8 Best Apps for Students to Succeed in Academics

8 Best Apps for Students to Succeed in Academics


College life is all about managing time and finding a perfect balance between studies and other important things. And it can become overwhelming sometimes. Luckily, a lot of tasks can be automated with the use of smartphone apps. They can help to organize calendars, make study cards, and keep your the files in one place. Technology does make our lives simpler.

And, overall, the internet helps a lot with academic success. Students can find professional advice, paper examples, or even ask an EssayPro for assistance. If you want to make your college life easier, just download these excellent apps.

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1. MyHomeworkapp

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This is a great application for those who want to keep an eye on all their assignments. It is available both for iOS and Android and has both free and premium versions. The premium one costs only $4.99 per year, but if you don’t want to pay, the free version is quite enough, too.

It allows managing the calendar and setting deadlines for all assignments. One can also color coordinate the tasks by subject. It is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. The main advantage is that you can see all the upcoming tasks and plan your time better. And time management is a crucial factor in academic performance.

2. Quizlet

This app is great for studying and revisions. It is completely free and available both for AppStore and Google Store. The main feature is to create study flashcards on any subject you want to revise. There are also premade flashcards that students can access. It is very easy to use and you can also share the flashcards with study buddies. One can also print out the cards and sync the app with other devices, which is quite convenient.

3. StudyBlue

It is another excellent application that helps to study more effectively and access various materials. It is not integrated with Chegg. It also uses flashcards as the main way to revise educational material.

There are more than 400 million existing flashcards on various subjects. You can also create your own. There is also a decent study library with different materials and guides that other students have shared. Other great features include setting reminders, tracking the progress, and sharing content with your colleagues. It is free and extremely useful for any student.

4. Evernote

When it comes to organizing all the projects, notes, and deadlines, there is little competition for this software. It combines all the organizational features a student might need. One can create notes, write to-do lists to follow, save important sources and links, and even take pictures. And it allows synchronization between all your devices, so you can access any crucial study materials at any time.

One can both type and record notes, upload attachments, and share everything with others. There is also a functionality to edit documents right in the app and set reminders for tasks.

6. Microsoft Office Lens

This software is perfect for saving important documents when you have no time to take notes. The functionality is pretty simple – one can take pictures of text or boards to save important information. It allows for enhancing the quality of the shot. It also gives the opportunity to turn these pictures into Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files. You can take images of formulas, schemes, or any other type of study materials and turn them into documents.


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6. SoundNote or AudioNote

These two solutions are practically the same in their functionality and purpose. But SoundNote is designed only for iOS devices while AudioNote works on Android. These apps record the audio and offer the opportunity to take notes at the same time. It is a pretty great feature for a student, especially during the lecture.

The best part is that you can find the necessary part of the audio recording by word or by note. You’ll have the recording of the lecture together with the notes you’ve taken. They help to keep every bit of study information you are given.

7. Google Drive

This one is pretty obvious yet many students do not use it still. Google Drive is a perfect way to keep all your files in one place, share them, and access from any device or location. It works both on iOS and Android, synchronized automatically, and is quite simple. So there is no need to search for every document you’ve created if they are all saved together. And cloud storing is more reliable and flexible anyway. Even if one loses a device or breaks it, they can still work with their files right away.

8. Zotero

There is a great app for academic research, and it is Zotero. It is a free solution that helps to organize and reference academic sources with ease. It can also be downloaded as a browser extension to save any sources in one click while you are doing research. It stores the essential data about the sources, such as author, date, title, and subject. After that, this info can be extorted as a reference, already formatted. It is a great app that saves a lot of time and helps to research more efficiently.

In Summary

Smartphone or a tablet can be a powerful tool to help one succeed academically. It only takes a few clicks to update it with all the essential tools and apps. They allow easy time management, homework tracking, and creating flashcards to revise information. They can help with taking notes, making recordings, researching, and keep everything in one place.

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