Top 8 players who played for several big clubs in their career

Top 8 players who played for several big clubs in their career

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Obviously there are plenty of outstanding players in the football world. Some of them only play for one club in the entire career. But many of them have spent their time in different big clubs. There are a few factors that affect their decisions, such as the loyalty, the demand for adventure, etc.

Sometimes it’s the lure of money. The huge rise in salaries or fees earned from transfers has caused many players and major football clubs to make a change. The deals can make a big difference in the players’ careers. When a player changes a club, it always gets the attention of all the fans, especially in the betting world. Because it will generate a point spread and players will bet on it to make money. is the official Kubet bookmaker authorized website offering a full range of soccer betting tips. The site also offers tutorials and shares gambling experiences.

In this article, we will mention top players who played for several big clubs in their career.

1. John Burridge (29 Clubs)

Yes, that number is undeniably impressive. John Burridge holds the record for being the most transferred footballer in this list. The English goalkeeper had spent his entire career in 29 different clubs around the world.

In general, he had played in 771 domestic matches, and 15 games for football league clubs. The longest time he spent for one club was four years at Blackpool. Other than that, Burridge was transferred countless times in his career. That’s why he is one of the top players who played for several big clubs in his career.

2. Rivaldo (15 Clubs)

Rivaldo is not only known for having excellent skills as well as special tactics, but he is also famous for playing in different big clubs before his retirement in March 2014.

He spent his incredible career in 6 different countries across the world. During his 24 years playing professional football, he had been in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Greece, Uzbekistan, Angola. His last seasons were spent in his native country. Although moving around different places, his best time was in Spain where he played for Barcelona from 1997 to 2002. During 5 years playing for the club, he scored 86 goals and won the 1999 Ballon d’Or award.

3. Marcus Bent (14 Clubs)

If you have watched Marcus Bent in the Premier League, you would have recognized him in many games. However, you would see him in a different jersey each time he appeared.

Bent started his career with Brentford where he spent three years, which was also his longest stay throughout his career. Afterwards, he moved to thirteen clubs in England, and Ipswich Town remains his most successful era as  he scored 21 goals in two years. He was also one of very few players to play in the Indonesian league for Mitra Kukar before he retired on Apr 17, 2012.

4. Andy Cole (13 Clubs)

The name Andy Cole is associated with an outstanding goalscorer in the Premier League. He won plenty of trophies when he played for Manchester United, which was also his most successful period. But that is not his only club, he played for 13 clubs in total in his career.

The legendary player has won all possible footballing titles in England since his debut with Arsenal. In addition to the Gunners, he was also a part of Manchester City and Newcastle United. During his time at Newcastle, Cole caught the attention of Man United as he scored 55 goals in 70 appearances from 1993 to 1995.

5. Christian Vieri (13 Clubs)

The Italian player was known for having exceptional football skills. Cristian Vieri played as a center forward, the position made him an incredible goal scorer in football history.

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He had amazing records in his club career. When Vieri played for Juventus, he scored 8 goals in 23 matches. Then after moving to Atletico Madrid, he continued to score 24 league goals in 24 matches for the club.

With his outstanding performance, Lazio decided to break a transfer record and signed him with a deal of €25 million. In 1998, that was a huge amount. However, it was nothing as big as the amount that Inter Milan agreed to pay in order to bring him to the club. And the transfer deal was €49 million.

It is fair to say that Vieri had his longest and most successful time when he was at Inter Milan. He spent six seasons at the club and scored 103 goals in 143 appearances. Afterward, he moved to AC Miland and it wasn’t as successful, because he only played 14 games and scored 2 goals. Before retiring at Atalanta, he also played  in France for a season.

6. Nicolas Anelka (11 Clubs)

Anelka was a talented player, but he didn’t really have a chance to show his best in any club because he moved to many different clubs in his career. The Frenchman had his most memorable times when he played for Manchester City ( scored 37 goals), Fenerbahce ( scored 14 goals), and Bolton Wanderers ( scored 21 goals).

He then moved to Chelsea and spent his longest stay at the London club from 2008 to 2012. He scored 38 goals during that time. Anelka also played abroad in China for Shanghai Shenhua before returning to Europe and retiring from professional football in November 2015.  In his 19 years career, he  scored 157 goals in 508 matches, which was quite impressive.

7. Peter Crouch (10 Clubs)

Similar to other players in this list of top players who played for several big clubs in their career, the English striker struggled to settle at any club. In his entire football career, he played for nine English clubs and one Swedish club on loan. His most successful time was when he played for Liverpool, scoring 22 goals in three years.

His longest stay was with Stoke City before joining Burnley and announcing his retirement. Within seven-and-a-half years with Stoke City, he scored 62 goals. He retired in July, 2019 and fans of football still remember Crouch as a striker with an impressive height..

8. Robbie Keane (10 Clubs)

Just like Crouch, Robbie Keane also spent his career playing for 10 different clubs. The Ireland captain was known as a fast player as well as a goal scorer. He made 737 appearances in his career and scored 325 goals in total. Although he moved across Europe, North America, and Asia a lot, his most memorable time was with  Tottenham Hotspur where he spent 6 successive seasons.

He helped the club win the League Cup in the 2007-08 season before moving to Liverpool, returning to the Spurs and then moving to the US, India… He was also an important part of the Irish national team for more than 10 years.

There are players who are loyal to a club, there are players who change teams many times. They all create interesting things in football. And it’s also an opportunity to place a bet. If you are too familiar with betting on football and have yet to win big, try soi cau mb to participate in lottery prediction. It is also a change of experience and entertainment.


Obviously moving to different clubs is a great adventure, but it doesn’t seem to be beneficial for the players’ professional career. What do you think?

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