not handy?

Are you currently in this situation?

Worry not, for I am here to guide you on how to always locate your passport number any time anywhere with less stress.

What is passport?

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Let me first explain what a passport is;

A passport is an official and a legal form of identification usually misplacing or losing it renders the users to possible safety challenge.

It is not very common for one to memorize his / her passport number. In such a circumstance, you should not panic for there is always a way out of every situation.  It is required of you to make some findings on how to find or recover your passport number.

What is a passport book number?

This is a nine-digit code located at the top right corner of your passport and often saved in a government database.

There are numerous information; on a passport that you must understand to make your digging uncomplicated and difficulty.

Other essential information about your passport that you must know:

Passport type:

What type of passport do you have, there are three different main types of passports are; regular, diplomatic, official

So, what type is your own? Make out time to check.

Passport book number:

This is the number usually written on a passport book. But not all passports contain this number the position of your number differs depending on the type of passport and the country that issues yours.

The city and country that issued the passport:

Always know the city and country where the passport was issued to you. The country usually is the one you are a citizen of, either by birth or naturalization.

How to find find passport book number:

Now, let me show you how to find your passport number depending on the country that issued it.

How to find US passport number:

How to find passport book number USA

You can easily find your passport number by going through your email inbox, you know, for every booking made, an email containing your passport number and other information is sent to your inbox.

Also, it is possible the number was included in hotel booking during one of your travels. And usually, hostels do send emails to their customer and often passport number is among the vital information sent; although this is applicable if you travel a lot.

More so, accessing this number could be done by requesting passport record from US passport services. For they keep an accurate record of all the passport services.  To do this, you must put it in writing and making it very official.

This letter must include all your vital information such as; full name, date of birth, and city and country of origin, email address, telephone number,  place of births,  a recent passport photograph and the reasons for the request.

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Please remember you need to exercise patient for a reasonable amount of time.

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How to find Mexico passport number:

To find your Mexico passport number simply call the travel agencies of the last place you visited. This will surely work if you opened an account with them; inform them of your challenge. Then, plead with them to help you with your passport number on their database. If you are lucky enough they will surely help you with the number.

If this did not work out for you simply go through your mail inbox, it might have been mailed alongside with other information by travel agencies.

How to find an Indian passport number:

The three major ways to get your passport number in India are:

Through a court order:

The legal institution can order the passport office requesting the detailed information of your passport in which the number must be included.

Also, if you are a government official you can access your passport number by filing an RTI, this is the simplest way of finding your passport number.

Another way is requesting your passport number from detective office but this is usually at a charge.

How to find Canada passport number:

Simply contact the passport agency stating reasons you are contacting them, make it simple and add all the crucial information that will help them in finding your passport number.

This method will take quite sometimes though.

How to find Brazil passport number:

If you are in Brazil simply check the email sent to you by various airlines you have traveled with, they usually include your passport number in these emails. But in case it is not there just call the travel agency and request for passport replacement at a price.

How to find UK passport number:

To find your UK passport number it can be found from the in the booking section, yes your passport number is displayed there. So, you just need to key in your BA reference and your name as you did on BA website. It may be hard to find it but looking closer under the traveler’s details section you will find it displayed.

Another way is this but specifically for people in a flying club; if your API is saved then you are good to go for your passport number is stored in your manage account.  Or you can check the; it is listed in the API section of the personal account. Also, you can access it in your Expedia account if you have one.

Furthermore, another option is by contacting the passport agency. It is better you apply for a replacement of your passport by merely downloading the replacement passport application or get it from the local post office, then fill in the required information and mail it to the passport agency at a fee.   After some time, your new passport will be mailed back to you.

Please ensure you make photocopy of your new passport and keep it at different places; you could give it to some family members and friends that you trust in case your main passport gets lost again.

I hope this will help.

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